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Betting The Odds: Getting A Good Plumber | Las Vegas, NV

The good residents of Las Vegas, NV know that betting the odds is great, but when it comes to hiring a good plumber, it really pays to boost the ante. In fact, spending good money for the quality plumbing service that you need is not just a spend, it’s an investment, and like any investment, you get good returns.

Those who have ever suffered the headache of a drain clog know all too well the hassle that follows, The funny, gurgling sounds, the water backup, or any water that’s slow to travel down the drain are all symptoms of this common yet time-consuming problem. The most obstinate and unmovable can clog up your drains and cause the worst possible blockage ever. Think of the tree roots, the random vegetation, not to mention the hardened soap scum, grease, and oils that build along the walls of your pipes and cause the system to form a barricade where no dirty or used water can escape to route itself to the plan for treatment.

So, what else is in a blocked drain? Food particles are a common cause, as they escape from the disposal without notice and become trapped within the drain. And when all else fails, you will need to call your plumber. Remember, a plunger can only go so far, and the use of drain cleaning fluids is ill-advised, as they can wreak havoc on your pipes and result in further plumbing damage down the line.

Perhaps a good solution to a blocked drain is to clear it by using the hydro-jetting method, which uses no harmful chemicals but applies water at a greater speed and volume to blast away the items that obstruct direct water flow from your drains.

Prior to service, Craig’s Plumbing will do a thorough inspection of your pipes, and this will be done by sending a video camera down into your system to check for the source of your clog and locate it before the actual work begins. From there, the professional will discuss the problem and assess the type of maintenance that may have to be done. From there, they can determine if hydro-jetting is the right solution to your problem. If the issue is the result of a hair clog or a lost toy item, then the plumber will simply use a mechanical snake to yank out the debris, which only takes a mere matter of minutes.

Main water line repair is another essential service that can be done by a licensed plumber from Craig’s Plumbing. Those who live in the Las Vegas, NV area know just how essential your water line can be, and just how vital it is to keep it up and running well at all times.

A gradual drop in water pressure is one possible sign of trouble when it comes to your water line. Sudden damp spots or water that overflows on your property point to the need to have your water line inspected and repaired. Sometimes something as simple as an increase in your monthly water bill may mean that something is amiss, and that it’s time to look into seeking the services of a professional plumber. The use of video camera technology can go right through the water line, where the plumber can do an extensive inspection of the problem and look into repair options.

You may think that gas leaks are only determined by your building maintenance man, and in some cases, you may be right. But gas lines are not just for those who use natural gas as a source of power, they also apply to sewer lines and plumbing as well. A sudden pungent odor that’s similar to rotten eggs lets you know that a leak is most likely the culprit.

Nevertheless, a good plumber will know exactly what to do in the event that a gas leak is the source of your woes. They can use a variety of tools or possibly even do a video inspection to locate the source of the leak right away. Immediate detection is key, as a gas leak can only worsen and become deadlier over time. And when this happens, you will definitely need more than just a plumber. You may need to call 911. But all of this can be averted by using the plumbing services at Craig’s.

Although a broken water heater is less deadly than that of a gas leak, the anguish you may feel can be equally as intense. In fact, just imagine coming home fro an average day at the office and looking forward to that nice, long hot cozy bath. Imagine turning on the faucet only to find that there is no hot water. Knowing that your water heater is in deep trouble means that you will most likely have to spend more money than ever trying to get it replaced.

Yet most sensible homeowners know that a water heater’s average lifespan can only last for a period of not greater than ten years. So when turning on your water, you may see the following signs: rusty colored water, very little to no hot water at all, or a squeaky, whining sound that comes out when you turn on your water. And when water leaks out around your heater, then you know it’s time to call your contractor for an estimate.

When the water leaks around your water heater, this can be a major safety concern, and this is especially true for water heaters that are powered by electricity. If you remember the mere fact that water does conduct electricity, then you may be able to deduce the types of problems that can occur as a result. In this case, it pays to shut off the water supply to your heater prior to calling your plumber to prevent the possibility of an electrical fire.

There are so many services from which to choose, and no matter the emergency, you can always count on the timely services of Craig’s Plumbing. Simply call or visit their website to schedule a time today.