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Craig’s Plumbing Service Keeps Your City Clean! | Las Vegas, NV

Very few plumbing companies in Las Vegas, NV can match Craig’s Plumbing’s level of credibility, dependability, efficiency, and price. We like what we do and consider ourselves valuable residents of the community. Our city is one of the most visited places in the US. For casinos, renowned musical acts, and a broad variety of other entertainment, people flock to Sin City to play and live.

All hotels, restaurants, casinos, entertainment venues, and homes in our city must have high-quality plumbing. Most sizable casinos have water-work exhibits, which need expert plumbing service. Any work, no matter how little or large can be handled by Craig’s Plumbing since we are industry leaders in the plumbing industry.

The Heart of Craig’s Plumbing

Due to our well-deserved reputation, we are able to find the best plumbers in Las Vegas, NV. We choose applicants who have demonstrated proficiency in their academic work and apprenticeships as well as a desire to continuously learn more about and improve their capabilities by providing a plumbing service. Our top-notch plumbing business is distinguished by this level of dedication.

All of our potential workers must agree to the boarding process, which involves a thorough review of their academic record and professional background. All employees must consent to (random) drug and alcohol tests as well as a credit history check. We only use honest, reliable plumbers to represent Craig’s Plumbing since safeguarding our consumers is our top priority.

Are Your Pipes Trying to Tell You Something?

There are numerous indicators that should urge you to get in touch with us. Plumbing problems get worse the longer you ignore them, making the issue more expensive and time-consuming to repair. Whether you have a leak or a clog, plumbing woes won’t go away on their own. You’ll need a plumbing service as soon as you can schedule one. Don’t delay a repair due to fear of the price, we promise it’ll be more expensive if you ignore it.

  • Wet Floors and Carpets: If you discover inexplicable liquid on your floors or if your carpet is sagging, this might be an indication that there is a significant leak in the plumbing and you need to call a plumbing service sooner rather than later. Water and drain pipes are buried beneath the concrete slab that supports a building. Because the concrete absorbs the liquid when a pipe inside the foundation leaks, they become vulnerable. When the concrete is unable to absorb any more water, it then starts to leak onto the floors. Mold and mildew thrive where there is standing water. The flooring and other interior features may sustain significant damage from the floods. Never overlook a leak since it can quickly get out of hand, schedule a plumbing service ASAP!
  • Awful Smells: It’s common for a home to periodically smell bad if you have a family and lead a hectic life. The smell of human or animal waste, decaying food, or sulfur are all symptoms that your home’s sewage system needs immediate care and plumbing help. If you smell gas, call the gas company and leave the home. Stay outside at a fair distance until the authorities have declared it safe to return.
  • Water that’s an Unusual Color: Water ought to be odorless and colorless. If you notice that the water coming from your faucet is brown, green, or yellow, your plumbing system may need immediate plumbing service. The supply of water may be at risk due to corrosion or other issues. A word of warning: copper piping corrosion is represented by green water.
  • Sluggish Drains: Most folks don’t watch the water drain from sinks or bathtubs, but your home may have multiple slow-moving drains if you frequently find yourself in the shower with standing water. Two easy strategies to avoid blockages are using a hair trap and arranging for an annual drain cleaning to make sure that the water leaves your home.

Is it Time to Install New Pipes?

When looking at the visible pipes in a home, it is easy to overlook the hidden problems found in sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and other water-using equipment which allows the damage to spread. Those with basements should hire a qualified plumbing service to inspect their water pipes for disrepair.

An expert will be able to recognize the stains and effectively respond to the plumbing network’s material. Copper water pipes that have undergone oxidation become green and white and finally begin to leak. Galvanized steel and cast iron can rust becoming reddish-brown all pointing to a necessary piping overhaul.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure may have more to do with the city’s public water supply than it does with your pipes. First, speak with the Las Vegas, NV water company because they may be routinely flushing out the municipal water system or there can be a leak in your home’s main water line. If you see oddly colored water, a higher-than-average water bill, or damage to the walls in addition to poor water pressure then it’s time to call us for a plumbing service.

Abnormally Expensive Water Bills

Unless you have house guests, in which case your rate will surely rise, water bills are often consistent. However, if it’s just you and your family and you realize that your water costs are increasing month after month, your plumbing system most likely has a leak.

A Soggy Lawn or Garden

It’s conceivable that your sewer pipe has partially or completely burst if you are constantly noticing moist areas on your property after a long period with little or no rain.

This problem poses a serious health risk and has to be resolved right once since it may also compromise your interior plumbing.

For assistance and a free estimate, call Craig’s Plumbing if you have any of these problems and book a plumbing service today. We pride ourselves on our expertise, customer service, and affordability but don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself! We guarantee our work!