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Keeping Your Home In Top Shape With Plumbing Service | Las Vegas, NV

At Craig’s Plumbing in Las Vegas, NV, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs to our customers when they need them. We also provide scheduled repairs that help respond to plumbing damage or wear that has resulted in problems such as leaks, flooding, and water pressure issues, and related costs of cleanup and renewal. Our plumbing service offers plumbing inspections and maintenance that, with our professional plumbers’ experience, can anticipate plumbing problems and catch them early or even prevent them, and we’re glad when those services can help our customers keep life simple and their plumbing under control. Let us tell you a bit about ways that some expert prevention can help you save water and avoid emergency plumbing service needs.

Inspections and Maintenance By Our Plumbing Service to Keep Up With Your Home’s Condition

As plumbers, we see your home differently. We imagine the pipes in the walls, the drains flowing to the sewer, and all of the angles and interconnections that can make plumbing challenges. Our experience helps us inspect and maintain your home’s plumbing with an expert eye.

Whole House, Thorough Drain Cleaning Service, and Inspections

Having our plumbers check your drain lines and clear them out annually goes a long way towards simplifying life for you and your family. Once the material gathering in your pipes is cleared, your wastewater will flow more quickly and your drains will be less likely to clog. Any clogs that do occur after that are likely to be simple to address with a basic emergency plumbing visit, not a prolonged, late-night exploration for the root of the problem.

Leak Detection During Inspections or to Follow Up on Suspected Leaks

With the sensitive leak detection equipment we use to locate the source of that wet spot on your wall or other signs of water leaks, we can also proactively check your plumbing during inspections to see if we detect leaks in the early stages, before they start to cause damage that’s visible and severe.

Repiping Evaluations

As we evaluate your plumbing during an inspection, we may find that the reason you’ve been having so many leaks, or are at risk of starting to have them soon, is corrosion or other weaknesses in your home’s piping. It’s typical after a few decades for pipes to need replacement, in a common process called repiping. After this service, your home will have solid, reliable plumbing once again throughout.

Bathroom and Kitchen Fixture Maintenance and Repair

According to the EPA, a lot of bathrooms are wasting an incredible amount of water, with leaks totaling about 900 billion gallons per year throughout the country. Our plumber can take care of your bathrooms with faucet washer replacement and other services, as well as toilet flapper valve replacement. You’ll not only save water costs, but you’ll also get rid of the annoying sounds those leaks can make.

Water Line and Sewer Line Early Warning System

Video inspection gear has made a big difference in plumbing service strategies, especially with your water and sewer lines connecting to city services. We can now identify what may be causing trouble in these pipes, and target maintenance such as durable patches and relining of the pipe using information from the video imaging, rather than simply digging up and replacing the entire length of pipe. You can save a lot of disruption and even the cost of attachment to the city pipe under the street nearby with this creative approach.

Water Pressure Related Issues

When our maintenance team checks your incoming water line, we look for equipment such as water pressure reduction devices and water filters that can affect your home’s water pressure. If your home’s water pressure is low or varies considerably, you may find that it’s a lack of maintenance of these devices, not a problem with your main water line, that is the cause.

Water Hammer and Aging Appliance Hose Solutions

Pressure spikes that produce a loud bang as valves close, especially on appliances, are called water hammers and can be resolved by having our plumbing service install water hammer arrestor devices. While we’re doing that, if your appliances have aging rubber hose connections to their water supply that, if they burst, will cause flooding, we have an answer as well. Our maintenance team can replace them with stainless steel hoses that last a very long time.

Preventive Water Heater Maintenance

Waiting until the water heater tank fails, then cleaning up and replacing the unit with an emergency plumbing service visit, is definitely not the way to go. Water heater maintenance can help the unit last longer, taking steps to reduce tank corrosion. Our plumbing service also checks the pressure relief valve to ensure that it’s operating correctly, and performs other repairs such as temperature checks and verifying that all heaters are working correctly for the maximum capacity. Inspecting and replacing the anode rod as needed is also an excellent investment and part of routine maintenance.

Under Slab Leak Checks

Our modern inspection and leak detection techniques allow us to manage plumbing that, in some homes, is actually located under the concrete slab. Repairs typically involve digging under the foundation or using a jackhammer to cut through concrete, but preventive care using technology is fairly simple. If problems are located, the homeowner has more information with which to select the best repair strategy as well.

Plumbing Services with an Eye to the Future in Las Vegas, NV

You can get a handle on your future plumbing needs with our Craig’s Plumbing plumbing service inspections and maintenance services in Las Vegas, NV. Our professional plumbers have the knowledge and experience to identify many plumbing concerns early and help you plan for appliance replacements, repairs, and other issues. Maintenance services keep your plumbing in better condition and help prolong the life of appliances such as your water heater while minimizing leaks and drain backups. Call us to schedule preventive care, maintenance, or emergency plumbing repairs.