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7 Plumbing Service Tips for Pet Owners | Las Vegas, NV

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In essence, plumbing companies provide plumbing service to a variety of commercial and residential clients. It primarily involves maintenance and repair of their existing plumbing systems and components to ensure seamless operation and much-needed convenience.

By keeping a pet, you take measures to make your house pet-proof. But for most pet-owners, they are at times unaware that their adorable pet may cause them needless inconvenience by clogging the household’s plumbing system.

Now, to avoid those pet-related plumbing problems, you should follow the tips listed below so that you can save vital costs of hiring a professional plumbing service:


1.    Cover Unprotected Pipes

Pets tend to chew random things and this includes household pipes. Secondly, they can hide random stuff inside these uncovered pipes. This could cause water spreads all over the floor and household items are also damaged. So, you should take timely action and cover any exposed pipes immediately to protect your home. That way you don’t have to keep calling a plumbing service to clear up clogs caused by pets.

2.    Put Chemicals in an Inaccessible Place

If you have chemical drain cleaners and other cleaning supplies at home, keep them far away from pets. Pets tend to toy around with everything which is within their reach, this includes toxic and harmful chemicals, too.

plumbing service may also advise pet owners against using harmful drain cleaners because they can damage the plumbing pipes in the long run. Use it as a last resort only since there are many non-chemical ways to deal with it.


3.    Keep Toilet Lids Closed

The chemical residue from cleansers and drain cleaners in the toilet can make your pet sick.
In addition, they have a habit of drinking water from the toilet, which can be quite unhygienic and could make them sick.

As a rule of thumb, try to check your pet’s water bowl twice a day. Keep in mind to put the toilet seat down. This can save you from a world of trouble.


4.    Rinse Off Dirty Pets Outside

All pets like to play and roll in the mud. After they get muddy, they need some cleaning, too. But if you wash them in a bathtub, it could cause a clog in the pipe and you will need to call a plumbing service. To prevent those clogs from furs, mud, clumps, you should rinse off your pets outside first and then head to the tub to finish the rest of the job.


5.    For Bathing Use a Drain Stopper

When washing a pet in a bathtub, remember to use a drain stopper. Most pets tend to shed and their fur goes down the drain, which could result in a plumbing clog. To clear this clog, you will again need a plumbing service at your house. Use a stopper, so the drain clogs are prevented each time. Then, collect this fur and dispose of it in a trash can.


6.    Watch Backyard Digging

Be it the front yard or backyard, pets like to dig holes in the mud. But sewerage lines aren’t always concealed under the surface, it may only be 2-3 feet from the surface. So habitually while digging, pets can damage it accidentally. In such a case, a plumbing service would be required to replace the pipe in question. So, keep a steady watch on your pets to ensure that they do not get closer to the pipelines.


7.    Install Pressure-Balancing Valves

You might have faced this problem during bathing. The water temperature rises all of a sudden. To counteract it, you need pressure-balancing valves to get rid of this issue. It also helps eliminate the risk of burning pets during bathing.


8.    Don’t Flush Any Pet Litter

As a new pet-owner, you may take some time to learn how to handle pets. A variety of aspects will come to your knowledge for that matter. One of them is the issue of pet safety and cleanliness. For rookie pet owners, this becomes a major concern.

You should put the pet litter in a plastic bag and place it in a dustbin outside your house. You may need to call plumbing service professionals in a case when your pets litter in the toilet. The waste could clog the pipelines and result in sewage issues anytime in the future. This will ultimately pile up your costs of keeping a pet needlessly.

Even the well-known products that are categorized as “flushable”, pose a risk of clogging the pipes. If the system of flushing you are using is blocked, you must call a reliable and expert plumbing service in Las Vegas, NV, that has prior experience in working with animal waste.


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