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Causes Of Slow Drains Your Plumber Encounters | Summerlin, NV

If your drains seem to take forever to empty, or if water pools on the surface of your sink for an extended period, you may have a slow-flowing drain. While various factors can cause this, here are some of the most common ones. Keep reading to learn more!

Flushing Foreign Items Down the Toilets and Kitchen Sinks

If you have a habit of flushing inappropriate items down into the drains, this may be the reason why your drains are slow. The main culprits are hair, fats, grease, wipes, tampons, and feminine products. These items take longer to break, causing severe clogs. Fat is another culprit that solidifies once flushed down the drains and comes into contact with other materials. Remember, your home’s plumbing system is only designed to handle human waste, wastewater, and biodegradable toilet paper.

Therefore, avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. Also, avoid flushing grease, fats, and food wastes down the kitchen sink. Dispose of them appropriately, and you won’t need to frequently hire a plumber for drain issues.

Pipe Scale

Pipe scale is a natural product that interacts with your pipes, and it can build dangerously to a point where you experience a blockage because of the mineral deposits left behind by water. Water contains calcium, magnesium, and other essential metallic elements. When the concentration of these elements is high in water, some elements are left behind as the water flows.

Gradually, the scale begins to collect in one spot, attracting more scale until an obstructive clog is formed. Scale buildup affects your pipes and interferes with water-using appliances, like dishwashers. If you suspect there is scale buildup in pipes to a point where your drains are affected, hire a plumber in Summerlin, NV, for proper inspection.

Heavy Rains and Storms

In most homes, drains tend to run slowly after heavy rains and storms. One thing you should know as a homeowner is that drains are not designed to handle the full impact of heavy rains and water buildup. Throughout the rainy season, drains are always busy trying to get rid of the water. It is always good to hire a plumber to inspect your drains regularly. During the rainy season, the main sign of a blockage is an overflow of rainwater. So, be on the watch out and know when to ask for help.

To prevent clogged drains in the rainy season, ensure the drains are thoroughly clean throughout the dry season. It may seem obvious, but it will prevent the buildup of leaves which might cause a bigger blockage. However, blockages caused by heavy rains and storms will require a professional to unclog the gutters.

Tree Roots

A home with trees is conducive and comfortable. Chances are you have one or two trees on your compound. Although trees are good for the environment, their roots can be a nightmare for your plumbing system. When trees are small, their roots might find their way into pipes. These roots expand slowly, interring with the drainage to a point where they damage the entire plumbing system. Root intrusion causes pipes to leak or crack, making wastewater flow impossible.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do when roots intrude on your pipes. Your only option is to hire an expert because tree roots are complicated to deal with.

External Items Finding Way Into the Drains

Don’t always blame yourself when drains get clogged. Debris, leaves, and stones can fall into the gutters without your knowledge. Most of these items accumulate slowly to a point where your drains won’t function. This is why it is crucial to hire a plumbing professional to inspect your drains and pipes once in a while to ensure nothing is building up inside.

You can prevent these external items from blocking your drains as a smart homeowner. The best option is to call an expert to install drain covers over the grates to block the items from falling down the drains. If your drains are already blocked, call a plumber to have your drains fixed.

Problems with the Pipe Structure

Many blockages and leaks can be caused by plumbing pipes breaking down themselves. For instance, if your home uses fiberglass pipes, they can become compressed, which reduces the size, limiting water from flowing. Also, terracotta pipes can be cracked, reducing the flow of water. Since this issue is underground, there is not much you can do except look for help. Contact a plumber in Summerlin, NV, to do an inspection and offer the best possible solutions, advice and tips.

Back-fall of Drain Pipes

Occasionally, ground movement or poor installation of drains can be the main issue causing drains to clog. That explains why you should only hire a plumbing professional. For wastewater to flow, waste pipes need to have a fall. If there is a back-fall or flat line, blockages will be inevitable in your drains.

Calling a professional is the easiest way to identify where the drain has a back-fall or belly. An expert will use an advanced drain camera for a thorough inspection. This issue should not be left untreated because you will be forced to call your plumber often to clear blockages.

Hire A Plumbing Professional At The Onset of A Drain Issue

If you experience blocked drains regularly, you need to get a plumber to inspect your drainage system. If you wait and assume a clogged gutter will fix itself, it won’t. The problem will worsen and cost you money in the long run. Also, you might be forced to live in unsanitary conditions when drains overflow.

Trust Our Plumbers With Your Drain

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