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Benefits Of Drain Cleaning Service | Henderson, NV

How can you tell when you need a professional drain cleaning service? More importantly, who do you call when you need your drainage system cleaned while in Henderson, NV? Like most homeowners, your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and basement drains have fallen far into the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ category. If this is the case, you will most probably never notice the signs of a stressed system until the clogs are so severe that they block the flow or burst due to pressure.

So, how do you tell if your drainage system needs cleaning? What are the signs of a stressed drainage system and what should you keep on the lookout for? In this drain cleaning service guide, we educate you on possible causes of clogs within the drainage system, signs the system may be stressed and the benefits of regularly cleaning your drainage. Read on

Causes of a Clogged Drain

Throughout the years, Craig’s Plumbing has been involved in cleaning numerous drainages. During this time, we have come up with an ever-growing list of the different causes of clogged drainages. From mobile phones to lumps of hair, our team has been astonished by the sheer number of things that can stress a drainage system. The surprises aside, here is a list of what we consider the most common causes of drainage system clogs and blockages:

  • Buildup of soap
  • Excess and hard to disintegrate toilet paper
  • Damaged pipes
  • Poor drainage system workmanship
  • Hair
  • Oils and grease
  • Foreign objects like jewelry and toys

Signs a Drain May Be Clogged

You don’t necessarily have to wait until the sink stops working or the drainage pipes burst to understand that system may be stressed. A properly fitted drainage system will always warn and show stress signs before blockage and bursting – at which time you need to schedule a drain cleaning service. Some of the signs that your system needs cleaning include:

  • Bad odor coming from the drains
  • Water drains from sinks and tubs at a slower rate than usual
  • Funny noises like gurgling from your sinks and toilets
  • Backing up water – for instance water backs in the bathtub when you flush the toilet
  • No draining – extreme emergency case


  1. Ignites Optimum Flow

Drains have sole purpose of getting waste and excess water out of the home and into the sewer. But every time you and your family members use the bathroom, kitchen sink and even the shower, you release oil and grease, hair and soap scum into the drainage pipes. Unchecked accumulation of either builds up a clog that starts by reducing the draining speeds.

Given you only use the toilet, sink and showers a few times throughout the day, you may notice the extend of this slow buildup of clogs until you host a party or have more people around the house than usual. The sinks and tubs will take forever to drain or just won’t bear the excess to handle the excess water necessitating an emergency service.

  1. Eliminates Odors

Blocked drains hold onto waste that was supposed to get deposited into the sewers. This stinky buildup in the drainage pipes is often the primary cause of bad smells in the water and waste outlet points like the kitchen or bathroom. Bad odor, even when the drains still flow accordingly, is the sign of a clog buildup within the drainage system and a blockage in waiting.

In such a case, consider engaging professional providers in Henderson, NV. They will clear the smelly buildup within the drainage pipes, give your system a new lease of life and help you save on air fresheners.

  1. Prevents Damages to Floor and Walls

What happens when you assume all the signs of a clogged and block drainage system? You will end up with leaky pipes that spill water on walls and floor. And one of the signs of a leaky drainage system as a result of blockage is the growth of molds. If left unattended or assumed for long, this can result in serious structural damage that calls for expensive repairs. Regular drain cleaning professionals will, however, go a long way in preventing this damage.

  1. Improved General Hygiene around the House

The last thing you need is drain flies all over the house, stuffy air due to mold and mildew growth, or worse sewerage overflow. And a professional drainage system cleaner will tell you that these can all be attributed to clogged and dirty drains. Drain flies, for instance, are known to nest in the sleuth accumulated in the drainage pipes, mold emanates from leaky drainage pipes and overflow is directly attributed to blocked pipes. As disgusting and embarrassing as these may seem, they can be prevented or solved by engaging a professional drainage cleaner.

  1. Identifies Pain Points and Prevents Future Clogs

A significant percentage of homeowners don’t know how to take care of their drainage systems. They don’t know what should and shouldn’t go down the drain. Even more importantly, they don’t know how to tell if the drainage system is working properly, and this is the major cause of most drainage systems around. By scheduling a drain cleaning service, you aren’t just paying to have the professional clear the clog and get your system working optimally again. You are also paying for advice on how to take better care of your drains and how to detect signs of a clogged or blocked system.

What to Look for in a Drain Cleaning Service Professional

  1. Area of specialization- hire a drain cleaning service provider not a repair specialist
  2. Registration and certification – ensure your preferred cleaned is licensed, insured and certified to offer drain cleaning services
  3. Experience – They should also be highly experienced with the different types of drainage systems
  4. Rates – They should also price their services reasonably and offer a price quote before starting the
  5. Professionalism and customer service

Schedule a Drain Cleaning Service in Henderson, NV Today

Are in Henderson, NV and are already suspect your drainage system maybe clogged or blocked? Schedule a drain cleaning service with Craig Plumbing. Have our professionals take a holistic analysis of your system, clear clogs and blockages, and give it a holistic and a new lease of life. They will also offer tips on how to take care of the system, how often you should have it cleaned and how to tell if it may be clogged. Call us today.