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Have Clean, Safe Water: Plumber Near Me In | Las Vegas, NV

Water is an essential resource in any home. Without water in any house, comfort and convenience aren’t there. Although every home should have clean, safe water, that is sometimes not possible for various reasons. However, some measures that a plumber near me in Nevada can take to ensure that your home has clean water. Consuming water containing contaminants can have a detrimental impact on your health and could lead to diseases like cholera and diarrhea. The World Health Organization reported that about 435000 deaths yearly result from ingesting contaminated water. Hence, there is a need to take any measure possible to ensure that your home has clean water. Below are the water improvement projects a plumber can institute at your home.

Test Your Water

Armed with a kit that tests the water quality, the plumber near me in Nevada can help you check your home’s water safety and cleanliness. By measuring the water quality at your home, the professional will provide you with accurate details concerning how clean your water is. You will be able to tell the levels of contaminants in your water, helping you determine whether the water is safe for consumption.

If the water is unsafe, the professional will inspect your plumbing to determine whether the contamination happened at your home or the water utility provider’s point. Some of the reasons the water may be contaminated include corrosion of the pipes, a mixing of sewer wastewater and clean drinking water, and tree root intrusion, among many others. The plumber near me in Las Vegas, NV, will determine and recommend the best solution to resolve the contamination.

Installing Water Filtration System

The other project a plumber near me in Nevada might undertake is to install a water filtering system at your home. This is a highly effective solution for improving water quality. Although there are various water filtering systems in the market, a professional can help you determine the best. Additionally, you should leave the water filter installation to a licensed technician to ensure that it is installed properly, making it efficient. Below are some of the filters the technician might install:

Shower Filters: The technician will fit a water filter to your showerhead to improve your shower quality. Doing this ensures that contaminants like tiny particles and metals are eliminated in the shower water. Hence, you will have healthier hair, bathe with less soap, and have smoother skin.

Kitchen filters: A plumber near me in Nevada can also install a simple water filtration system under your kitchen bench that can help you improve the water quality in your kitchen. Hence, you will have good-tasting, healthy food and cooking water.

Whole House Filters: Better yet, the professional can install a whole house filter to ensure that you have great water quality all over your home. Rather than install the water filters in specific points at your home, the professional can install a whole house water filter at strategic sections of your home, ensuring that you have the best quality water for cooling, drinking, bathing, and cleaning.

Flushing the Water Line

It is considered a good plumbing practice to run cold water taps for about two minutes before you use tap water for cooking or drinking. But doesn’t this constitute a waste of water? You can install a greywater recycling system to catch it. If the water has been sitting inside your pipes for long, harmful or toxic metals and other disease-causing bacteria can potentially leech into the water and contaminate its supply. Hence, that water would be unsafe for consumption. If you’ve not run water at your home for several months or years, have a plumber near me in Las Vegas, NV, flush the water lines to ensure any contaminants resting therein are drained away.

Installing a Water Softener

Do you receive hard water from the municipal or water utility provider? Then you should have a plumber near me in Nevada install a water softener at your home. Hard water contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium dissolved in it—hard water results in various issues at your home. For instance, cleaning your dishes using hard water might show some spots. Also, doing laundry with water containing many dissolved contaminants means your clothes are discolored. Hard water also clogs the shower heads and deposits limescale on shiny surfaces such as your sinks and faucets, leaving them with an unsightly look.

Have you noticed that you are using more soap than earlier? Is that also an effect of hard water? Fortunately, when your plumber installs a water softener at your home, you bid goodbye to such problems. This is because the unit will use ion exchange action to remove any minerals or materials dissolved in the water. Removing the minerals makes your water taste better and improves the lifespan of your various plumbing fixtures.

Drain Water Heater

The other measure that a plumber near me in Nevada can take to ensure that your home has cleaner water is regularly draining your water heater. A major issue with conventional water heater tanks is sediment buildup. By draining the water heater, you may get rid of sediment accumulation, extend the life of your hot water system, and ensure that the quality of your water is improving in your Las Vegas, NV home. Consult the manufacturer’s instruction manual for advice on ensuring that it operates effectively. While some manufacturers suggest full draining once a year, others advise customers to drain a gallon each month. The quality of the water we drink is crucial to daily life. Never take your access to safe water for granted; constantly make sure it is available.

As can be seen, there are different measures that you can have a plumber take to ensure that you have clean drinking water. For either of the above services, contact us at Craig’s Plumbing, your reliable plumber near me in Las Vegas.