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Knowing When To Call In The Water Heater Repair Guys | Summerlin, NV

Water heater maintenance doesn’t seem like such a big deal for most people until they find themselves having to take an ice-cold shower in the morning. Our heaters are generally one of the hardest working components of our household, running constantly throughout the day. This continuous stress leads to some degree of wear and tear, which we have to keep a careful eye on.

While we may not be able to do much to avert the deterioration of our heaters, the best course of action is to take note of the danger signs that come with a failing system. Catching these signals early will allow you to take the necessary measures that prevent a full-scale breakdown of your heater. It’s all about being proactive. Our Summerlin, NV clients know that they can rely on us for all their water heater repair requirements, and that’s what has kept Craig’s Plumbing going strong over the years.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common signs of malfunction indicating the need for water heater repair services.

Water Discoloration

Any time the water that comes out of your tap is anything other than clear and colorless, know that you have a problem. Some slight haziness might be acceptable sometimes as this is brought about by high pressure in the system, but even this should clear up quickly once the pressure smoothes out.

Now, should you notice that your water has taken on a rusty, brownish tint, possibly with some dark particles suspended in it, then water heater repair is urgently called for. The cause of this phenomenon is usually sedimentation (the settling of dust and dirt in your heater), although rust might be a factor. Note that this is a particularly urgent sign because this water might pose a serious health hazard to you and your loved ones.

Your Hot Water Runs Out Too Quickly

Your heater is designed to maintain a certain amount of hot water readily available for immediate use. Heater design incorporates a heating element at the top of the heater as well as on the bottom, meaning that you should have gallons of hot water available at any one time. In case you are running out of hot water a lot faster than you used to (even though water is still flowing) then it is likely that you will need water heater repair experts to come in and replace a faulty element.

Fluctuating Temperatures

Should you notice that the water coming out of your faucets sometimes comes out as hot as you like yet at other times comes out warm or entirely cold, you require water heater repair services. Erratic water temperatures are a sure sign of a malfunctioning water heater.

Craig’s Plumbing technicians are always on hand to help you out. They will, first of all, want to know just how old the system is. Older systems are more prone to breakdowns, meaning you might have to consider the value of repair against the option of entirely replacing your water heater.

They will then seek to pinpoint the exact cause of your heater’s malfunction. Heat loss is most commonly brought about by the accumulation of mineral deposits within your heating system. As deposits settle over the heating elements over time, they will eventually come to disrupt their efficiency in heating your water. The solution here will simply entail replacing the elements in question, which is a much more pocket-friendly alternative to installing an entirely new heating system.

Strange Noises from the Tank

A brand new water heater will produce a low buzzing sound that changes to become a somewhat louder rumbling sound with time. The rumbling can be alarming for many who assume that their heater is about to burst asunder, but that’s not a remote possibility at all. It’s perfectly normal.

What should cause you to sit up and take notice, on the other hand, are any popping, crackling, or loud banging sounds from your tank. Water heater repair specialists should be called up if this is the case so that they may give you a comprehensive diagnosis of what exactly the problem is.

We have provided our water heater repair services to countless Summerlin, NV residents and have come to learn the most common causes of the unnerving rumblings in their tanks. One widespread cause is the accumulation of deposits on the tank’s insides as well as over the heating elements. Another common causative factor is the breakage or failure of the tank’s dip tube which will allow for the mixing of cold and hot water in the tank.

You should take note of the fact that excessive, continuous rumblings in your heater may eventually lead to the weakening of your heater’s walls, which could result in a leakage developing. You really do not want things to escalate to this point, as the only remedy here will be the complete replacement of your water heating system.

Craig’s Plumbing can send technicians over to solve the problem before things get to that point. They will simply flush out all the water in the system and proceed to clean out the inside of the tank thoroughly. The noises will be taken care of and your heater will be restored to good working condition.

Water Leakage

This is a serious danger sign. Should you see water pooling at the base of your tank, water heater repair is urgently called for. Leaked water poses a substantial risk in homes where pets and children are present. This danger is exacerbated in cases where electrical appliances are located in the vicinity of the water heater.

Corrosion Signs

In many cases, any signs of corrosion are considered to indicate the need for a new heater. Corrosion is usually identified from rust showing on the tank surface or the production of discolored water. What if the problem doesn’t call for such a drastic measure?

Craig’s Plumbing technicians might be able to apply a temporary fix for you by replacing the rusty parts and the heat exchanger, but remember that this will be a temporary fix. A new heater should be in your plans.

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