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‘Green It Up!’ With Green Star

In an attempt to help Orange Country and Las Vegas Residents stay healthy and to protect their plumbing and water filtration systems, Greenstar Home Services is educating their clients about whole home water filtration systems.

This system offers these benefits:

  • Delivers contaminant-free water in every room of the house
  • Results in cost savings from fewer bottles of water purchased
  • Prevents many health diseases by removing chlorine and bacteria from tap water
  • Promotes greater longevity of plumbing systems
  • Increases resale value of the home

“We find more homeowners are choosing to install filtration systems to improve their health and prolong the life of their plumbing system,” says Ken Elowe, Plumbing Manager at Greenstar. “It is becoming a popular investment among homeowners who are interested in preventative care for their home and their health.”