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How To Conserve Water At Home

Water is one of the most valuable sources on earth. It is inarguably one of the most used in daily living especially in households where almost every room requires the use of this utility. With that in mind, homeowners are encourage to conserve as much water as they can and to steer clear from wasteful practices that only flush so much water down the drain. Here are a few simple ways to conserve water in any home:

– Pay attention to the signs and symptoms of plumbing leaks. Routine checks are encouraged every three months.

– Watch out for leaky faucets. Taps that leak up to 8 ounces of water every fifteen minutes can waste up to 180 gallons of water per month. That adds up to 2,160 gallons a year. Replace inexpensive washers or valve seats to address this problem.

– Install a flow restrictor or other conservation devices on all faucets.

– Wrap exposed indoor and outdoor pipes to prevent breakage in freezing weather.

Watch for leaks. Pay attention to the SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS of plumbing, pool and spa leaks as outlined below. Do a routine indoor/outdoor check every three months, or call professionals to do one for you.

Check all faucets for drips. If a drip fills an 8-ounce glass every quarter hour, it will lose about 180 gallons per month. That’s 2,160 gallons a year, enough for 30+ showers or baths! Drips can usually be fixed by replacing inexpensive washers or valve seats.

Install flow restrictor or other conservation devices on all faucets. With these in the shower alone, you can cut your water use from about 5 to 10 gallons per minute to as low as 1.4 to 3 gallons per minute.