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Call a Plumber When You Have Dishwasher Issues | Henderson, NV

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Dishwashers need to be maintained properly to prevent any malfunctions. They are typically very reliable machines overall. However, they can have some problems with drainage, especially if you don’t conduct regular maintenance by calling a plumber in the Henderson, NV area.

One of the most common problems is that they stop draining. When dishwashers stop draining, it can result in dirty water flooding the kitchen floor. You will have to spend time clearing out the large puddle on the floor. If you don’t, the stagnant water can result in structural damage. This can weaken the foundation of the ground and even cause the cement slabs to shift or crack.

When coupled with the repair and maintenance issues, this can be a huge nuisance to deal with. The recurring costs repair can be really irritating to homeowners and put unnecessary pressure on their wallets.

According to expert plumbers in the Henderson, NV area here are some of the major signs that you should look out for. They will help you notice the problem quickly and call for help in time.

Why Is It Urgent?

If a dishwasher stops draining properly, it can result in a lot of problems for the homeowners. Some of the most common ones are:

  • The huge mess from flooding water can hinder everyday chores and be really hard to clean.
  • It can create unnecessary expenses for the homeowners since you will need to call a professional for maintenance often.
  • Stagnant water can damage the structure and foundation of the house.
  • Stagnant water can increase the risk of fungus and mold. This can cause health problems for the members of the house. A drop in the quality of the air can cause breathing issues. It also has a very unpleasant odor.
  • The risk of pests like mosquitoes increases since they thrive in stagnant water. Termite infestation can also occur if the water soaks through the walls, furniture, and floors.

Causes of Dishwasher Draining Issues

There are several root causes for the dishwasher to stop draining. If you recognize the causes, it can be easier to spot them and call a professional, accordingly.

Clogged Filter Basket

The filter basket acts as a trap for the scrapes and items. It prevents them from entering the pipes of the dishwasher. If this filter gets clogged or blocked, this can prevent the water from draining properly.

The water can stop draining and cause flooding in the kitchen. This is why it is important to clean these filters often. You will have to call a professional to clean or change these filters.

Clogged Drain Hose

The main sewer line of the dishwasher can also get clogged. The dishwasher is connected to a hose that leads to the kitchen sink drain or garbage disposal. If food sludge enters the drain hose, it can collect and form a clog in the drain hose. This can cause the dishwasher to malfunction. You will have to call a plumber to clean the hose.

Clogged Drain

If you notice that the sink is also backing up along with the dishwasher, it can be a hint that it’s not just a local problem. More than one clogged drain can actually be a sign that the main sewer line for the house has a blockade. In this case, it is better to call a professional to clear out the main sewage line of the home.

Broken Sewer Lines

The main sewer line connects with every drain of the house. It can lead to a huge problem if this pipe collapses or breaks.

  • Sewer lines can collapse or leak due to a host of reasons such as:
  • Pipe fittings can get loose
  • Shifts in the cement slabs can put pressure on the pipes
  • Old pipes made of Orangeburg, clay or iron are prone to weakening and can develop leaks easily
  • Infiltration from tree roots
  • Poorly aimed shovels

Blocked Air Gap

The air gap in the kitchen can also become blocked which could prevent the dishwasher from draining properly. The air gap is often installed on top of the sink next to the faucet. It acts as the main prevention against backflows.

However, it can develop a clog and may not be able to do its job. You may need to call a plumber to fix it.

Preventive Measures for Dishwasher Draining Issue

There are some preventive measures that homeowners can take to ensure that their dishwasher doesn’t malfunction. Expert plumbers recommend:

  • Making sure that you don’t load the dishwasher before removing the food scraps from the plates.
  • Reading the dishwasher manual to learn how to properly load the dishwasher.
  • Regularly call a professionalto clean the filters and filter basket in the dishwasher.
  • While feeding the garbage disposal, you should keep the water running. If it gets blocked, it can hinder the water flow of the dishwasher.

Hiring a Professional Plumber in the Henderson, NV area

It is vital that you ask a professional to fix the dishwasher if it stops draining. A dishwasher is a complex machine that shouldn’t be messed around. By tinkering with it yourself, you can increase costs for yourself by damaging the machine.

In major situations like sewer line blocks, only a professional plumber in the Henderson, NV area can fix the issue. They will be able to remove the clogs in the drain more effectively than homeowners can imagine. If the sewer line collapses, they can pinpoint the exact location of the leak. They can also efficiently replace them if necessary. They can also guide you on whether you need to replace the pipes in case they are old.

Craig’s Plumbing can help solve the issue of dishwasher drainage since they have a team of experienced plumbers working for them.



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