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Don’t Wait! Signs You Need A Plumber Asap | Las Vegas, NV

Plumbing fixtures are essential components in every home, but most homeowners rarely think of them until they encounter problems. As a dweller in Las Vegas, NV, you can avoid plumbing issues if you know the perfect time to call a plumber. Even if you have a minor issue, it can become a significant problem if unresolved.

You do not have to wait until it worsens for you to decide on contacting a professional for help. In fact, such small plumbing leaks in your home can end up wasting up to 10,000 gallons of water per year.

Also, you may have to deal with severe property damage and costly repairs. You should be keen on your plumbing systems to avoid such situations, even if some signs are not obvious.

At times, you may not tell if you do have a plumbing issue. Luckily, there are tellable signs that can warn you of a plumbing problem. If you notice any of the following, contact a plumber right away.

Weak Water Pressure

If you find yourself struggling to wash the soap off your body while showering, it means your home has water pressure issues. You may also be spending much time cleaning the dishes because of decreasing water pressure. If the pressure is lower than usual, it indicates a problem with the plumbing system.

This problem may be due to a clogged aerator, and you can address this by removing sediments and debris blocking the water flow. If the issue persists, then it means you have a damaged water line.

Over time, pipes beneath your home and behind the walls become old, and cracks and holes may form. When that happens, water leaks from the pipes, thus resulting in diminished water pressure in your faucets. You will need the help of a certified plumb to locate the leak. Depending on the condition of your pipes, a plumber can either repair or replace them.

Visible Water

It can be normal to see standing water when you turn on the faucet as you take a shower. However, if you spot pools of water at the base of your toilet, water seeping from beneath your home, or wet spots on the walls or ceilings, that’s a warning sign of a plumbing disaster.

If you notice water standing in some areas, you need to contact a plumber to find the cause of the problem. If the water accumulates around your water heater, the unit could be leaking. Whichever the case, pooling water usually indicates a big problem that needs immediate attention.

Leaving the issue unresolved can put your home at risk for mold and cause damage to your expensive floors, furniture, and electrical wiring system. So, if you ever find yourself in this situation, do not hesitate to reach out to a certified plumbing company near Las Vegas, NV.

Sewage Smell

All your plumbing fixtures, including showers and sinks, connect to systems that carry used water to the main sewer. If you have clogged pipes or faulty vents, then the sewer gas may be forced to escape through bathroom sinks or toilets, resulting in an unpleasant smell inside your home.

A sewer smell is never good for your home since it’s not only unappetizing but can also be a potential health hazard to you and your family. You may choose to ignore it, but you would not like the inconveniences caused by waste matter coming out through your toilets or sinks.

Backflow issues are unappealing, and ignoring them can result in costly water damage to your home. Therefore, if you smell abnormal odors, call a plumbing professional to inspect your pipes.

Sounds of Running Water

If you can hear running water even if no one is using the water, you should never ignore it. Such signs may need you to call a local plumber. At times, the sound could be due to cracked pipes that continuously leak water and can be a pain to your home, as well as your wallet.

If the sound is coming from your toilet, you should replace the worn-out flapper. Some leaks could be hidden beneath your home and could mean you have damaged underground pipes. If you cannot find where the sound is coming from, call a plumber for help.

Gas Odor

Most homes use natural gas to run various household appliances. Since natural gas is odorless, a leak can go unnoticed, causing health risks. Gas manufacturers add mercaptan, a harmless chemical so that homeowners can detect a leak sooner.

A gas leak can cause nausea, headache, fatigue, and dizziness to both humans and pets. If you hear whistling sounds next to the gas line or see bubbles on standing water, chances are you have a gas leak.

If any of your family members are experiencing any of the symptoms or notice a sulfur smell, you should evacuate the building immediately. Ensure that all gas appliances are off and leave the windows and doors open. Call a plumber to examine the gas line and your gas appliances for any faults.

Slow Drains

If your bathroom sink is taking forever to drain water from a single bath, or you have a backup every time you decide to wash your dishes, then it means something is clogging your drain pipes.

Clogs are common in kitchen sinks and showers because of debris buildup, including insoluble food substances and hair. If you experience clogs in multiple fixtures, then the main sewer line is at fault.

Some homeowners may opt for drain cleaning chemicals, but that may not offer a lasting solution. It may cause more harm to the pipes instead of unclogging them. Be sure to call a plumber if you suspect the sewer line is blocked. A professional can detect the main cause of the problem and offer a long-term remedy.

Trust Us For Your Plumbing Needs

Not all plumbing problems call for emergency services. Some can pose no harm and may wait until the following day. However, signs such as sewage smell and gas odor are potential health hazards, and you may need to call a professional ASAP to protect the health and the safety of your home and the family.

If you are a resident of Las Vegas, NV, and you need a plumber, contact Craig’s Plumbing. Our technicians are available all day and night to respond to all your plumbing emergencies.