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7 FAQs About Gutters | Tips from Your Las Vegas, NV Plumber

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Just like every other component of your plumbing system, the gutters are an important element of your home’s exterior as well. They are designed to keep the water away from your house, and if used properly, they’ll help to stop interior leakages and water damage.

Homeowners usually have a lot of questions regarding their gutters. You might think to yourself if you really need gutters in your home, whether the investment is worth it, and the steps you need to take to keep them well functioning and maintained. An additional concern you may have is figuring out when you should call a plumber in the Las Vegas, NV area for help.

We’ve got all the answers to your questions.

Do I Need Gutters On My Home?

The gutter system of your home is a crucial part. The gutters are meant to divert water away from the exterior and foundation of your home when it falls off the roof. They help to keep the foundation, roof and siding of your home protected from getting eroded and water damages.

As they’re supposed to keep water away from your place, when they’re left unattended for a long time your home could run into water related damages. Problems such as foundation issues, flooded basements, mold, mildew, and much more can spring up. You’ll need to call a plumbing serviceto fix these issues for you.

Make sure that the gutters at your place are set up properly towards the downspouts, and don’t have any cracks, holes, or sags. Also ensure that any debris is cleared off from the gutter. This will help to channel water away effectively away from your place without any hindrance.

In some places, a gutter system is a must have to make sure that your home is up to the standard. But in case you live in an area where you don’t get to experience rain that often, you can decide for yourself if having a gutter at your home is of any value or not.

How Much Would It Cost Me?

In case you’re thinking to contact a plumber, and get a new gutter system installed or for replacing an older one, the project cost is an important factor. Mostly the cost is dependent on the material that you pick and how large of a gutter, or gutters, you need for the house. A plumber would be able to guide you well regarding the cost of installing gutters and drain spouts.

What Gutter Material Is Best?

Like we mentioned before, the gutter installation cost can vary as it depends on the material you opt for. If you’re looking for an affordable option, you should go for vinyl gutters, whereas copper is the high end option.

The aluminum gutter material is the most prevalent one among homeowners, as it’s available at a mid-price point. It offers both durability and can have decorative elements.

How Long Would It Last?

If you take good care and maintain your gutter, it can last for around 20 years, and won’t need a replacement. If you want a long lasting gutter, opt for copper as it can last for almost 50 years without needing a replacement. Don’t be too shocked when you learn that this longevity comes at a price.

In case of a minor issue like a few holes, it could be fixed with some sealant and a bit of flashing. But if more than a dozen areas have cracks, you should call a plumber to get a new gutter system installed.

How Often Should I Clean Them?

Your gutter should always be kept clean and clear. Ensure that you remove any debris like fallen leaves and twigs, otherwise when it rains, it will clog the drains, damage the roof, or cause leakage in the house. In dry conditions, it can present a fire hazard.

It’s advised that you clean them at least twice a year, every spring and fall. In case the gutter has trees nearby or your area went through a heavy storm, you’d have to clean it more often.

In case you don’t have the time that it takes to clean the gutters this frequently, purchase a gutter guard system. It’ll help to prevent debris from accumulating. You can take the advice of a plumber on which of the options would suit you best, keeping your budget in mind.

When Should I Seek A Professional Plumber in Las Vegas, NV?

When you need to get the gutter repaired or installed, you should call for a plumber. If you want to make sure that you don’t run into any problems later on causing you more money on repairs, hire a professional for the installation.

In case the gutter requires repairs, an experienced plumber can easily diagnose the problem and resolve it. The gutters can get damaged from a heavy storm specially one with hail, so it’s a good time to call an expert for an inspection.

How to Tell if the Gutters Aren’t Working

It’s common for homeowners to forget about the gutter until trouble stirs up. To check if they’re in working condition, run an inspection once you’ve cleaned them. Pay close attention to the downspouts and seams for signs of cracks or separation. Ensure that the system is aligned. If anything seems odd, contact a plumbingservice for help.

Peeling paint is another thing you should lookout for. It could be an indication of a problem in the gutter system. It usually means that the gutters aren’t properly functioning. It’s most likely to be an overflow issue making the water run down to the back of the gutter along the exterior of the house. The gutter is either clogged, worn out or misaligned.


Now that you’ve realized the importance of gutters in your home, make sure they’re kept well maintained. For that you can call Craig’s Plumbing Company for the best plumbing services in the Las Vegas, NV area.



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