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Finding A Trusted Plumbing Service Company | Summerlin, NV

Have trouble sleeping because of that dripping tap? Is your sink taking forever to empty? Is the water overlapping your feet and ankles when you take a shower? Is that hot water from your heater getting colder and colder? Then you need a plumbing service from Craig’s Plumbing.

Summerlin, NV is a 24-hour city, so why shouldn’t you be able to access a plumbing service 24 hours a day? You can at Craig’s Plumbing. We have technicians on call all day every day, ready to help you solve your plumbing problems.

Benefits of a Plumbing Service

Those problems we mentioned earlier are symptoms of underlying plumbing problems that have been allowed to deteriorate. Regular plumbing service is the best thing you can do for your network of pipes and fixtures.

A service can alert you to potential problems and allow you the chance to have them sorted out before an emergency occurs. The cost of a service is excellent value compared to an emergency callout and the inconvenience when your home or business is damaged.

Better Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure can have many causes. Having clogs or blockages in your pipes is one, so is having leaks on your property. The service will check the state of your pipework.

In the event you have clogs we will suggest that you have a professional drain cleaning service from us. This is the safest way to remove clogs without damaging the pipes. Their removal will improve the water flow immediately.

Our plumber will also advise you on how to best avoid clogs recurring, simple steps like not pouring grease and food down your sink and using hair traps to stop hair, soap, and toothpaste from entering your drain lines.

If you have older galvanized steel water pipes, they may be rusting from the inside, and as any debris builds up, blockages will occur. It may be time to have your pipework replaced.

Low water pressure can also be due to a faulty pressure regulator or pressure-reducing valve. If you live in a high-pressure region these will reduce the water pressure to a level that will not damage your pipes. Plumbing service tasks will check these too.

Your Water Will Be Cleaner and Safer and a Stronger Plumbing System 

Although a leak will not directly affect the quality of your drinking water, it can still put you and your family’s health at risk. Leaks can encourage the growth of mold and mildew, especially inside sink cabinets. Breathing in spores could give rise to respiratory problems and trigger a severe allergenic response.

We have mentioned how older galvanized steel water pipes can corrode from the inside outwards. These pieces of rust will discolor your water supply and leave a metallic taste. In older homes, the pipes are made of lead, and this could leach its way into your drinking or cooking water.

If the metal levels in your water supply are above a certain level, it will be dangerous for your health. It will be safest if you replace your pipes with modern PVC piping.

A Service Will Save You Money

Not all leaks are obvious, and they may have been running for some time, wasting a lot of water for which you are paying. A well-looked after plumbing system is going to have fewer leaks and lower water bills.

If you notice your water bills have shot up suddenly, this may be down to a leak somewhere. An uncomplicated way to check is to turn off all your water appliances and make sure that your taps are closed.

There should be no movement on your water meter as no water should be flowing. Any movement means that you have a leak, and you call Craig’s Plumbing straight away. The quicker it is repaired the less water damage you will be suffering and the lower your water bills will be.

You Extend the Working Life of Your Plumbing

We check for leaks during a plumbing service, but we do check on other things as well. Toilets will be checked to see the mechanism is working properly and it is flushing correctly.

Garbage disposals will be checked for damage and washing machine hoses for leaks. Regular plumbing service will extend the working life of all your plumbing, allowing many years of useful service.

You Gain Peace of Mind

Plumbing service will give you peace of mind that lessens the chance of an unexpected major problem.

The Value of Your Home Will Increase

When your property comes to be valued, a well-maintained home will fetch a higher price than a poorly maintained one.

Get an Experienced Plumber to Do Any Work

You may be tempted to have a go at some plumbing jobs yourself, to save a bit of money. But unless you are an experienced DIYer we advise you not to do this.

Every plumber at Craig’s plumbing has had many years of experience in all areas of plumbing work. They constantly train and retrain to improve their skills. They also carry lots of tools and equipment to perform any job safely and to the highest standards.

We have been called too many times to repair a blotched DIY job. The cost of any repair is usually a lot more than if the job was done by us in the first place. There are very few simple plumbing jobs and there is no shame in admitting that you lack the skills and equipment to do one well.

Emergency Plumbing Service

The most common emergency we deal with is to fix a burst pipe. If this happens to you, the first thing that you should do is to limit the water damage. First, turn off the main water shutoff valve.

Then open all your taps to drain all the water from the pipes. It is also an innovative idea to turn off the mains electricity as well, as this will reduce the risk of electrocution.

Craig’s Plumbing of Summerlin, NV

We have been offering a quality service to the citizens of Summerlin, NV for many years. We want you the customer to be totally satisfied with any work completed. Call us today you may be surprised at how affordable and efficient our team is!