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7 Reasons Why You Need A Plumber: Water Line Breaks | Henderson, NV

A water line is a valuable plumbing fixture in any home. It ensures water is carried smoothly from the municipal supply lines into your home. Without a water line, daily operations at your home may stop.

However, water lines are exposed to damage like other plumbing fittings and fixtures in your home. Hence, you will need the services of a qualified plumber in Henderson, NV, to ensure your water line operates at its best. There are many reasons that make water lines break. Here are some factors that cause water line damage.

1. Tree Roots Intrusion

If trees are planted close to your waterline, the roots may enter the line and cause various problems. Tree roots can easily penetrate cracked or old underground pipes, causing more damage to your home’s water line and other plumbing fixtures. The intruding roots may start by contaminating water entering your kitchen, bathroom, or bathroom, making it uncomfortable to use.

If you notice dirty or discolored water in your taps, this is a sign something is wrong with your water line hence the need to hire a professional. Your plumber will inspect the source of the problem using advanced tools and make the needed repair. The water line pipes can be moved far from the trees or cut them down to prevent damage in the future.

Don’t be tempted to try home remedies because they may not work. Hire a professional in Henderson as they have the job’s experience, skills, and tools.

2. High Water Pressure

High water pressure is another reason water lines break. Intense water flow can cause water pipes to weaken to a point where they burst. The optimal water pressure for households should be between 40 to 45 psi. It should never exceed 60 psi because your pipes will be damaged and cause costly repairs and replacements.

If you notice extremely high water pressure in your home, call a plumber to check the issue. The issue may be caused by a malfunctioning pressure regulator or an issue with the municipal supply. If the problem is with the municipal supply, your expert will shut the water supply at the mains and report the issue to your utility provider. If the pressure regulator is the cause, they will repair it or fix it to prevent the same issue in the future.

3. Freezing

Freezing weather can cause your water line to break. Low temperatures make the water within the pipes freeze and expand, increasing pressure inside the water line. As the pipes expand, they will reach a point where they will crack open or burst. Burst pipes are among the most common plumbing problems in the winter, causing property damage.

Still, burst pipes leave you with costly repair to structures, replacements, and mold removal to the affected fixtures. Contact an expert in Henderson, NV, to handle frozen pipes and other plumbing issues to reduce water damage and flooding. Other than fixing the issue, your plumber may insulate and winterize the water pipes, which are likely to freeze in the winter season. You will be prepared for the winter and won’t have to deal with frozen pipes.

4. Corrosion

Corrosion is another factor that can damage your pipes. It is good to know that not all materials can be eroded. The corrosion rate will depend on the material used to make the pipes. For example, steel pipes are susceptible to corrosion when exposed to high mineral concentrations.

Hard water coming through the main water line from the municipality is the common reason for rusting. Hard water contains sulfates, carbonates, and bicarbonates of magnesium and calcium, which are corrosive. Still, the pipes underneath may be corroded if the surrounding soil has water, gasses, and corrosion properties. Corroded pipes may lead to serious plumbing issues like cracked or burst pipes.

Therefore, corrosion can cause mild to severe plumbing problems that need to be addressed by a professional plumber.

5. Build up Mineral Deposits

If your home mainly gets hard from the main municipal water supply in Henderson you may have to deal with mineral deposits within the water lines. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium minerals, which may accumulate within the water line causing clogs and blockages. To ensure no mineral build-up in the waterline, have a plumber do routine maintenance.

If you do not hire a plumber for inspections and maintenance, mineral deposits will continue to increase, causing stress to the pipe, and it will burst. So, hire an expert today to save your water line from cracks, clogs, bursts, and leakages.

6. Poor Water Line Installation

If the waterline was/ is not installed well, it could get damaged easily. For instance, a beginner installed it, and they didn’t do it well. In this case, you will need to contact a plumber later to remedy the issue arising from the poor installation. This is expensive and time-wasting at the same time.

You should always hire only skilled and experienced experts to handle water line installation. Professionals understand the perfect sizes of fittings and materials needed for water line installations. Before hiring a plumber in Henderson, NV, check whether they are licensed or qualified to handle water line installation.

7. Old Pipes

Older pipes are more likely to break than newer pipes. For instance, water lines installed before 1980 or 1990 were made of cast iron. Cast iron can be brittle and doesn’t expand or contract with temperature changes. However, older cast iron pipes tend to crack easily. Some older pipes are made of clay which breaks easily. Modern water lines are made of ductile iron or heavy-duty plastic to avoid all these issues. If your water line pipes are old, hiring an expert to install new pipes may be time.

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Keeping your water line in good shape is essential to ensure activities in your home run smoothly. A well-performing water line will ensure your home has clean water and make your home comfortable to live in. There are multiple benefits you can get from regular maintenance of your water line. If you need your water line inspected and maintained regularly, call Craig’s Plumbing today, and we will send an expert to your home in no time.