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Easy Water Savings 101: 5 Simple Tips

Have you opened your latest water bill and were surprised by the charges?

It really is amazing how much water homeowners can use in a month if your not sing these easy water saving tips. Water shortages are appearing more often than ever before with severe drought conditions. We all need to find ways to conserve this valuable resource… and these easy water savings tips will help everyone to do their part.

  • Conserve water when bathing or showering. When taking a shower, run the water and turn it off to lather up. Rinse off after scrubbing. In most instances, running a bath 1/3 of the way full should be enough water for bathing.
  • Update Fixtures. Install water aerators for low water flow in the shower and household faucets. When washers or dishwashers need replacing, consider buying Energy Star units to conserve on power and take advantage of low-water settings. Replacing old toilet models with new low flush models can save 2 to 3 gallons per flush.
  • Repair leaks. A faucet drip can easily leak 20 gallons a day and may simply be repaired by replacing the rubber washer.
  • Load washers and dishwashers to capacity. Unless they have low-water settings, each of these uses the full quantity of water whether the unit is full or not.
  • Maintain your home by brushing down sidewalks and driveways with a broom rather than hosing them down and wasting water.

Conserving water and saving money is easy when you don’t let the water run in the sink, take quick showers and make sure that all pipes and faucets are in working order.