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Craig’s Plumbing: Your Reliable Plumbing Service | North Las Vegas, NV

North Las Vegas and the whole area, in general, are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States of America. People from all over the globe come to the Las Vegas, NV strip to see the epicenter of North American vice.

North Las Vegas, NV is a playground for adults and full of exciting things to see and do from a spin of a roulette wheel to big-name musicians performing while a seafood buffet hangs out in the background, so audience members can enjoy a delicious meal while jamming out to their artist’s favorite songs.

Tourist cities have to be kept in tip-top shape to continually attract visitors. Part of the attraction of North Las Vegas, NV is the luxury available and the opportunity to try their luck at winning big money!

However, the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas are partially due to the water features that impress tourists at hotels and casinos. That is why a quality plumbing service like Craig’s Plumbing of North Las Vegas, NV is so crucial to the wealth and success of the city.

Commercial and Residential Plumbing Service

Craig’s Plumbing is relied upon by big-name casinos, hotels, and entertainment venues that many potential residential clients think that we do not offer any plumbing service to residential customers with plumbing problems.

Craig’s Plumbing offers a wide variety of services for private homes in this part of NV. From slab leaks, slow-moving drains, or plugged-up toilets our team is ready and reliable to fix your plumbing service issue at an affordable price and with some of the most talented plumbers in the nation.

The Professional Team

Part of the reason Craig’s Plumbing is such a popular plumbing service is because we seek out the very best plumbers in the area. We interview them as a team and only add another employee if the entire team comes to a unanimous decision.

Plumbers train for many years to learn their trade and that is a component of why a plumbing service is so expensive. They attend a trade school, work as an apprentice, and train with the manufacturers who make the pipes, joints, and other pieces that make quality plumbing systems.

It is even more competitive in the area when it comes to becoming a popular plumbing company. The exotic water features require further training that only a handful of plumbers can accurately fix and do so at a fast pace. We offer juicy incentives to our employees to continue to train annually throughout the entirety of their careers.

These incentives make Craig’s Plumbing capable of fixing anything from a clogged drain to a malfunctioning water feature and allow our team members to earn more money from commercial businesses while offering residential customers a variety of plumbing service options at reduced prices while still allowing our business to grow, expand, and prosper.

Also, we require potential employees to undergo a thorough background check that evaluates their credit, criminal, alcohol, and drug histories. We would not hire anyone we would not let babysit our kids.

Craig’s Plumbing understands that the world today is a dangerous place and even trusted technicians of the past now must be investigated thoroughly before sending them to any person’s home, not just because we do not want our business’ good name to be tarnished, but because we care about the people of North Las Vegas. We want the people of our community to feel safe when they call us for a plumbing service.

Customer Reviews

“Our kids like to pour goop and other materials down the drain instead of taking the time to dispose of their used toys in the trash can. We have tried giving them lectures about why it is important only to put appropriate stuff down the drain like liquids, but it has happened so many times that they think it is the funniest thing in the world when we need a plumbing service. The folks at Craig’s Plumbing all know our names and we see them on a pretty regular basis.

Thankfully Craig’s Plumbing is affordable, fast, and friendly. It would drive my husband and me insane if we had to dish out hundreds of dollars every time our lovely kids decided to be mischievous. They are the only company we use and they even reward us with discounts from time to time for our loyalty.”

Mike Saffron

“The words slab leak makes me shudder because the last house we lived in was inspected before we bought it and the plumber lied to us and told us that the plumbing system was in fine working order. Six months living in the new place and one night at 3 am a bang that sounded like a grenade went off came from our kitchen.

The scene in the kitchen was a total nightmare. A primary pipe must have reached its fullest and the extra pressure blew a hole through the pipe and our floor about the size of a small, bedside table. We called and called plumbers and all we got were answering services with very polite promises that we would be the first priority on the next workday.

Honestly, I was surprised when a human being answered the phone at Craig’s Plumbing. I told them about the situation and instructed them how to turn off the water main on the street. Within a few hours (the sun still had not risen when the plumber showed up) the experts were working hard to find the source of the leak!

It is refreshing to know that there are companies like Craig’s Plumbing that actually care about the disasters that happen to people at inconvenient times. I will not lie, the job was an expensive investment but when the other plumbing companies finally got back to us, the quotes they gave us varied from double to five times what Craig’s Plumbing cost us for the job! If you have plumbing troubles call Craig’s!

For any of your plumbing needs give Craig’s Plumbing a call today!