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Best Toilet Paper According To A Plumbing Service | Las Vegas, NV

Have you ever wondered how the toilet paper you choose affects your plumbing system? The toilet roll aisle is packed full of different types of toilet rolls, from luxury wipes to eco-friendly loo roll. So, which one should you choose? We’ve all seen the commercials that tell you to go for triple-layer, soft on the skin brands. But are these good for your plumbing system? And are you helping to save the world if you choose recycled toilet paper?

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Choosing the right toilet paper shouldn’t just be about quality; you should also consider the paper’s dissolubility and how it will affect your plumbing system. Choosing the right toilet paper and avoiding ‘flushable’ wipes is essential if you’re to avoid having to deal with a blocked toilet. Let’s look at the different types of toilet paper to see which is most suitable for your plumbing system.

Toilet Paper Types

It can be challenging to find a suitable toilet paper that’s good for your skin and doesn’t affect your plumbing system. All toilet paper brands are slightly different, and they all have their pros and cons. Many people will buy the luxury brand of toilet roll or will go for one that’s on special offer without thinking about their plumbing system.

Some brands design their toilet paper to be very soft and nice to use. These may not be the best for your plumbing system. Other papers are recycled and better for the plumbing system, but if they look or feel very rough won’t be very popular.

It may be a good idea to spend some time researching toilet paper properties or ask your plumbing service for advice. This is particularly important if you’ve had several blocked toilets in the past. Comparing different toilet papers may be a wise idea, and then find a brand to stick to. Toilet paper is significant for your toilet and plumbing systems lifespan.

Choosing a bad toilet paper can cause damage to your plumbing system, which will be very expensive to fix. If you have any problems with your toilet or plumbing system, you can call in the help of your local plumbing service.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Toilet Paper Brand

Most homeowners think that all toilet paper is basically the same. They don’t consider whether it can break down easily. The truth is that toilet paper varies and doesn’t take an equal amount of time to dissolve. Here are some things to consider before choosing toilet paper:

Toilet Paper Brands

To avoid blocked toilets or other problems it may be best to buy a well-known brand of toilet paper. Many brands are popular and well known, and these have been thoroughly tested and experimented with by a plumbing service. They have been rated on how well they dissolve. Let’s look at some of the favorite toilet paper brands.


Cascades is fast becoming one of America’s best brands of toilet paper as it’s eco friendly and dissolves well. This toilet paper is manufactured using 100% recycled fibers. When these fibers become waterlogged, they break into little pieces and can easily travel through the sewage system.

As the toilet paper breaks into small pieces, it will be able to travel through pipes with less chance of getting caught in U bends or rough spots and creating a blockage.


Charmin is another very popular toilet paper brand across America. It’s a great choice and has many unique properties, such as good drying strength and the ability to dissolve quickly. Charmin is an excellent choice if you want to reduce the risk of blocking your plumbing system.

How Well Does it Dissolve?

One of the most critical aspects of toilet paper design is how well it dissolves. Toilet paper brands will test their products, but the capacity to dissolve does vary from brand to brand. How well a toilet paper is able to dissolve will have a direct effect on the plumbing system.

Toilet paper that can dissolve quickly and easily is best for your plumbing system, as it will be less likely to create clogs. Toilet paper is generally two or three-ply, and these are best as they can dissolve quickly. There’s even a brand called Scott rapid-dissolving, which is very famous for its power to dissolve.

Some modern toilet papers have been designed for luxury and comfort. They have four-ply or are wipes that include ingredients other than paper. Flushable wipes don’t dissolve very well, and although they may say on the packet that they are flushable, it’s best to put these in the toilet bowl.


Eco-friendly products and saving the planet are becoming very popular, with many consumers opting to buy recycled or ‘eco’ products. This includes home products such as cleaning fluids and toilet paper.

Recycled toilet papers are generally good for your plumbing systems. There is often the misconception that recyclable toilet paper isn’t good quality or isn’t soft enough to use. This isn’t the case, and brands such as Scott aim to smash these misconceptions. They have created a recycled eco-friendly toilet paper that is very soft on the skin and smooth to use.

When selecting toilet paper, you should be careful as it can affect the life of your plumbing system. Find a high dissolving paper and try out different brands to see how they affect your plumbing system. If your toilet has been blocked in the past, you may like to ask your local plumbing service for advice about which toilet paper is best.

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