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Are you in dire need of plumbing and water services for your home or business? You don’t have to search far and wide anymore because Craig’s Plumbing provides exceptional services that meet your needs. Our experts are knowledgeable in handling various services from water treatment and faucet repair to plumbing, and shower repair in Las Vegas, NV. Our goal is to provide our customers with top-notch services that guarantee satisfaction. Our team of licensed and experienced plumbers is available 24/7 to handle any emergency. We understand that plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, and that’s why we’re always ready to help you. We offer fast and reliable services, ensuring you can return to your routine without delays. We value your time, budget, and satisfaction and always strive to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we promise you will be satisfied with our professionalism, expertise, and exceptional service.


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Unlock a world of exceptional plumbing solutions with Craig’s Plumbing – where your satisfaction is our commitment!

Personalized Services

We understand that every drop counts, and so do your unique plumbing needs. Our personalized services go beyond the generic, tailoring solutions to fit your specific requirements. From efficient drain cleaning to meticulous water treatment in Las Vegas, NV, our experts customize their approach to ensure your plumbing experience is as unique as yours. We believe in addressing your concerns precisely, making us your trusted partner for a perfectly fitted plumbing solution.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your peace of mind is our priority. With us, satisfaction isn't just a promise; it's a guarantee. We stand firmly behind our work, ensuring every assistance, from water softener services to complex repiping services, meets and exceeds your expectations. Rest easy knowing that your plumbing concerns are in the hands of dedicated professionals committed to delivering excellence and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Experienced, Background Checked Technicians

Our team of seasoned technicians is the backbone of Craig's Plumbing. With years of collective experience, our experts bring unmatched skill and knowledge to every project. Whether troubleshooting a complex plumbing service in Las Vegas, NV, or installing the latest tankless water heater, our technicians approach each task with precision and expertise. Trust us to handle your plumbing needs with the seasoned touch of industry veterans.

Written Estimates Upfront

No surprises, no hidden costs – just transparent services. We believe in clarity from the start. Our commitment to honesty is reflected in providing a detailed, written estimate upfront for every project. Before we turn a wrench, you'll know the scope of work, cost breakdown, and timeline. This commitment to transparency ensures you have peace of mind, knowing exactly what to expect and confirming our dedication to a straightforward and honest plumbing service.


Your Trusted Partner for Safe and Clean Water

Discover unparalleled water treatment solutions with Craig’s Plumbing. Improve your water quality with our cutting-edge services to address a spectrum of concerns. From advanced water softener services that combat hard water issues to state-of-the-art water filtration systems ensuring purity, we redefine your water experience. Our technicians specialize in installing and maintaining reverse osmosis systems, guaranteeing you access to pristine water. We blend innovation with expertise to deliver comprehensive water treatment services tailored to your unique needs. Trust us to transform your water quality, ensuring a healthier and more enjoyable water supply for your home.


Experience Plumbing Proficiency at Your Service

Discover exceptional plumbing services at Craig’s Plumbing, your reliable partner for unmatched expertise and reliability. With a commitment to excellence, our skilled technicians provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your plumbing needs. From prompt repairs to intricate installations, we ensure the seamless operation of your plumbing system. Our water treatment services include water softener, filtration, and cutting-edge reverse osmosis systems in Las Vegas, NV. Whether drain cleaning, repiping services, or any plumbing requirement, Craig’s Plumbing guarantees precision, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. Experience the difference with our dedicated team, which is committed to delivering superior plumbing solutions personalized for you.