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Hidden Water Leaks: Plumbing Service Tips | Las Vegas, NV

Some leaks, as you probably know, are easy to spot thanks to the giant puddle that winds up under your kitchen sink. On the other hand, others are stealthy and hide in walls and floorboards. You may not realize you have these sneaky leaks until they’ve done major damage to your structure’s wood and drywall. While your plumbing service can help you determine if you have any hidden leaks at your Las Vegas, NV, home, there are some telltale signs that you should know about so that you, too, can identify these leaks. Here, we’ll explore how to spot hidden leaks and what you can do about them.

Pay Close Attention to Your Water Bill

If you see an unexpected increase in your water bill but it doesn’t seem to correspond to your water usage, pull out last month’s bill. You can also contact your water company to see if rates were raised. Even small leaks can add up to gallons of wasted water that you’re forced to pay for. Sudden increases in your water bill are a sign of a possible sneaky water leak.

Remember, there are lots of pipes connected to your home. Some are underground or hidden behind walls. Just because you haven’t noticed a pool of water doesn’t mean that a leak is not occurring. If you suspect that you have a water leak based on your water bill increases, you can contact your trusted plumbing service, Craig’s Plumbing, to visit your home. Professional plumbers have the know-how and tools necessary to pinpoint leaks. If a leak is found, your plumber can then tackle its repair.

Turn Off Your Water and Check Your Water Meter

If you want to know for certain if you have a leak somewhere in your home, turn off your water. If the water meter changes quickly, you probably have a large leak. If there’s no change to the meter, wait for a couple of hours before turning your water back on. Check the water meter. If it’s changed at that point, you probably have a smaller leak. In either case, it’s important to call our Las Vegas, NVplumbing service so we can address the problem. Even small leaks can cause substantial damage to your home that could involve thousands of dollars in repairs.

Reduced Water Pressure

If you experience a loss of water pressure in your shower or one of your sinks, it’s possible that a rupture of the pipe is allowing water to leak out before it reaches the fixture you’re trying to use. Keep in mind that there can be other problems for why this occurs. For instance, you could have a clogged faucet aerator. This is a minor fix. In fact, most people are able to unscrew and remove the aerator to clean it. You might find that grainy minerals have clogged the aerator. Once your plumbing service washes this part and replaces it with the faucet, you should experience normal water flow.

If the low water pressure continues, try contacting the water company to see if there are problems in your area that are causing the low pressure. If that’s not the issue, you can contact Craig’s Plumbing for our affordable plumbing service.

Musty Odors

If you suddenly smell musty odors in your home, there’s a good chance that there’s a moisture problem caused by a leak. Stale, sitting water can lead to the development of mold and mildew, which can cause the unpleasant odors you’re experiencing. Unfortunately, the odor isn’t the only problem. Mold can trigger allergies and other health problems. The sooner you contact our plumbing service, the sooner you can stop the leak that’s causing your mold problem. Once our plumber makes the repair, you will want to address the mold problem. Once you remediate the mold issue, your home will no longer smell musty or unpleasant.

Mold Spots

While musty odors are an indication of mold, actual mold spots are a surefire signal that there’s a mold problem. The issue may arise from a leak. On the other hand, the mold could have occurred because a toilet overflowed at some point, trapping water in the floor, ceiling, or wall. If the problem originates with a leak, it has to be addressed right away. Mold damage can be incredibly expensive to repair–more than a leak! Simply cleaning up the mold spots that appear only masks the issue. Be sure to have our plumbing service inspect your plumbing system to ensure that there are no active leaks behind this problem.

Warped Floors

Do the floors of your Las Vegas home suddenly seem warped or appear to be sagging? With the city’s dry climate, flooring isn’t apt to warp unless there’s a leak. In climates with perpetually high humidity, warped and sagging floors are more common. However, in the Southwest, it’s important to check for leaks if you experience this issue. Flooring is expensive to replace. If a leak is compromising your flooring materials, you’ll need to address it before you can fix your flooring or replace it.

Craig’s Plumbing specializes in leak repair. If you think you have a leak at your Las Vegas, NV, home, contact us to schedule a plumbing service. We can visit your home to thoroughly inspect your plumbing system. If our plumbers encounter a leak, we’ll report the problem to you and advise you about how we think the leak should be tackled.

Because sneaky leaks hide in floors, walls, and underground, sometimes the repairs can be invasive. It’s never fun to cut into walls, but it’s often the only way to make pipe repairs or replacements. In any case, our plumbing service will provide you with an upfront quote for our job. Don’t wait to call us if you’re concerned about a potential leak. Remember that the longer the leak continues, the more damage it can do to your Las Vegas home.