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Contact A Plumber For Leak Detection And Repair | Las Vegas, NV

Plumbing leaks can be extremely costly especially when the foundation of your home and other appliances are affected. When not addressed, it may cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, restorations, and replacements. Knowing the signs of leaks in your plumbing lets you avoid costly repairs. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about the causes of plumbing leaks in this article and how to determine leaks in your plumbing. Contact a plumber in Las Vegas, NV, immediately for help, if you suspect a leak.

Causes of Plumbing Leaks and How to Avoid Them

You can avoid leaks in your plumbing by knowing what causes them. Below are just some of the causes of plumbing leaks. If you have questions, please contact a plumber in Las Vegas, NV.

High Water Pressure

High water pressure doesn’t just waste hundreds of gallons of water, it can also lead to a leak in your plumbing. The pressure can severely strain the pipes, causing them to break. You can remedy this by installing a water pressure regulator to regulate your home’s water pressure. Get in touch with a plumber if you need help with this device.

Tree Roots

We advise homeowners not to plant trees near the pipes to avoid a catastrophic emergency. Because a tiny leak in the pipes can attract tree roots and they can penetrate through the pipes and cause even bigger damage. If there are trees near the pipes, we suggest calling a professional to help you decide what to do with them.

Frozen Pipes

In the colder season, homeowners are encouraged to protect exposed pipes located both inside and outside of their homes. Include unprotected faucets as well because they’re also susceptible to damage. When the temperature is below zero, the water inside exposed pipes can freeze, causing them to expand and burst. If you don’t thaw the pipes immediately, you’ll end up with a flooded home.

In addition to buying insulation for your pipes, consider slightly opening your faucets for the hot water to flow through the pipes. Another way to prevent frozen pipes is to turn on your heating and open the cabinet doors underneath the sink for the warm air to circulate in the area and warm the pipes. For other questions on how to protect your plumbing, please get in touch with a plumber in your area.


Homeowners living in very old homes likely still have galvanized pipes installed. Compared to other piping materials, galvanized pipes are more susceptible to corrosion. Corroded pipes can easily break and leak. Talk to a professional about installing PVC or copper pipes — both are less susceptible to corrosion and damage. Make sure you only hire a licensed plumber to install them.

Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are associated with many plumbing issues including plumbing leaks, pest infestation, and having an unsanitary kitchen. We suggest homeowners contact us for professional drain cleaning to ensure the pipes stay healthy. Also, clean your drains regularly with vinegar and baking soda. Never pour grease, dirt, and other food particles into the drain. Most importantly, don’t use chemical-based drain cleaners. Consider installing a garbage disposal to help you better manage food waste.

Poor Installation

Hire a certified plumber when you’re replacing pipes, appliances and other kitchen or bathroom fixtures. Poor installation can also lead to other plumbing issues including leaks. Don’t attempt to DIY installation as well, especially when you don’t have plumbing experience. You might end up with a more costly repair if you make a mistake.

What are The Signs of a Plumbing Leak?

Homeowners must be mindful of their plumbing to avoid problems. One of the issues they might encounter are plumbing leaks. Below are the signs it’s time to contact a professional for an inspection:

Low Water Pressure

If the low water pressure only comes from one plumbing fixture, you probably just need to replace that. But if you’re having a low water pressure problem throughout your home, there is likely a leak in your plumbing. We suggest calling a plumber for an inspection. Our team can thoroughly inspect your plumbing and locate the leak. We’ll do our best to resolve the issue on the same day.

High Water Bills

Are your water bills unusually higher this month? Do a water meter test to check for leaks. Do two reading in 30-minute intervals and make sure no one uses the shower or the tap. Compare both readings. There is a leak when the readings are different. Contact a professional right away for inspection.

Water Stains

Seeing a puddle of water near your water heater or in the yard indicates a leak in your plumbing. Water stains in the ceiling or walls are also signs of a hidden leak. We suggest calling a professional immediately for an inspection. Our team of plumbers can find the exact location of the leak and resolve the problem ASAP.

Strange Noises

Are you hearing strange noises from the pipes? Don’t ignore it as that might indicate an issue with your plumbing. We recommend calling a professional immediately for an inspection. Our team can better diagnose the problem, discuss this with you in detail, and provide you with the most cost-effective plumbing solutions.

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