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Plumber Tips: What To Know About Bathroom Mold | North Las Vegas, NV

Do you pay attention to how your bathroom looks? Maybe you have never taken a good look at this plumbing fixture before, and it is time to think about this vital plumbing area at your North Las Vegas, NV home. There might be mold growth in there. As you might probably know, molds are harmful to your respiratory health, especially if you have other underlying complications like asthma. You probably have seen mold, but you are unsure how the mold got there in the first place.

Several reasons might cause mold growth inside your bathroom and the most vital thing you’ll be fighting against in your home. A professional plumber can help clean out the molds and offer you some solid advice to ensure the problem doesn’t arise again. SO, what does the plumbing technician need you to know about molds in your bathroom?

Use Your Vents

Your bathroom generally has essential vents. You are advised to turn them on whenever you use the bathroom or if you’ve your sink on and use hot water. Although steam is in most cases considered to cause mold growth, even the cool water might result in mold growth if it is left to sit in your bathroom for too long.

Turning on the fan inside your bathroom ensures that moisture within the bathroom dissipates at a quicker rate and doesn’t have time to form mold. Whenever taking showering, ensure that you have your vents on and running and even some few hours after the shower until the entire moisture is gone.

Seal the Grout

To prevent mold growth in your home’s bathroom, one of the first things to do is enlist the help of a plumber to reseal your bathroom’s entire grout. When resealing the grout, the plumbing technician can also inspect other bathroom fixtures like sinks and showerheads and look at your water heater. If they detect any issue, they’ll inform you and recommend some repairs to ensure that the bathroom works efficiently even after they finish working on your grout.

Enlist the help of a drain cleaning service to clean the grout properly, and the bathroom drains to remove any mold growing within. The drain cleaning service will use industry-approved cleaners to thoroughly remove the bacteria that develops mold. Although this is an easy task, mold might cause some respiratory complications, especially in asthmatic people. The drain cleaning technicians have protective gear to avoid inhaling the molds.

They’ll then reseal the grout to ensure that it is protected firmly and there isn’t new mold growth within the cracks between the bathroom tiles. Although this might sound easy, leave the work to your plumber.

Remove The Water From Your Bathroom

Water droplets might remain or stick on your bathroom or shower walls, leading to mold growth. The best way of doing this is using a squeegee to scrape down your walls. This will help you pull as much water as you can from the shower walls and ensure that the walls drain properly. By leaving water on your bathroom walls, the moisture can raise the levels of humidity in your bathroom which might result in mold growth. Although this might sound like an irrelevant thing, removing even the smallest amounts of water that you might be collecting in your showers will make a huge difference and might determine whether mold develops or not.

Keep Your Bathing Towels Dry

The other thing that your plumber wants you to know regarding mold in your bathroom is to keep the towels dry. Ensuring the bathing towels are dry reduces the moisture levels in your bathroom and the amounts of mold that will continue growing. If you have damp showers curtains or towels hanging inside your bathroom, it allows the moisture to settle, and the curtains and towels might mold.

You may also find that your entire bathroom is infested with mold growth because of these damp fabrics. Therefore, you must hang all things to allow the curtain or towel to dry quicker. Remember, the towels contact your body, meaning you might experience inflammations and develop allergic reactions. Always ensure they are hung dry or enlist the services of a plumbing company in North Las Vegas, NV, to install electric towel warmers or driers in your bathroom.

Keep Your Doors Open

Even with your vent running, you may deal with a lot of moisture within your bathroom. Opening the door allows some air to enter and leave the bathroom faster, which will ensure it doesn’t experience mold growth. It also ensures that your bathroom is properly ventilated. You will be able to make your entire bathroom dry up faster, which will ensure you’ll not experience mold growth.

There are some misconceptions that keeping your bathroom doors open will result in the growth of molds in the rest of your house. That isn’t the case. However, this will improve the air circulation in your entire home. If any problem arises, hire a plumber to address it promptly.

Wipe Down the Fixtures

While the fixtures inside your bathroom are unlikely to mold, they might rust or corrode. It can result in a slew of issues in the bathroom and across your home whenever this happens. It’s also possible that mold will grow around these important fixtures. By wiping the bathroom fixtures down when they become damp or if you notice a layer of moisture covering them, you may reduce the likelihood that they will break down in their way, affecting the quality of the water and the entire plumbing system. Rust is something your plumber would undoubtedly warn you about.

When speaking with a plumber about mold growth in your bathroom, you should be very cautious. Mold may be a major concern, and once it arises, it can be tough to eliminate. You’ll want to ensure you get rid of it as quickly as possible while also paying close attention to where it is coming from. Keep an eye on what you are doing in the bathroom and explore strategies to reduce the dampness. Your plumber may help determine the best course of action. A dehumidifier may also be necessary (but ensure you use it after you’ve finished in the bathroom & keep it away from excessive moisture).

Reliable Plumbers in North Las Vegas, NV

Mold growth grows in damp conditions and may especially grow in your bathroom because of the moisture contained within. Observing the above bathroom hygiene can keep the mold growth at bay. However, if the mold has already developed, you need the services of a plumbing professional to clean it. Do you need the help of a plumber for any plumbing service, including cleaning mold growth? Contact us at Craig’s Plumbing today.