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Causes Of Bathtub Problems: How A Plumber Can Help | Henderson, NV

A bathtub is one of the multiple plumbing fixtures installed by a plumber in your bathroom. Most tubs are made of porcelain-enameled steel, ceramic, or reinforced polyester materials. Plastic materials can also make bathtubs, but they will not last long because they are prone to crack easily. You can enjoy your bath by soaking in the tub and relaxing after a hectic day. The variety of bathtubs in the Henderson, NV, plumbing market include alcove, drop-in, corner, and freestanding. Since the tub is part of the plumbing system in your home, you might experience a multitude of plumbing headaches that will compel you to call a plumbing service to fix them. You should know and understand some of the bathtub problems and their causes which include:

Leaking Bathtubs

Leakages in fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, showerheads, and plumbing pipes are among the most common issues homeowners face from time to time. A leaking bathtub is a sign of a huge problem that requires immediate repairs by an experienced plumber to minimize water wastage. The United States Environmental Protection Agency reveals that household leakages amount to almost one trillion gallons of water annually in the country, calling for homeowners to fix any form of leaking fixtures or faucets. Leaking is one of the causes of bathtub problems and can be due to the following leaking parts of the tub.

i) Tub Drains

The leakage in your bathtub drains might be due to a faulty seal that surrounds the drain assembly. The loose seals in the tub will require a plumber to seal it using plumbing putty to stop the leakage. The leaks can lead to bacteria and mildew growth. The leaking bathtub might also be because of the drains that require the professional’s immediate attention to repair and ensure no more water is seeping out of the drains. The plumbing technician will skillfully remove the drain and fix the leaking seal.

ii) Bathtub Faucets

Another frequent or regular cause of bathtub issues in your home is a leaking faucet. If the drains in your tub are in good working condition, it is easy to ignore the leaks and fail to call a plumbing service because the water drips in the bathtub and is directed safely to the drainage system. The bathtub helps to keep your bathroom floor dry and prevents issues involving slips and falls that can cause serious injuries. However, the dripping faucets can also cause catastrophic problems in your property and valuables if the tub drain gets clogged by soap scum or dirt and debris. It will cause standing water in your bathtub, making the inside of the tub filthy and a no-go zone for taking a bath.

To remove stagnant water in the tub, the plumber you hire will have to unclog the tab and fix the leaking faucet. The leaking bathtub faucets can also lead to bathtub overflows if the water is dripping intensively and the drain is not at its peak draining condition. If you are out of your house for a while, it might be filled with water from the overflowing tub, which can destroy your furniture, force you to hire water damage restoration experts, and pay higher water bills. To avoid such a situation, you should call a plumbing service from a trustworthy plumbing company as soon as you notice the leaking faucet. The expert will repair the faucet washers or replace the entire faucet with a new one.

iii) Cracks in Your Tub

It is easier to identify big cracks in your bathtub and have a plumbing expert fix or replace the tub. But when the fracture is almost invisible, you will need a professional with advanced tools and equipment to identify it to stop the leakage. When repairing the cracked bathtub’s surface to end the leakage, a highly experienced plumber knows the right products to use, avoiding hazardous chemicals, including Methylene Chloride, to restore the surface of your tub.


Another cause of bathtub issues stems from mold and mildew that grows due to damp places beneath the tubs. The mold can also arise from moisture that forms when the bathroom lacks enough ventilation. Additionally, leaking tub pipes can also lead to mold and mildew infestation. Leaving wet rugs, wallpapers, and fabrics under or inside your tub for a while might also cause dampness that facilitates molds that can cause significant damage to your property. The overflowing bathtubs can also make the bathroom walls and floors wet for a long time, making it possible for mold spores to develop. It takes between 24 to 48 hours for the mold to grow with exposure to dumbness or moisture.

Once you realize mold is growing in your tub, know it is a serious issue that needs urgent measures as soon as possible. You will have to contact your plumber to remove the mold before it gets to other parts of your bathroom because it grows faster in dump places. A plumbing contractor has the skills and experience to remove the mold, ensuring your bathtub is free from any traces of mold. Failure to call a plumber on time to remove and disinfect the mold-infested places under your tub or in your bathroom can make the mold penetrate through porous materials and wooden surfaces in your bathroom. The spores produced can cause health issues if you or your family members have allergies or are asthmatic. Signs of respiratory infections, fatigue, sinus congestion, and running noses arise from the pungent or foul odor produced by the porous mold.

Low Water Pressure

Filling your tub for a relaxing and soothing bath is fun when the water pressure is at its peak. However, when the water coming out of your tub’s faucet is very low, it becomes irritating to wait for it to get to the desired level of the tub before immersing yourself in for a bath. To identify the exact reason for the reduced water pressure, you will need a plumber to check the pressure regulator, valves, and pressure settings to diagnose and fix the problem. It will help restore the original water pressure in your home in Henderson, NV.

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