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Garbage Disposal Tips From A Plumber Near Me In | Henderson, NV

When it comes to your garbage disposal you may think that you can put anything you want into it, but that’s actually not the case. In fact, your garbage disposal needs a little more care than you might think. If you’ve been putting anything and everything into yours for years, chances are you have a plumber near me in Henderson, NV that wants you to know a few things about just what’s happening to that garbage disposal.

Grease and Oil

This is one that most people already know about because it’s one that gets talked about a lot. Grease and oil are liquid when you pour the into your garbage disposal, but they solidify quite quickly. And then you end up with a big mess that sticks to everything and causes some serious problems. If you put too much grease and oil into your drain or even if you put small amounts over time, or if you put grease and other materials in your drain it can cause some serious trouble. You end up with clogs that take a whole lot of power to get out.


When it comes to common misconceptions a plumber near me in Henderson will definitely tell you not to put eggshells in your drain. The shells themselves are said to help with sharpening the blades but the truth is they don’t really do anything for or against your blades. The shells themselves are actually not the problem. The problem is actually what’s left inside the eggs after you’ve used them for your cooking or baking project. The membranes stick to the inside of the shell and that membrane is very sticky. It can get wrapped into your garbage disposal and cause a lot of trouble and a mess.

Onion Skins

Onion skins actually have a membrane too, and the skins themselves are quite a problem when they get into the disposal. They don’t actually ‘chop’ like the garbage disposal is meant to do and that means you end up with pieces of the onion skin stuck in the garbage disposal until you’re able to get a plumber near me in Henderson to come take it apart and clean it. That’s definitely not fun and it’s not going to be safe for you either. That’s because when your garbage disposal is stuck in any way it can be a hazard if you try to use it.

Nuts and Seeds

These may not seem like a big deal because you might assume that they’re going to just go straight down the drain, but that’s not the case at all. These hard nuts and seeds can get bounded around by your garbage disposal for a while and they actually dull the blades. Or they could break the blades, which means you would have pieces of meal in your disposal or even coming out of your disposal depending on how it happens. A plumber near me in Henderson, NV will tell you to avoid these in your disposal at all costs.

Pasta and Rice

These are foods that are soft and can be chopped up easily by your garbage disposal so you may not think too much about putting them in. But the problem is they can get a whole lot larger when they’re exposed to water. When you put them in the garbage disposal longer pieces of pasta can get tangled around the disposal itself and then you end up with a problem getting the disposal to even work. Or you could end up with these items down in the drain where they collect even more water and expand, resulting in a sticky mess through your drains. A plumber near me in Henderson is going to help.

Potato Peels

Potato peels don’t necessarily get broken up by the garbage disposal but even if they start to they often get down into the drain before they’re really safe to be there. That means you end up with a sheet of potato peel that sits in your sink drain and causes a clog. Other things can get stuck to that potato peel and before you know it you have a clog that just doesn’t go away. This is going to cause some serious trouble for you and can be a bigger mess when you’re working with that ‘plumber near me in Henderson, NV.

What You Should Do

In general, it’s best to put as little food scraps in your garbage disposal as possible. Even though that’s what the garbage disposal is designed for it’s not what your drains and plumbing are for. So think about what’s getting all the way into the drain before you start looking at what you can put in the garbage disposal. If you talk with that plumber near me in Henderson you’re going to find out a lot more about how your drains work and how you can protect your garbage disposal and your drains at the same time. It’s really about limiting the things you put into either one.

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