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Reducing your water usage will inevitably reduce your water bill. We can install new water efficient plumbing products and will educate you on smart water usage in your home or business. Remodeling with current water technology saves not only gallons of the precious resource but also will reduce your water bill every month.

Water Efficient Plumbing Products

Low flow shower heads and faucets are designed to give you a full volume water supply all while reducing actual water usage. Newer technology allows for manufacturers to incorporate narrower spray areas and a greater mix of air and water than conventional shower heads. By maximizing the water used from your showers and faucets you don’t have to sacrifice water pressure to conserve water.

Toilet basins are another great way to conserve water and reduce your water bill. Replacing your older toilet with a dual flush or low-flow toilet can reduce the typical flush by a half gallon or more. Reducing your water consumption is the responsible thing to do in the Las Vegas valley. The savings don’t stop at your water bill, they also mean less water heating and less sewage costs as well.

Other Ways to Conserve Water

Cover Your Pool

Here in the Las Vegas valley many homes have pools to keep cool during the summer. When left uncovered your pool can lose ten to fifteen thousand of gallons of water each year due to evaporation. The Southern Nevada Water Authority offers a “pool cover instant rebate coupon” to cover up to 50 percent off the purchase of a temporary pool cover or permanent pool cover to conserve this precious resource.

Replace Water Using Household Products

Your dishwasher and washing machine are typically the two most common household products you may consider upgrading to reduce water usage. Newer products are always the most efficient, and even

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