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Detecting Leaks: Plumber Near Me In | Henderson, NV

Leaks are among the most common plumbing issues experienced by various homeowners. Although you could quickly notice some leaks, others might remain undetected for a long time because they arise in areas that are out of sight, like behind the walls, under the slab, or even underground. These are called hidden leaks. Unfortunately, these leaks are particularly damaging to your home. If they remain hidden for too long, they will likely cause extensive damage to your property or even drive up your water utility bills. Leaks are destructive, no matter the size.

One of the pressing issues caused by a hidden leak when it comes to their repair is detection. Since they are hidden, you need special tools or methods to detect them. Hence, you must enlist the help of a plumber near me in Henderson, NV inspect your plumbing and detect the leak. Leakage detection is an essential service offered by plumbing companies to ensure that your home doesn’t suffer the effects of this particular problem.

Professional plumbers are equipped with special tools and devices that they can use to detect these leaks accurately. Upon detection, the professional will take corrective measures to ensure you don’t suffer adverse effects. The effects of leaks include damage to your foundation, high water utility bills, and mold growth. So, what are the leakage detection methods that plumbers can use? Below are the popular techniques that a plumber near me in Nevada uses to find the leak without having to deface your property:

Visual Inspection

Before using any tool, the plumber inspects your plumbing system, looking for any signs of leakage. Since they are experienced, they know the indicators of leakage. The signs that your plumbing system has a leakage include stagnating water, high water utility bills, warping of your walls, musty smell, discoloration of your artwork, and many others.

The plumber near me in Nevada will check the sinks, irrigation, fixtures, and other systems to notice the areas where there may be leaks. The professionals have extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the plumbing system and several years of experience in leakage detection and repairs. This means they can notice the signs you might easily miss. Hence, when you suspect a leakage at your home, contact a plumbing expert to have your plumbing system inspected and the leaks patched.

Using the Inspection Cameras

Technological advancements have elevated every other sector, and the plumbing industry is certainly not left behind. Today, the plumbers can use inspection cameras (short closed-circuit video cameras) mounted on elongated flexible cabling to inspect the drains and get a first-hand view of the interior conditions. They insert the inspection cameras on the outlets and the faucets to detect the size of the leak and where it is located. They can also tell the cause, for instance, penetration by tree roots or burst caused by a clog. Using the inspection camera, the plumber near me in Nevada can determine the best method to patch the leak.

The inspection camera sends live footage the plumber can observe on their video monitor. More importantly, no excavation is involved in this method, meaning you won’t be left with that significant landscaping issue. Camera inspections are a reliable and quick method of discovering the source of the leakage with pinpoint precision, especially for the underground piping systems and those behind the walls. Upon determining where the leak is, the plumber near me in Henderson, NV, will determine the best method to patch it.

Leakage Detection Using Acoustic Listening Devices

The plumber near me in Nevada can also use ground microphones and listening discs to pinpoint the point where the plumbing system has a leak using sounds. These devices will amplify the sounds of the dripping water when they are pressed against the surface, be it a wall or an underground pipe. Hence, the professional will be able to hear the sounds from the dripping water through the drywalls, furnishings, and cabinets.

Disc plates also come in handy in detecting leaks under the bricks, stone surfaces, and concrete. Upon determining a leak, the professional will take the required remediation action to ensure the leaks are properly patched. It is worthwhile noting that you can avoid leakage issues. The professional will catch the leaks in their early stages before they seriously damage your home.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

The other technique the plumber near me in Nevada might employ to determine leaks is heat scanners and infrared thermal imaging cameras. These tools can detect the presence of moisture, particularly in the pipes that carry heated water hidden under the soil, concrete, drywall, and floorboards.

When the plumber uses infrared cameras to scan the source of the suspected leak, an image is relayed on the monitor, pointing to the temperature differential in the area exposed to the outside air. However, the professionals must have undergone advanced training and special skills to use this method properly. Although it doesn’t pinpoint the point of the leak with pinpoint precision like the leakage detectors or inspection cameras, they will give a general idea of the point where the leak is.

Soil Probe

Water and sewer line leaks are a serious nightmare for many homeowners. The leaks on the lines that run under your home are, at times, tough to notice, detect, and address effectively. The plumber near me in Nevada will use a device called a soil probe to properly identify pressurized leaks under the soil, rocks, or grass. The sound’s velocity increases as the soil probe gets closer to the leak. It does away with the requirement to excavate the land to find leaks.

Leaks are a serious plumbing issue that results in the wastage of a lot of water. However, it can be avoided by scheduling a routine plumbing service that includes leakage detection. For a proper inspection of your plumbing system, contact us at Craig’s Plumbing, your reliable plumber near me in Henderson, NV.