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How You Know That You Need Water Heater Repair | Summerlin, NV

When it comes to your water heater you definitely don’t want to go without it for any length of time. After all, the water heater is what allows you to do many tasks around the home. It’s what allows you to take a hot shower or wash dishes or do the laundry. So, how do you make sure that you’re not in need of water heater repair? Well, you’re going to want to watch out for any of these signs that something is going wrong with your Summerlin, NV water heater.

No Hot Water

If you have no hot water then chances are your hot water heater is not working right. It could just be that the pilot light is out if you have a gas option or that you’ve lost power if you have an electric. It could also be something more serious going on. You’ll want to have a professional come out and check what’s happening (you can check the first two options). Then, you can see if you need water heater repair or if your water heater is going to need to be replaced.

Low Hot Water

Maybe you have some hot water but not as much as you normally do. It’s possible that your water heater is just running low. So, if you’ve just run several loads of laundry and now you want to do the dishes try giving it a little time to see what happens. If you haven’t used any hot water yet, however, it’s likely you need water heater repair because your water heater isn’t able to keep up with the demand that you’re putting on it.

Rust Colored Water

Rust colored water could be a sign of just that, rust and you definitely don’t want that in your water heater or any of your pipes. If you notice this you’ll want to call a professional to take a closer look. Maybe you can get it all out and you’ll be able to setting with basic water heater repair. But you may need to replace some pipes or do more extensive work in order to take care of the problem. Either way, you don’t want that rust and those particles getting into your water, no matter what you use it for.

Rotten Egg Smell

Bad smelling water is another sign of needed water heater repair. This smell could even mean that your pilot light is out but you’re still getting gas released into the water heater and into your home. You can check the pilot light and see if it’s gone out and try relighting it again. If it doesn’t stay on however, you want to be sure you aren’t messing with it anymore. You want to turn off the hot water heater and call a professional right away to investigate what’s going on.

Sediment at the Bottom

If there’s a lot of sediment (or even just a little sediment) in the bottom of your water heater it’s a sign that something is backing up into the heater. This is definitely going to be a problem and you could end up with those particles flowing into the water that you’re using for laundry, dishes, drinking and bathing. Those are definitely not places you want to have dirt, debris and other pieces of material getting into the water. Cleaning this out is the first step, but if it keeps coming back you’ll need more extensive water heater repair to take care of it.

High Pitched Sound

If you haven’t used your water heater in a long time you may experience a high-pitched whine when you first turn it on. This happens when a house has been closed up for a long time and no water has gone through the pipes. It should go away quite quickly, however. If it comes back again or if it doesn’t seem to go away it could be a sign that something is going on in the pipes and you’ll want to call a professional. They can take a look and find out what’s going on with your Summerlin, NV home and what kind of water heater repair you need.

Water Leak

A water leak is one of the more obvious signs that something is wrong in your Summerlin, NV home. You can definitely tell when there’s water leaking around your hot water heater and you should immediately turn it off and find out the source of the leak. If you can’t find it or if it’s not something you can easily tighten to fix its time to call a professional and have them take a closer look. They’ll be able to see how your water heater is leaking and what needs to be done for your water heater repair.

Low Pressure

If you’re getting your hot water but the pressure is quite low then chances are something is built up in the pipes. You definitely don’t want to have to deal with that, so make sure you’re paying attention when the pressure goes down and that you’re looking into the problem. You want to make sure you can use your hot water heater the way you expect and if the pressure is off you’re definitely not going to enjoy taking showers the way you normally do. Not to mention you’ll have a harder time with things like laundry and dishes.

Taking care of your home and your hot water heater is going to require you to pay attention. It’s going to require you to notice when something just doesn’t seem right and then you can call a Summerlin, NV plumber to take care of the problem for you. Your home and your family deserve the best, after all, so make sure that you take a closer look at anything about your hot water and your water heater that just seem strange, off or a little different from what they were before. It could be a sign that you need water heater repair.



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