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Drains & Sewer Cleanliness: Plumbing Service | Summerlin, NV

Drains and sewer lines facilitate the movement of wastewater from your home into the sewer system for proper disposal. When there’s an issue with any of these components, you risk suffering more serious consequences.

Clogs may cause slow drainage, and sewer backups could also happen if you fail to request immediate assistance from a plumbing service expert.

This article covers some preventative tips you can implement with the help of a trusted technician near you to ensure your home’s plumbing system remains clean throughout the year.

Drain Line Maintenance Tips

Here’s a breakdown of what you should do to keep your home’s drainage infrastructure in tip-top shape.

Schedule a Professional Drain Cleaning Service Regularly

A professional drain cleaning service is an effective way to clear any blockages in your home’s drainage and ensure it smells good all year round. Organic matter can accumulate with time inside your home’s drain lines, causing a foul odor as the materials start to decompose.

Your local plumbing service provider can use high-powered water jets to eliminate this buildup to keep the lines clear. Besides clearing blockages, regular drain cleaning with the help of an expert plumber can also help prevent clogs from happening in the first place.

Having any organic matter in the drain lines removed frequently ensures that the drainage system remains clear at all times.

Consider Drain Trap Installations

If you look under the sinks in your residence, you may notice an S- or U-shaped curved pipe extending beneath the drain opening. That part is known as the drain trap, and it’s designed to prevent sewer gasses from entering your household.

Drains are designed in a way that allows them to retain a small amount of water each time you drain something down the sink. The remaining water creates a seal that keeps the sewer odors from escaping indoors.

Therefore, if you’re wondering how to keep your drains smelling fresh all year long, consider asking your local plumbing service contractor to install drain taps in your residence.

Don’t Wait for Plumbing Issues to Linger for Long

If your home’s drains have started producing a nasty smell, don’t hesitate to have the issue fixed right away. The longer you wait, the higher the chances of experiencing more serious plumbing problems down the road.

An odor coming from your kitchen is a sign of extensive grease buildup. Fortunately, your plumbing service provider can examine the issue and determine the best method to remove the buildup, keeping your drains clean around the clock.

The same goes for bathroom drains. They may start producing a nasty smell due to mold or the accumulation of soap scum over time. Luckily, your plumber can clear out the mess using special cleaners to prevent further clogging. Thus, if you notice any drainage problems in your residence, call your nearest plumber for assistance as soon as possible.

Invest in Drain Covers

If you’re concerned about keeping your home’s drainage system in good shape, consider hiring a qualified plumbing service company to install drain covers in your residence.

Drain covers can help trap hair, soap scum, and organic or inorganic matter particles, denying them the chance to accumulate within the drain lines. Consequently, they can effectively help prevent clogs and sewer odors.

Some drain cover models also have filters that can help prevent the entry of tiny particles into the drainage system. Drain covers are affordable, so consider getting a trained plumber to install them in your home if you want to keep the drain lines clean.

Sewer Line Maintenance Tips

After the wastewater generated in your household enters the drainage system, it goes to the sewer line for proper disposal. However, the sewer lines may experience blockages depending on the condition of the drainage system. If the issues are left unattended for too long, they may result in a catastrophic mess on your property.

Fortunately, you can avoid such problems with the help of a trusted plumbing service provider in Summerlin, NV. Below are some useful tips they may provide to help protect your home’s sewer line.

Monitor Your Home’s Drainage Systems Closely

If you notice the sinks in your home are draining slowly, expect a sewer line backup soon unless you schedule a professional cleaning service. Beware, the clogs won’t go away by themselves.

Such a scenario should let you know it’s time to prepare a sewer line cleaning appointment with a trusted plumbing service contractor near Summerlin, NV.

You should also consider contacting a plumbing expert if you notice a rotten-egg smell from the drains, gurgling or bubbling noises, or mysteriously wet areas on your lawn.

Watch What You Shove Down the Drain

Prevention needs to be your number one focus if you’re wondering how to keep your home’s drain and sewer lines clean. With that in mind, you should avoid throwing any items that aren’t human waste, organic matter, or tissue paper down the drain.

Also, it would help if you found alternative disposal options for feminine hygiene products, dental floss, food scraps, and cooking grease to avoid sewer backups in your residence.

Additionally, you should avoid disposing of wipes through your home’s sewer system, even when labeled as flushable. You could also request your local plumbing service technician to install a drain screen in your drains. This apparatus helps catch strands of hair and small waste particles, preventing them from accumulating inside the drainage or the sewer system for a long time.

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