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Kitchen/bathroom Upgrades: Plumber Near Me In | Summerlin, NV

Are you thinking about a change in your kitchen or bathroom? Maybe some elegant new faucets or a relaxing new shower? What about a wet bar, kitchenette in the basement or on the patio? It’s time to call a plumber near me in town to do some creative work and upgrades. At Craig’s Plumbing, we’re here for you when things break or leak, any time of day, but we love to add value to your home with custom plumbing as well. Our top reviews, trusted service in Summerlin, NV and the Las Vegas area since 1997, and wide range of plumbing skills makes us a great partner for changes in your home. Homeowners can feel free to bring the designs and ideas they’ve been dreaming of to us and expect quality results completed on time.

A Little Luxury, a Bit of Comfort, Every Home is a Place to Enjoy

When you work with a plumber near me in your plumbing upgrade and remodeling projects, you know you’re dealing with an accountable, reliable team of professionals. Your decision pays off in affordable, reliable work and it also means you’ll enjoy the results which are just what you wanted. A beautiful shower enclosure, rain-style shower head and linear drain for relaxing mornings can be yours. Upgraded kitchen sink space with an easy-to-operate faucet and removable spray head, what’s not to love? How about that bar-style sink in the center island for busy days when the chef needs the big one? Don’t forget that most amazing feature for families that love hanging out in the kitchen: a near-silent dishwasher that lets you get the dishes done and chat at the same time.

Peace in Your Home with Water-Saving Fixtures

Good water-saving habits are important, but as your plumber near me in Vegas is in touch with today’s bathroom tech, we can install water-saving fixtures that don’t require habits. Toilets with low water usage and dual-flush selections can save an amazing amount of water in a busy family. Touch-operated or motion sensing faucets in your bathroom sinks turn on when it’s time to shave or brush, then pause the flow until you’re ready to rinse. No more juggling acts to free a hand and turn the knobs during morning routines! Bringing peace by encouraging water saving habits might be something you can delegate to technology.

Plumbing as Presents? Make a Little Change that They’ll Use Everyday

If you’ve been thinking about a luxurious vessel sink for your master bathroom and an elegant, responsive faucet to match, that’s a great idea! It’s also a simple enough project to have the work done as a surprise birthday or anniversary present. If entertaining is a priority, take it up a notch by bringing water out to the patio and installing a convenient sink. You’ll eliminate trips inside just to rinse glasses and fill pitchers, and stay focused on outdoor life. As the plumber near me in town with a full range of services, we also run gas lines and can help with a luxurious outdoor grilling space. No more great moments interrupted by empty propane tanks!

The Features You Enjoy Also Make Your Home Unique

If you’re thinking down the road to when it’s time to sell, you know that a few extra features in the kitchen, bathrooms, or patio can be hooks that keep buyers focused. You’re no longer two bedrooms, two baths, you’re that house with the great shower in the master bedroom or the full-service barbecue area. Then again, when you have features like these, you may not want to sell! As your plumber near me in the business of making life better, we’ve seen it happen. When you have great lifestyle enhancements by Craig’s Plumbing, you’ve already got the home you want.

Behind the Scenes Plumbing to Change the Way You Live

Sometimes what your house needs is a plumbing enhancement by the plumber near me in town that affects your daily life but isn’t visible. What could that be? Water quality enhancements like water softeners and filters can make a big difference. If your Summerlin, NV home doesn’t already have one of these, you’re probably experiencing all kinds of hard water annoyances like discolored sinks and tubs, deposits in your coffee machine, and more. Even your showers aren’t as great when you feel dry and itchy afterwards, and your laundry doesn’t come out quite as bright. Some detergents now have additives to help, but to preserve your choice, especially for fragrance-free, starting with great water makes a great wash.

Unseen and So Much Appreciated, Hot Water Updates by the Plumber Near Me in Town

The other unseen enhancement is of course your hot water heater. There are a few ways you can approach it. If you’re concerned about the energy your water heater uses, a hybrid model usually fits in the same space as a standard tank-based model. It draws heat from the air as much as possible instead of using electricity to keep the tank water heated, saving lots of energy For hot water supply concerns, tankless can be the answer. It cuts way back on energy use for most families because it doesn’t heat a whole tankful, just comes on when you need it. That also means that you get a steady flow of hot water based on flow rate, not tank capacity. No worries, just enjoy.

Trust the Plumber Near Me in Nevada to Make Your Plumbing Projects Easy

When you’ve got ideas for your home and a reliable plumber to make them happen, life gets more interesting. Your mornings are energized with great showers, family gatherings are enhanced by kitchen updates, and annoying hard water issues are eliminated like magic by water quality equipment. At Craig’s Plumbing, we’re your nearby expert plumbers, available 24/7 for emergencies and full of ideas for plumbing projects. If you’re looking for a plumber near me in Summerlin, NV, just call us!