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5 Helpful Plumbing Service Tips For Staying In Top Shape | Las Vegas, NV

Regular pipe maintenance ensures that you are getting clean water in your homes. Corroded pipes give you brownish colored water that you can never use even for cleaning. They can also cause serious health problems for you and your family.

Below are a few helpful tips to help you properly maintain your pipes. If you want more information or if you need help, you can always book a plumbing service. A plumber should be able to assist you further.

1. Install a Water Softener

Hard water contains minerals that will eventually damage your pipes. Over time, they will build up and lead to clogging.

One way to remedy this is by getting a plumbing service for a water softener installation. Consider installing the water softener for the whole house to break down these pipe-damaging chemicals. Although it will cost you more, water softener systems are very beneficial in the long run especially when you also combine it with a Reverse Osmosis System. Both do not only provide you with pure and clean drinking water, but they also save you energy as your heater will not work as hard. Most importantly, it will keep your water pipes healthy.

Always call a plumber to ensure the proper installation of your water softener.

2. Avoid Chemical-based Cleaners Like the Plague

Most homeowners would resort to buying chemical-based cleaners as it’s cheaper than having to call a professional plumber to unclog the drains. They may fix your pipes but they also damage them especially when you have old pipes installed.

For clogs, pouring boiling water can sometimes do the trick especially when it’s just a minor clog. Hot water is effective especially for clearing excess oil and tiny food particles. Enzyme based cleaners can also help you with clogs. There are household items such as a wire hanger that can help you unclog the drain but if you do not know how to use it, we would recommend that you get a plumbing service instead. A licensed plumber would know how to unclog your drains.

3. Insulate Your Pipes

During your winters, exposed pipes may freeze. It may take a few hours for the pipes to thaw and provide your home with water. Other times, the pipes will explode when they freeze. If you do not want expensive repair bills, call a plumber so they can help you insulate the pipes. You can also get foam tape as it’s a lot cheaper. Also, investing in quality pipe sleeves is a good idea. This protects your pipes in extreme cold weather conditions.

4. Lower the Pressure

Some homeowners may not be aware that constant high water pressure puts a lot of strain on your pipes. It will cause the faucets, joints and the appliance valves to work harder. Eventually, it will lead to pipe leaks.

5. Be Mindful

Always keep oil and grease away from your drains as they are usually the culprit for drain clogs. Use strainers to catch debris and other particles. When you see that food particles and dirt have accumulated in the strainer, take time to remove them right away. For your kitchen pipes, it’s best practice to run cold water in your garbage disposal to make sure that all food waste is flushed down the drain. In your showers, use screens to catch hair and other particles.

For minor leaks, resolve them right away to avoid costly repairs down the road. If you do not know how to fix it, book a plumbing service in Las Vegas, NV so a professional can help alleviate the problem.

Routine Check-Up and Maintenance

Book a service in Las Vegas, NV for a scheduled routine maintenance check-up of your plumbing system. A licensed professional would do a thorough inspection of all your plumbing appliances, pipes, sewer, toilet and other plumbing fixtures to ensure that they are in good condition and working efficiently.

Apart from booking a plumbing service in your area, it’s also best that periodically check your fixtures for visible leaks or clogs. Below are some of the things that you can do to check your plumbing:

  • Check for leaks. Watch out for any signs of moisture in your sinks or in the walls. A musty smell could also indicate a leak.


  • Test your drainage. One sign of a slow drain is seeing bubbles appear in the sink.


  • Check all of your faucets. Make sure that no water comes out of the valves or the handles.


  • Check your water pressure. Book a plumbing service if you think you have high water pressure at home. A plumber may install a pressure reducer to remedy the situation.


  • Inspect your toilet and tank for possible leaks. You can do the food coloring test for this. Drop food coloring to your tank and do not use your toilet for about 30 minutes. There is a leak when you see the color in the toilet bowl. Book a plumbing service immediately so they can resolve the problem.


Contact a plumber immediately if you suspect a leak in your pipes.

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