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Great Projects With Your Plumber | Las Vegas, NV

Water has special meaning for us here in the Las Vegas, NV desert climate, and at Craig’s Plumbing, we enjoy helping people find ways to enjoy their home’s water. We help them ensure that it’s top quality and conserve water in intelligent ways using the latest fixtures and leak detection methods. We love to provide reasonably priced services provided by highly experienced professional plumbers, so people can keep their homes in good condition, and it’s a pleasure to install appliances and help remodel bathrooms and kitchens or take on other plumbing projects that add value to their homes, and enjoyment from the first day the project is completed. There are many benefits to knowing us, including being able to rely on the results of our quality work. In the year to come, what kinds of projects are you thinking of? Can we help with ideas, design, planning, and budgeting so you can make them happen? Here are some of the common goals that local homeowners we’ve served have had lately.

Water Heater Renewal, Replacement, or a Complete Change

We highly recommend that homeowners have our plumbers perform annual maintenance and inspection on their tank-based water heater to make sure that it performs reliably and lasts as long as possible, but also to check on the tank condition and make sure the temperature and pressure relief valve is functioning correctly. These checks help avoid the infamous leaking or bursting that can occur as the tank corrodes, usually in water heaters 10 or more years old. When the risk of damage increases, we can identify an appropriate time to replace the unit that’s convenient for you and your family, and our professional plumbers will get it done efficiently and cleanly.

Some homeowners think about changing to a hybrid unit, similar to a tank-based unit but drawing heat from the surrounding air, heat-pump style, with the possibility of substantial energy savings, especially in our hot climate. For a complete change of hot water source, a tankless unit is also an option that many homeowners choose, freeing up the space occupied by the tank-based unit and the energy used to heat that tank full of water around the clock. Tankless units supply unlimited hot water on demand, whenever you turn on a faucet or shower. Our plumbers size them to the flow rate you need so you can supply showers, laundry, and other needs simultaneously if desired. These devices consume less energy, require minimal maintenance such as vent cleaning and sediment flushing, usually minimal repairs as well, and serve a lifespan that’s often double that of a typical tank-based water heater.

New Appliance Installations and Upgrades

Our new appliance installation from our professional plumbers goes beyond moving in the new device and hooking it up to the old connections. We integrate appliances with your home’s plumbing, providing proper plumbing for modern units and protections such as stainless steel water supply hoses to prevent leaks and bursting, water hammer arrestors that keep damage from occurring due to pressure spikes from automatic valve operation, and air gaps for dishwashers that help avoid waste backup from the garbage disposal to the dishwasher that’s connected to its drain. It’s a great source of peace of mind, reliable operation, and professional installation quality that makes enjoying the great features of today’s appliances even easier.

Bathroom Remodeling or Fixture Changes

Don’t get us started talking about all the great new fixtures and features available for your bathroom! One of the best ways to conserve water is actually to invest in shower gear, toilets, and sink faucets that automatically reduce your water usage significantly, while still providing the services you need, from clean flushes to invigorating showers and convenient tooth brushing and shaving. In particular, we suggest looking at easy-to-operate manual faucet controls rather than knob types, and modern ceramic washers that aren’t prone to leaking over time. Touchless faucets are not only more hygienic, they control the water flow perfectly and supply it as needed, shutting off when you step back to shave, brush your teeth, or lather your hands with soap.

Making an Older Home Feel New at the Core with Re-Piping

At some point in time, all the plumbing in your home will age to the point where it needs attention or replacement. Your home’s water supply and drain plumbing can last nearly as long, but some materials, both plastic, and metal will degrade over time due to their nature or water hardness, the dissolved mineral content which Las Vegas water is famous for. Re-piping isn’t simple, but it’s a routine project that homeowners invest in over the years, and it typically adds to the positive features of an older home if it’s on the market. We use video inspection tools to check pipe condition, and leak detection equipment as well, and our plumbers can address individual pipe damage spots and leaks very effectively, with a minimum of disruption due to creating access points in the walls or basement floor as well.

Water and Sewer Leak Cleanup and Repair

For your water supply and sewer line damage and leaks, we have more good news about repair technology these days. After video inspection, our plumbers can usually offer various trenchless approaches to repair, that typically last about as long as replacement pipes, and involve precision video-guided patches, relining the pipe, or bursting the existing pipe in place and replacing it without major excavation. If you’ve been waiting and worrying about high water use from leaks, or possible sewage leaks and backups into your home during rainy weather, it’s time to set yourself free by getting the repairs done.

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