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Drain Cleaning Strategy: Plumber Near Me In | North Las Vegas, NV

Do you enjoy the convenience of smooth flowing water after you’ve just opened a faucet or a shower? Most people do. Water should have enough pressure to flow smoothly. Additionally, the fixtures must be working alright for you to enjoy taking showers, cleaning dishes, or even conveniently using a toilet. The water should also drain into the drainage system smoothly. Are you the kind of homeowner that considers what you toss down the drains? If you aren’t, the assortment of wastes and other dirty elements within the drains might result in an obstruction. Whenever the drains are clogged, wastewater will not have a place to flow, and it starts to overflow your toilet, kitchen & bathroom sinks. Have you experienced such at your home? If yes, head to your favorite search engine and search for a “plumber near me in North Las Vegas, NV ” to have a drain cleaning service done.

Many things go down the drains and might cause clogs or obstructions. These include hair strands, excess toilet papers, soap scum, food particles, fibrous vegetables, egg shells, paper towels, baby wipes, and virtually any other material that isn’t soluble. Whenever clogged, your drains will not function properly. Unless you search for a professional plumber, you might soon have to deal with your home’s backflows, overflows, and floods. You also might have to deal with serious water damage at your home. But what strategies do the plumber near me in your state use to clear the obstructions in the drains?

Video Inspection

The first step in drain cleaning is to locate the obstruction and inspect the condition of the interior walls of the pipes. To do this, the professional plumber near me in Las Vegas will use a long cable (fiber-optic) that is fitted with LED lights and a miniature camera on the front side. With the camera, the professional can identify the type of clog to devise the best method or tool to remove it. This also helps note the areas that need cleaning.

With video inspection, guesswork is eliminated. Therefore, the plumber near me in Nevada will directly address the problem. Video inspections can also detect foreign objects within the pipes, such as tree roots, corrosion, sediment accumulation, and collapsed pipes. This is a faster and less invasive process than traditional guesswork and excavation.

Clearing the Drains

After the professional located the cause of the blockage, the next process is to clear the drains. They might use different kinds of drain cleaning methods and tools. The plumbing expert might use drain snakes and augers to remove the blockage. Though some homeowners are conversant with tools such as plungers and drain snakes, the professional might decide to use a motorized drain auger.

This tool features a long wire coil and motor to reach the obstructions deep into the drains and for thick clogs removal. If you need an efficient, safe and eco-friendly drain cleaning service, search for a plumber near me in your locality offering this service. Motorized drain augers can reach depths of up to 150 ft and help the professional break the clog, extract it, and clear the drains.

Cleaning the Drains

After the obstruction is out of the way, the plumber near me in North Las Vegas, NV, will begin cleaning the drains. The professions can use several methods to clean drains, including scour jetting and hydro-jetting. In scour jetting, a nozzle and motor system shoot out a jet of highly pressurized hot water. The force generated by the highly pressurized water is used to scour the interiors of the drains, remove the smaller sticky materials, and deep clean the interior walls of the drains or water lines.

Hydro jetting uses a similar method, albeit with cold water. The streams of high-pressure cold water used in hydro jetting might reach up to 35000 PSI. This is usually sufficient to clean the interiors of the pipes sufficiently, leaving them looking like they are new. However, handling the blast of highly pressurized water requires experience and cannot be used in over corroded drains. Hence, leave these processes to professionals.

Tree Root Removal

In some instances, the clogged drains might result from the entanglement of tree roots with the piping. Fixing the issue is a complicated procedure that requires the right equipment and skill. The professional inserts the inspection camera in the drains or pipeline and navigates it until they locate the clog. They then take clear real-time photos of that area, review the images and any video footage, and determine the right method or procedure they will use for tree root removal.

When the plumber near me in North Las Vegas, NV, determines that tree roots cause the clogs, they perform an underground repair. This is affected by digging up the back or front yard until they can access the piping, removes those damaged, and replaces them with new ones. Leaky pipes might allow water to escape while also attracting the tree roots. However, you might need permits for tree root removal in some jurisdictions when the roots are causing drain or sewer blockage. Hence, have your plumber confirm whether any permits are required before they embark on the task to avoid fines.

Updating the Aged Piping

During the camera inspection, if the plumber near me in Nevada determines that the piping has deteriorated or the installed pipes are made of lead or clay, they may recommend a recipe. They will offer to update the pipes for a fee before they become vulnerable and brittle. Aged homes use lead, clay, or iron pipes. Lead is toxic, while iron is prone to corrosion. Hence, have the professional replace them with PEX, PVC, copper, CPVC, or galvanized steel pipes.

Drain Cleaning With An Experienced Plumber You Can Trust

For the wastewater to flow seamlessly through the drains and ensure comfort at your home, the drains must be clear of any obstructions. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case sometimes. Your drains might become clogged from various materials mentioned above, preventing the wastewater from flowing into the septic or municipal main sewer line. Have you noticed that water is backing up your drains, or is the toilet overflowing? It is time to search for a plumber near me in Nevada. Call Craig’s Plumbing at 702-496-3892 for a reliable and thorough drain cleaning service.