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Pros and Cons of Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing pipes come in a wide array of types that can cater to the needs and demands of any home. Different materials have different pros and cons in terms of cost, environment friendliness, and overall function. Below is a short guide for choosing the right pipes that will suit your needs: Copper Pipes Plumbers have … Read More >

Four Steps to becoming a Plumber

Pursuing a career as a professional plumber can be profitable and rewarding. There are always households, corporate spaces, establishments, and healthcare centers that are in need of the services of a plumber. Becoming a plumber begins with apprenticeship. Here are the four steps to take to become a full-fledged plumber: STEP ONE: Secure a High … Read More >

Five Times You Need a Pro Plumber

Homeowners often find themselves going the do-it-yourself way when it comes to addressing home plumbing issues. While this is ideal for smaller jobs, there are times when one needs the help of a professional plumber to ensure that the problem is properly fixed. Here are five instances when you need to hire a plumber. When … Read More >

What to Consider before Hiring a Plumber in Las Vegas

At some point, homeowners must get the services of professional plumbers who will cater to plumbing issues in their home. Ideally, service providers must be able to provide 24-hour emergency service and the must be able to respond quickly to calls. In addition, plumbers should also provide a written estimate upon seeing the damage. Moreover, … Read More >

What to Look for in a Plumbing Service

Nowadays, it has become extremely easy to locate a plumber. With the advent of online advertising, hiring somebody who can address the problems in your plumbing system is just one click away. However, it is worth noting that convenience must never outshine quality. As homeowners, it is paramount to know the importance of finding a … Read More >

Finding the Right Plumber

There are times when plumbing issues go beyond simple faucet leaks and slow-draining sinks. When pipes freeze over, when there is low water pressure all over the house, or when the need to replace a water heater arises, homeowners must get help from a licensed plumber. Of course fixing major plumbing issues should be left … Read More >

How to Choose the Right Portable Heater

As temperatures begin to drop signaling the arrival of autumn and eventually winter, homeowners may be looking for ways to keep their homes toasty warm. There are available portable heaters than can warm up virtually any room in any house. Below is a simple hide on how to choose the right one for you: Look … Read More >

How to Find a Good Plumber

For many homeowners, it is a must to find a great plumber who can cater to their needs. However, the search for the right man for the job can also mean searching high and low. Below are three tips on how to find a good plumber: Know Where You Can Find the Right Choice There … Read More >

NBOPE Qualifications for Testing

The Nevada Board of Plumbing Examiners has set the following qualifications for testing for Journeyman Plumbers and for Master Plumbers. For Journeymen, applicants must have four (4) years or 8,000 hours of substantiated field experience in the plumbing trade. They must submit an affidavit of experience, a valid photo identification, and a test fee of … Read More >

PHCC 4-Year Journeyman Training Program

The Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association’s journeyman training program is a course held during the evening hours, allowing students to complete a full work day gaining on-the-job experience and putting their training to practice. Through this program, students are able to learn everything they need in order to become a competent plumber. This includes: Plumbing … Read More >