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Gas Leak Risks And Timely Gas Line Repair | Plumber In North Las Vegas, NV

One’s house is one’s most prized possession and your house in North Las Vegas, NV should be taken care of. You should ensure timely and proper maintenance of all electrical wiring, HVAC, and water systems. This maintenance and repair should be done by professionals who are skilled in this field and with past experience. One crucial utility that needs to be taken care of similarly is the gas line. In today’s world, gas is used commercially, residentially, as well as industrially. It is used for the simple act of cooking and powering domestic appliances like heaters, In addition to this, it is also used to power heavy industrial plants. For this reason, it is imperative to keep the gas lines in a proper, workable condition. Any damage should be promptly repaired by a professional plumber in North Las Vegas, NV. It lies on the shoulders of every homeowner to protect their family and themselves from gas leaks and the risks they entail.

Risks Associated with Gas Leaks and Line Damages and How to Abate Them

Gas leaks entail certain risks, which are often fatal. Hence, prompt action should be taken to repair any such leakage or damage by calling a professional plumber in North Las Vegas, NV.

1.   Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide (CO) is one of the most fatal gases found in a gas leak. The incomplete combustion of natural gas often causes its emission, and since it is invisible and odorless, it is practically undetectable. Upon inhalation of the gas, symptoms similar to that of flu start to develop. This includes headaches, fatigue, and lightheadedness. It is difficult to detect this gas, even if it is present in large quantities in the environment, which makes it all the more dangerous. It can silently cause damage without being detected.

In Order to Reduce the Risk of CO Poisoning, You Should

  • Ensure proper exhaust ventilation of vents of all chimneys, gas valves, water heaters, fireplaces, and furnaces.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors near all the gas pipelines so that CO is detected before it causes any damage.
  • Do not use gas ovens for heating the house.
  • If you are sleeping in a room with natural or fuel gas heaters, first ensure the proper ventilation of the exhaust gases.

2.   Leakage of Pipelines

Being exposed to a pipeline can render one sick. There is also a risk of explosions caused by gas leaks. Although this is not as widespread as CO poisoning, it is just as, if not more, dangerous. If you plan on doing any construction or renovation in your house that involves digging, you should first learn about the placement of pipelines by contacting a professional plumber in North Las Vegas, NV. These professional plumbers can help you locate and mark out the pipelines, so you can avoid damaging them while digging.

The gas in itself is odorless, but sulfur is added to it to give it a distinctive smell, which makes it easier to detect the gas, and hence a gas leak. You should immediately contact a service that deals in gas line repair in North Las Vegas, NV, upon detection of this smell. They will handle the situation and repair any damages in the pipelines.

In case of a gas leak, you should follow the instructions below until a professional plumber in North Las Vegas, NV, takes over.

  • You should refrain from using a cell phone near a gas leak, be it inside your home or outside. If there is a leak inside, step out from the house to use your cell phone. If the leak is outside, establish a safe distance between the leak and yourself before taking or making a call.
  • Once you have established a safe distance, call 911 and a skilled plumber in North Las Vegas, NV.
  • Let the professionals find the leak and never look for it on your own, as you may be putting your life at risk.
  • Avoid touching any electrical appliances and do not try to switch them on/off.
  • Even for gas line repair in North Las Vegas, NV, caused by backyard digging, call for a professional’s help and do not try to fix it yourself.
  • Under no circumstances should you expose a naked flame, or attempt to smoke in that area.

Signs That You May Have a Gas Leak

Below are some signs that might indicate gas leaks. If you notice any of the following, immediately call a professional plumber in North Las Vegas, NV.

Health of Indoor Plants

Plants that are planted indoors will start wilting in the presence of gas coming from a gas leak. This is because of the chemicals present in the gas. Therefore, if you see your indoor plants deteriorating and beginning to wilt, it is most probably because of a gas leak.

The Odor of Gas

Gas leaks are also identified by the characteristic foul smell of rotten eggs. This is a big warning sign and should be paid heed to. If you ever smell such an odor, you must take quick action.

The Noise

A whistling noise from areas where gas pipes may be located can be an indication of a gas leak. This noise is caused by the gas that is pressurized and is escaping through a fissure with all its might. In such areas where gas is leaking, you should not light a match or even smoke in that area, since it may lead to an explosion that may prove to be fatal.


The lines need to be repaired immediately by a professional plumber in North Las Vegas, NV in order to prevent any fatality or serious damage to the house or the ones living in it. This repair can prevent or abate the risk of the leakage of poisonous gases and explosions. These repairs are done by momentarily shutting down the main gas supply to the house, while skilled professionals fix any damage in the pipelines.

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