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Is It Hard To Replace A Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are important tools in your kitchen, but most people don’t really think about how they work. The biggest problem with them is that improper use can easily damage them, and breakdowns are common. There are a few tried-and-true methods for fixing a broken garbage disposal, but in the end, you’ll probably have to buy a new one.

Knowing whether you should call a plumber or DIY when replacing your garbage disposal can be challenging, so let’s look at what to consider.

Things To Consider When Replacing A Garbage Disposal

Check If The Garbage Disposal Is Genuinely Broken

When garbage disposal stops working, it’s not always because it’s broken. If you flip the power switch and nothing happens, examine the outlet commonly positioned beneath the sink, where the plug can quickly become dislodged while accessing supplies stored in this region.

The built-in circuit may have tripped if the gadget is safely plugged in. Press the small red button on the unit’s bottom to reset the course. Turn on the garbage disposal; if it remains silent and still, it’s time to replace it.

Before You Begin, Turn Off The Electricity

Only repair or replace an electrically powered appliance once the power has been turned off. First, disconnect the garbage disposal (the outlet is most likely under the kitchen sink, although it could also be on the wall near the countertop).

Then, to turn off the garbage disposal, go to your home’s main circuit-breaker box (the appliance frequently shares an electrical outlet with the dishwasher). If you need to determine which circuit breaker controls your garbage disposal, switch on the disposal or the dishwasher if the disposal is inoperable and flip the circuit breakers one by one until you reach the one that disables the disposal.

Understand The Fundamentals Of Garbage Disposal Replacement

While the method can vary depending on the previous model and the replacement, it’s usually a fairly basic affair. Clear up the space behind the sink in the kitchen and lay down an old towel to catch any water droplets. Set a flashlight in place to offer ample light while you work.

The Bottom Line

If you’re handy around the house, installing your own garbage disposal shouldn’t take you more than an hour. If you take on this assignment, it’s recommended that you look for a replacement disposal of the same brand and, if possible, the same model. By replacing the current unit with a similar one, you won’t have to alter the plumbing layout.

But if you’re unsure about your ability to install a replacement garbage disposal, it’s best to call a plumber. If you are uncomfortable with the process, there’s no guarantee you’ll get it right. Professionals are trained to know how to install garbage disposal correctly and safely. They also have the tools and experience to ensure everything goes smoothly, saving you time and money.

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