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Call A Plumber For Your Plumbing Emergency Asap! | Summerlin, NV

Plumbing emergencies don’t happen with a warning. When a plumbing emergency occurs, you must take quick action to fix what is wrong. When a plumbing emergency occurs you must call the right people for repair. A licensed emergency plumber will be able to provide the relief you need when a serious malfunction occurs. Common plumbing malfunctions tend to be less serious and can maybe wait a few days for repair. Knowing when to contact an emergency plumber and when not to can help you save money and prevent more damages from occurring. If you live in or around the Summerlin, NV, area, and are in need of a plumber, contact the staff at Craig’s Plumbing to schedule an appointment today.

Differences Between a Plumbing Emergency and a Common Plumbing Malfunctions

Plumbing emergencies are serious plumbing malfunctions that require immediate repairs. Without repair, emergency plumbing malfunction can cause serious damage to your property and other parts of the plumbing system. Common plumbing malfunctions are things that are likely to happen at some point in time and are easily repaired. Common plumbing malfunctions typically don’t pose a threat to the property and other parts of the plumbing system. Either way, a professional plumber will be needed to repair the issues and possibly reduce the chances of it happening again.

Emergency plumbing failures and common plumbing issues can be avoided with professional plumbing maintenance services. Experts suggest having your plumbing system maintained at least once or twice a year depending on the age and condition of your appliances and fixtures. Preventive plumbing maintenance can extend the lifespan of your appliances and reduce the number of malfunctions you experience. If you live in the Summerlin, NV, area, contact the staff at Craig’s Plumbing to schedule preventive maintenance plumbing services today.


Leaks are quite common in plumbing systems. There is a lot of water moving around at high velocities, which will eventually cause pipes to wear down, as well as joints to loosen. Leaks can also come from other parts of the plumbing system, which may prove to be a more serious issue.

Common Leaks

It is common for leaks to occur along the pipelines. If you catch it early enough, you can simply have a plumber repair it before any serious damage occurs. A common leak can cause dampness and mold to accumulate so the faster it is repaired, the less damage you will have to worry about.

Emergency Leaks

Emergency leaks can lead to some serious issues and property damage. Emergency leaks include rapid water leaks, burst pipes, or water heater tank breaches. If any of these leaks occur, you will have to stop your day to repair them. These leaks cannot persist and must be repaired by an emergency plumber right away.

Emergency leaks may happen for a variety of reasons. These leaks are harder to anticipate, however, preventive plumbing maintenance can reduce the chances of it happening or severely decrease the number of times it occurs.

If a leak occurs in the dishwasher or water heater contact an emergency plumber for immediate repair. Dishwasher and water heater leaks can lead to serious damage and may never stop without the assistance of a professional plumbing repair provider.


Clogs occur in homes all of the time. The drainage system easily sweeps away organic matter, however, when other things go down the drain that shouldn’t be, it can cause a clog to occur. Common reasons clogs occur are due to hair, oils, and other forms of waste that will create blockages in your pipes. The number of clogs you have each year can be reduced and even prevented altogether with professional drain cleaning services from a professional plumber and other preventative efforts.

Clogs are typically considered to be common plumbing malfunctions. In fact, many people choose over-the-counter drain cleaners to rid themselves of those pesky drain blockers. However, that could be doing their drains more damage than good.

Over-the-counter drain cleaners don’t always clear the drain of all problematic debris, at times, the over-the-counter drain cleaner is unable to eat through the hair, oils, and other things that could be clogging the drain. It’s best to have a plumbing professional remove the clog professional. Professional clog removal is much more effective and safe for the drainage system.

To maintain your clogs and prevent blockages, you should practice the method of

Emergency Clogs

Although clogs aren’t considered emergencies usually, there are cases where a clog will need to be repaired immediately. Emergency clogs will cause damage to either the property or plumbing system if it is not repaired as soon as possible. A serious clog may also be considered an emergency if it is in an extremely inconvenient spot.

Clogs that occur in toilets, sump pumps, and floor showers may be considered an emergency because they can easily cause flooding. If any of these things have serious blockages, contact your local plumbing company for emergency plumbing repair.

Gas Line Leaks

Gas leaks are serious and will need to be repaired as soon as possible. Gas leaks put you and your property in danger, as well as the surrounding properties. A gas leak can be disastrous and must be handled immediately.

The best way to tell if you have a gas leak is by the smell. Gas is said to smell like rotten eggs or sulfur. If your sense of smell isn’t up to par, you may be able to tell something is wrong if you begin to feel light-headed in your home. Breathing in too much gas can make some people feel slightly dizzy or not right. If you notice signs of a gas leak, contact an emergency plumbing service for immediate repair. They instruct you to turn off the gas to prevent a disaster from occurring.

Plumbing issues should always be addressed by a professional. The sooner you can have a licensed plumber repair a problem, the less damage will occur, and the more money you could save. If you live in or around the Summerlin, NV, area, contact the staff at Craig’s Plumbing for all of your plumbing care and repair needs.