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Garbage Disposal Issues Our Plumbing Service Can Fix | Henderson, NV

A garbage disposal unit is a kitchen appliance that could last for about 10-15 years if well maintained. It is among the least demanding plumbing appliances. In some households, the garbage disposal is an essential component because it keeps the kitchen clean, enhancing hygiene. However, a leaking or clogged system can be a bit frustrating. If you ignore or neglect it, the garbage disposal unit can quickly become a severe problem. For instance, leaking could make the floor seriously wet, resulting in mold growth that can ultimately cause various health issues. A malfunctioning disposal system can also result in other water damages.

Homeowners are tempted to fix the garbage disposal unit problems themselves rather than hire a plumbing service. This may result in a risk of injury if you do not exercise safety measures or even exacerbate the problem, making it worse, which translates to using more money on repairs. Although some garbage disposal issues can be repaired, others need an entire replacement. Therefore, you must seek help from a professional plumbing service in Henderson, NV. They will make a proper diagnosis and come up with the correct fix for either of the garbage disposal problems below.

Frequent Leaks

Leaky garbage disposal is the last plumbing issue you want to deal with as a homeowner. The most notable signs of a garbage disposal unit with an issue include drips and water puddles under the unit. Leaks can result in water damage causing mold growth, warped cabinetry, and pest infestation, among other injuries. These damages could make your home unsafe and uninhabitable. A professional plumbing service should identify the leaks early and fix them to minimize the damages.

There are common parts or areas where a leak may develop, including drainage hose, plumbing connections, the outer casing, and the reset button. A repair can sometimes fix the issue, but a total replacement is necessary if the leaks are continuous and conspicuous. Regardless of the situation, enlisting a plumbing service after noticing the signs like leaks is the only sure and the best way of resolving the issue. They will assess the unit, repair the problem or replace a component or the entire garbage disposal unit.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

When the flywheel on the garbage disposal unit is jammed, it produces a low humming sound instead of grinding. Similar to clogging, it can be caused by disposing of the wrong kind of food waste or throwing too much food into the disposal unit. When the unit jams, tit trips the circuit breaker, interfering with its functionality and preventing the motor from overworking or burning out.

Various garbage disposal units are designed differently. While some feature an unjamming spot, others do not. The units without an unjamming spot need special tools to unjam. You are advised to replace the entire unit instead of repairing the motor because it is less expensive. If the garbage disposal unit jams, call a plumbing service like Craig’s Plumbing in Henderson, NV, for inspection repair or replacement. Our plumbers are professionally trained and equipped with the right tools and technical knowledge to diagnose the problem. They can even offer advice or tips on the proper usage of the unit.


The function of a garbage disposal unit is grinding food wastes. However, throwing the wrong type of waste or large amounts of food into the unit can develop a clog in the p-trap. Additionally, if enough water isn’t run while the disposal unit is operating and several minutes after flushing the wastes, the particles left over may cause a problem. Clogs can also develop slowly as time passes as the food waste accumulates inside the waste line and drain trap. Consequently, the disposal unit starts draining slowly, inconveniencing the user.

Although it might be easy to fix the clogging yourself, we highly caution against it. There are many dangers both to you and to the unit. First, you may injure yourself in the process. Second, you risk exacerbating the problem, making it even worse, which would cost you more in repairs or even replacements. If you decide to, do not use a chemical drain cleaner. It might leave the sink with toxic chemicals that might corrode the metallic parts of the garbage disposal unit. Corrosion weakens metallic components, which may cause leaks in the future.

Instead of putting yourself at risk of such outcomes, it is better to enlist the help of a plumbing service like Craig’s Plumbing to resolve the issue. Our plumbers will identify the clog, clean it out, and repair any damages on the drainage system, restoring your kitchen to its peak functionality.

Noisy Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal unit produces a loud and distinct grinding noise when operating. However, if you notice that it makes some other strange noises, consider contacting a reputable plumbing service. Since there are a lot of mechanics involved in a disposal unit, the noise could come from any of its moving parts.

A plumber will diagnose the cause, be it faulty grinding rings, plates, or defective motor assembly. The plumbing service will help you identify and repair the issue, saving you from future damage. They can also give you some professional advice and tips on proper unit usage and how to handle the problem if it ever repeats.

Never attempt putting your fingers or hands down the garbage disposal unit even if it is turned off! You could get injuries and bruises if the disposal unit accidentally turns on. Ensure you adopt good waste disposal habits and do not drain large amounts of food waste at once.

Foul Odor Coming From The Unit

If the garbage system is smelly, it may make your home uncomfortable, especially if you have guests or family members coming over. When you notice an unattractive and foreign smell emanating from the garbage disposal unit, it means that something is wrong. Call a professional plumbing service to inspect the unit and provide a viable solution. The foul stench may come from particles of waste foods trapped inside the drainpipe.

When some components inside the grinding chamber are worn out, the food particles can get trapped inside easily. The disposal unit might also not chip the waste food particles finely. The food waste particles start decomposing with time, causing a bad smell.

Trusted Plumbing Company In Henderson

A garbage disposal unit is a vital plumbing fixture that ensures hygiene in your kitchen. However, a malfunctioning unit can be the cause of many issues like clogs and leaks in your Henderson, NV home, which could turn unhygienic. Hence, it must be appropriately maintained to ensure it operates at optimal efficiency. At Craig’s Plumbing, we offer various plumbing services, including repair, replacement, and maintenance of garbage disposal units. Call us today to schedule an appointment or for expert advice.