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Do You Need A Professional Plumber To Fix Your Toilet? | Las Vegas, NV

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in every Las Vegas, NV household. It doesn’t matter how modern or well-built your toilet may be, it will still need periodic maintenance. Sometimes, you can solve simple bathroom clogs yourself with the use of plungers and a bit of basic know-how. Other times, the problem is complex, and you will need a skilled, knowledgeable plumber to fix it. It can be difficult to tell the difference. Making the wrong call could lead to higher repair costs and unnecessary frustration.

Today, we will be discussing common toilet plumbing issues, and whether you’ll need to rely on a professional to fix them.

Is the water continuously running?

This is one of the most common issues that you’ll encounter, but it can sometimes be fixed easily. Whoever fixes the issue will need access to the toilet tank, to investigate the flushing mechanism. In some modern toilets, you will have to unscrew the push-button flush mechanism in order to be able to lift the lid and investigate. A plumber will often be the best person to contact if you’re unsure how to get inside the toilet tank.

The flushing mechanism can be seen inside the tank. The flapper is a cover that shields the hole that leads to the toilet tank. It should only open when you flush the toilet and is designed to let clean water flow into the bowl. Then, the flapper should close, allowing clean water to refill the tank.

Sometimes, the chain connecting to the flapper can get stuck. This can cause the flapper to remain open and prevent the tank from filling up. Water will continue to run into the toilet bowl if the flapper is stuck in the open position. You may be tempted to call a plumber since you’ll waste a lot of water until it is freed. Sometimes, the chain might also need to be resized to ensure that the flapper closes properly.

It will be harder to fix a tank that has suffered damage, whether it’s from incorrectly opening the tank or leaving issues to develop long-term. Many things can go wrong in the tank’s flushing machinery. Professionals will be able to help you with all sorts of tank problems, including issues with the fill tube, flapper or overflow pipe.

Is there water near the base of the toilet?

Sometimes water pooling at the base can be a one-off spillage caused by a red herring, such as splashes from the nearby sink. You should first clean any water from the toilet’s base, then wait for it to dry. If you find more water near the toilet’s base, you’ll need to call a plumber, as this is a sign that the wax ring underneath your toilet has become corroded.

To access the wax ring, the toilet must be taken out of its position. This is a complicated job and requires professional assistance. If the toilet isn’t properly aligned when it’s re-installed, it could leak again.

Sometimes, the displacement of water could be caused by a dodgy flush valve. The job of the flush valve is to drain the water from the tank and into the toilet bowl. To check if this is the culprit, a plumber will turn off the water supply and check the level of the tank to see if there is a leak. If the water level drops after a while, the flush valve needs to be replaced.

Alternatively, a broken supply line could be causing the water leak. The supply hose supplies water directly to the toilet. You should call a professional if you suspect this hose is leaking, as it can be hard to replace them and can cause more problems if fitted incorrectly.

A toilet leak can do serious damage if left unchecked, so calling in a professional plumber from Las Vegas, NV to fix your toilet is a must if you suspect a water or sewage leak!

Is the water tank taking ages to fill?

Slow filling of water tanks can be caused by a buildup of minerals or other debris. Cleaning pumps and valves can resolve this issue. However, it is likely that there is a larger problem with the toilet or water lines if the issue persists. Persistent issues often require professional attention.

Are you having issues with the flush?

Issues with toilets not flushing are often caused by a clog. If you suspect that there is an obstruction, the first thing to do is to attempt to remove it. If that fails, then you can try to flush the toilet to clear the blockage. If basic methods are not enough to clear the blockage, call a plumber to prevent further damage.

If the toilet does not flush despite there being no obstruction, it could be a problem with the chain connecting the flush lever and the flapper. While this requires a basic fix, if you are inexperienced and try to fix even basic issues by yourself, you could endanger your plumbing system or your toilet.

Are there any steps to consider before calling a professional?

If there has been a leak in your bathroom, caused by your toilet, there are many clean-up steps to consider before you call a plumber. Airflow should be established in areas affected by water damage. Attempt to soak up any water. Sometimes, towels and mopping are enough to get the job done. Other times, you might need a dry shop vacuum or a water pump. Ideally, the area that has been affected by water should be dried before a professional arrives. Plus, the quicker the area dries, the easier it will be to prevent mold growth.

You can remove moisture from the air, as well as the floor, using a dehumidifier. The humidifier will absorb moisture from the air and speed up drying before a professional arrives.

Call a plumber from Craig’s Plumbing in Las Vegas, NV if you suspect issues with your toilet require professional attention.