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Is Your Septic System Giving You Problems? | Tips from Your Trusted North Las Vegas, NV Septic Tank Pumping Professional

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Look no further, at Craig’s Plumbing, we specialize in everything plumbing. We offer quality septic tank pumping services all over North Las Vegas, NV, to allow you some peace of mind.

At Craig’s Plumbing, we understand how important it is to have a reliable company to offer you plumbing services. We tailor our services to fit your home needs. We have the right tools and equipment, which will ensure that the services we render integrate perfectly with your home. What is more, before we begin our services, we make upfront written statements, which guide both you and our technicians throughout the whole procedure for that perfect result.

Reliability makes an excellent septic tank pumping service worthwhile. We understand that unreliable services can lead to stress, which is why we have our telephone lines. We promise guaranteed response at any time of the day and night.

We understand the frustration that homeowners experience when they entrust unqualified personnel with plumbing works on their properties. We pride ourselves with our employees who are qualified to carry out plumbing services. Be it a spoiled water heater or a draining blockage, our technicians have the prerequisite skills to handle all these and more with ease. Throughout the years, we have gained experience that allows our technicians to understand different septic tank pumping problems better and give longer-lasting solutions.

We do not just offer septic tank plumbing services for the money involved. Our team is driven by a different passion, which has been at the center of our quality services all over the years. We have a stringent recruiting policy that takes in only the dedicated people into our business. Apart from this dedication, we impart additional skills that come in handy in their service delivery. All over North Las Vegas, NV, our team is among the few that possess superior customer care skills. These skills complement the other technical services that we offer.

Our business stands in the confines of family values. We offer septic tank pumping services with the family unit in mind. When we come to your home, we respect and preserve the critical cultures that have been in our societies for generations. We give the family unit the important significance it deserves when delivering our services. What is more, Craig’s Plumbing services are a family run entity, entirely operated based on family values.

Diversity is an essential factor in service delivery. You can rely on your trusted company to provide more than septic tank pumping services. Who would want to call different companies to offer services that one company can provide? Our septic tank services go in hand with the other services that we offer. Besides, we give packages that give you value for money. These additional services include water heating repair services, checking leaking faucets and water treatment services.

Why Choose Us

We Offer Flexible Services

We are a reliable company that can respond to your needs at any time of the day, be it late at night or dawn. Whenever you are asleep and suddenly realize a leak, we are the right people to solve the problem in North Las Vegas, NV, without having to wait for a plumber to arrive the next day. We always have a team on standby to deal with day or night distress calls. You can always give us a call and we will be sure to make that written estimate upfront and plan on the right time to come to check out your problem to fit your busy schedule. Call us today to get world-class septic tank plumbing services.

Best Customer Care Services

At Craig’s Plumbing, we believe in services excellency and exceeding customer expectations. Since our organization is based on valuable family values, we integrate these essential family elements in the services we offer you. Your distress becomes our problem as we provide same day septic tank plumbing. Our best response time does not exceed an hour, meaning that our customer care services will save you a lot in water bills.

Affordable Services

Affordability is an essential factor in service delivery. At Craig’s Plumbing, we do not have hidden charges in our services. Our rates are the best in the market. For additional features added or installed by our technicians, we give you a complete statement that shows the cost of every element used. However, we do not promise you lower prices, which often interfere with quality services. We give quality septic tank pumping services at standardized rates, which will guarantee that you get the best of both quality and best market rates.

Quality Workmanship

At Craig’s Plumbing, we have the best team to offer those quality services you so much need. When we say that we provide same day services, we mean it. Our years of experience have ensured that we understand different elements of plumbing, which makes problem diagnosis faster and more efficient. Our technicians are certified and understand all the aspects of septic tank pumping, which is complemented by their experience. We have an in-depth understanding of emerging practices in plumbing to guarantee quality work.


All over our regional offices, we have served many customers. These customers have shown their satisfaction with our septic tank plumbing services. Also, it is through the feedback of these customers that we have received more clients in our business. Whenever you want to acquire septic tank pumping services, word on the street will inform you of our services in the North Las Vegas, NV area.

Having your septic tank pumping needs met is an essential factor in ensuring your property is both comfortable and appealing to live in. At Craig’s Plumbing, we understand this fact and are passionate about meeting and exceeding your plumbing needs in North Las Vegas, NV and beyond. Give us a call today to have a taste of quality services at a new level.



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