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5 Ways Bad Plumbing in North Las Vegas, NV, Can Be Harmful for Your Health and Wellbeing

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Everyone wants to have a safe and secure home for their family. The importance of a good plumbing system cannot be ignored. The foundation of the house, quite literally, depends on it, as main waterlines and underground pipes are situated below the floor.

Even if there is a tiny leak in any one of the many pipes installed in our homes or a crack in one of the slabs, we can face severe health consequences. Have you ever experienced a flu or recurring allergy from everyday tasks, such as showering or washing hands? You may not even realize that you allowed bacteria to flow up your water pipe and into your tap. Bad plumbing can expose you to a number of harmful diseases.

If you are a homeowner in North Las Vegas, you will have an idea as to how the weather plays a huge role in sustaining your plumbing system. The extreme hot temperatures and rainfall in the area may result in damage to outdoor pipes. If you don’t have a professional plumber who regularly checks all your pipes and appliances, you are inviting trouble for you and your family.

Here’s how bad plumbing in North Las Vegas can affect your health and wellbeing in 5 different ways.

1.  Water Contamination

Pipe leakages or breakdowns severely affect the quality of the water that you and your family are consuming. While a bursting pipe will be easy to figure out, a leaking pipe causes the real danger. If your home plumbing in North Las Vegas is irregular or inefficient, you will never be able to notice a leaking pipe. Underground and outdoor leaking pipes are even harder to detect. This may result in any number of particles, impurities, and bacteria mixing up with the water that you are using to wash your body and even rinse your mouth. You won’t even realize it until your health starts getting affected.

Moreover, such pipes can also bring impurities and contaminate clean water with lead or iron, which is harmful for the skin as well as the digestive system. It is commonly known that diseases travel most freely in water, whether swallowed or taken in through the nasal cavity. Skin diseases, rashes, and allergies are also common health hazards caused by contaminated water.

2.  Mold Growth

The most dangerous thing that is caused by bad plumbing in North Las Vegas is mold growth. The humidity and moisture in Nevada on rainy days are the perfect weather conditions for mold to form and grow. Furthermore, any sort of dampness or a pool of water nourishes mold growth. You may not even realize if any one of your pipes is leaking or has burst and is causing moisture to seep into your walls, ceilings, or in unnoticeable areas of your floor. Mold growth is not only disgusting but highly hazardous to health. The bacterium present around them contaminates the air you breathe in. Imagine even if the air in your house, your safe haven, isn’t safe for you and your children, where will you go then?

Irregular maintenance and bad plumbing in North Las Vegas can give rise to mold growth and severe health issues. Turn to a professional for regular checkups of your plumbing system before it is too late.

3.  Sewage Backup

A sewage backup is overwhelming and devastating. It’s when the water overflows out of the pipes. Not only will this ruin your day, but also expose you and your family to several health and wellbeing risks. Sewage contains viruses, bacteria, impurities, and all kinds of toxic substances since it is waste water. There may be fungi and pesticides in it, and what not. This is why a sewage backup is considerably the worst plumbing disaster. If your home plumbing in North Las Vegas has failed to protect you from this nightmare and has been inefficient, call a professional plumber today and get your sewage lines checked.

The health risks related to sewage backups are real. As reported in a survey, more than two million illnesses are reported every year due to sewage. These illnesses commonly include diarrhea, muscle soreness, abdominal cramps, and nose, eye and ear infections, among others.

4.  Bad Stench

Other issues of bad plumbing in North Las Vegas could be clogged drains or leaky toilets. There is always a risk of terrible odors spreading in your home. Inhaling contaminated air can prove to be harmful for the respiratory system and lungs.

Mold growth, moisturize and dampness, slab leaks, and contaminated water also result in a bad stench throughout your house if left ignored for a while. Hence, as a homeowner, you should always keep your eyes and nose on alert for any unusual odors. The odor may help you detect the problem before it gets worse.

5.  Financial Consequences

One of the major impacts of bad plumbing in North Las Vegas is on the pocket. While houses in North Las Vegas are already expensive, you cannot afford to bear the burden of poor plumbing in North Las Vegas, and that too, in this economic crisis.

Any sort of major plumbing issue takes lots and lots of money to get fixed. Especially, if you have a slab leak, sewage backup, or water contamination due to poor plumbing, all of which can be prevented, you will suffer a major financial loss. The best way to avoid any financial consequences is to get your plumbing system regularly checked. Also, keep an eye on the changing weather conditions; be prepared for the heavy rains and the rising humidity of Nevada.

If you are in Nevada and looking for a plumber that will fix your entire plumbing in North Las Vegas, Craig’s Plumbing is the perfect service for you. You just sit back and let us take care of all your dirty business! We offer trained professionals and technicians who work to ensure the safety and security of your house structure through good plumbing in North Las Vegas.



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