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6 Professional Hazards For Plumbers In Henderson, NV

Plumbing is not an easy job. Taking up a plumbing project may involve multiple risks, especially for beginners. Even with the best precautions and planning, accidents do happen on sites. This is the reason why plumbing is known to be one of the most dangerous professions in the world. It involves many health and safety hazards. However, most of these risks can be avoided if have the right knowledge and adequate training to resolve them.

Some of the potential hazards all plumbers in Henderson, NV should be aware of are

Working at Heights

This is one of the most dangerous hazard for plumbers in Henderson, NV. Since most plumbing jobs involve working at heights, plumbers need to be extra cautious. Some common precautions which can help plumbers is avoiding the use of ladder. Ladders are only meant for short duration work which is performed indoor.

For all outdoor work, plumbers in Henderson, NV, should solely rely on a cherry picker or a certified mobile scaffolding. Use of these equipment reduce the chances of injuries due to slip and fall. Regular inspection of all plumbing equipment is also important as it reduces the risks associated with working on high height.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Since most plumbing jobs require repetitive movements, it can result in serious musculoskeletal injuries. These repetitive movements can damage the soft tissues of shoulder and neck. It can also lead to painful wrists. Many backbone injuries are also associated with the regular use of heavy plumbing equipment. Muscle strain is also a common problem experienced by plumbers in Henderson, NV.

These common musculoskeletal injuries can be treated if the plumbers have adequate rest between the jobs. These problems can also be reduced if certain lifestyle changes are adopted by the plumbers. This may include regular exercise and use of nutritional supplements. Exercise will help strengthen the muscles and use of supplements is beneficial for strengthening ligaments, joints and bones.

Respiratory Problems

Plumbers in Henderson, NV have to work in confined spaces. This increases their risk of developing various respiratory problems. Closed spaces like septic tanks, sewers and pipes do not have adequate supply of oxygen. They may also contain toxic gases which are particularly dangerous for plumbers in Henderson, NV.

Plumbers in Henderson, NV are at a higher risk of exposure to asbestos. Inhalation of asbestos at workplace is the top cause of death due to respiratory issues. Plumbers are at a higher risk of exposure to asbestos because they do not know the history of their working site. As a result, they are at a higher risk of developing various respiratory tract conditions.

Loss of Hearing

Plumbers in Henderson, NV are often exposed to loud noise of banging pipes and drilling machines. According to the protection report by WHO, around 48% of the plumbers have reported some sort of hearing problem. This is due to the regular exposure to loud noise of banging pipes and heavy equipment used to perform most plumbing tasks.

Loss of hearing can seriously affect the professional career of a plumber in Henderson, NV. It can also affect the quality of life of the person. However, this problem can be controlled to an extent. Use better protective equipment like industrial ear plugs can help protect the hearing of plumbers.

Physical Injuries

Plumbing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Plumbers in Henderson, NV are at a higher risk of various injuries. Some of the common injuries experienced by plumbers are

High Temperature Injuries

Since plumbing involves working with pipes, plumbers are at a higher risk of developing injuries due to extreme temperatures. In case, the pipe is very hot or freezing cold, both these conditions can cause a severe burn on the skin. It is very important to take adequate measures to protect your skin from these extreme conditions.

Slips and Falls

Falling from height can involve a number of injuries including fractures. Plumbers are often required to work at high heights. Therefore, they are at a higher risk of slipping and falling. This is the reason why the use of ladder is not recommended. Instead, plumbers in Henderson, NV should use a cherry picker.

Tools Related Injuries

Plumbers are often required to use heavy and sharp equipment like the drilling machine. Inadequate training and lack of practice increase the likelihood of developing tool related injuries.

Eye Sight Injuries

When fixing pipes and fittings, plumbers are often exposed to tiny particles and chemicals. These airborne particles can seriously damage a person’s eyesight. Therefore it is always recommended for plumbers to use industrial grade goggles and appropriate protective gear.

Exposure to Chemicals and Molds

Plumbing is known as a dirty job. It involves working in difficult and dirty conditions. Therefore plumbers are at a higher risk of exposure to chemicals and molds.

Performing a plumbing project may involve exposure to a certain chemical which is harmful for the skin. Reactions from these chemicals can range from mild irritation to severe burns. So plumbers in Henderson, NV should be extra cautious when performing any plumbing task. They should also always wear gloves before touching anything on the project site.

Exposure to molds can also lead to a number of respiratory problems and allergies. It is important for plumbers in Henderson, NV to cover up their face using a mask before they enter any confined space or a project site which has a growth of molds.

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