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Plumbing Challenges In Multi-story Residential Buildings | Plumbers In Las Vegas

The housing market in Las Vegas is getting plenty of construction projects. Investors are now looking to build higher and higher in an attempt to accommodate as many people as possible. A couple of years ago, there were hardly any high-rises in the valley, but now they are all over the town. Have you ever wondered how plumbing problems in a multi-story building would manifest themselves? Imagine how difficult it would be to resolve plumbing issues that arise in one unit and can affect the entire building.

Plumbing issues in a multi-story building are more or less similar to a single unit house. However, the problem is much more complicated because of the number of units in a building and the complex structure of the pipes and fixtures in the building. Plumbing problems associated with such a complicated structural design cannot be solved by maintenance staff, but only by professional, licensed plumbers in Las Vegas.

Some of the most common plumbing challenges in residential high rises are discussed below.

Water Pressure

One of the biggest challenges in a multi-story building is not enough water pressure in the pipes. Since water is stored in tanks underground, the buildings use tanks on the roof of the building. Water is pumped up into these tanks from the underground source. Once the water reaches the tanks on the roof, it flows naturally through gravity into every housing unit. However, it’s not always so straightforward, and plumbers in Las Vegas can help you solve this problem.

In some cases, high power booster pumps are added to the main water line from the municipal authority. These pumps add pressure to the existing system. As a result, water pressure increases. Another method used to improve water pressure in a multi-story building is to use hydro-pneumatic storage tanks. This technology uses air pressure to move water from the tank to the units. Water is pumped into the many units of the building via air pressure. This is an expensive technology but can resolve the issue of water pressure in a high rise building. Only plumbers in Las Vegas with the right technical knowledge and experience can help you introduce this technology in your building.

Drainage Issues

The structural design of a building not only makes the supply of water difficult but also makes drainage complicated. Multi-story buildings have a complex plumbing structure with many kinds of drainage systems. These include horizontal underground lines, branch lines, and vertical stacks.

Vertical stacks are pipes that run from a building’s basement up to the tanks on the roof. They can be grouped as follows based on their function.

  • Waste stack
  • Soil Stack
  • Vent Stack

Waste stacks are responsible for moving water that comes from clean water sources. This can include the shower and sinks.

On the other hand, soil stacks remove the waste from the toilet.

Vent stacks do not move any water. They main purpose is to provide the airflow that supports the system.

Branch lines are the connecting pipes used to connect the vertical stack with each apartment. Their primary function is to transport water waste to the appropriate vertical stack. These branch lines then transport the waste to the horizontal underground lines which then transports the waste to the municipal system where it can be treated or stored.

The drainage systems in multi-story buildings can have two types of designs.

  • One pipe – This design allows solid and liquid waste to flow from a single pipe.
  • Two pipe – Separate pipes are used for liquid and solid waste.

If there is a defect in any one of the pipes, it can severely hamper the drainage in the entire building. Plumbers in Las Vegas recommend the use of drainage systems based on two pipes.

The structural complexity of the drainage system in a high rise building increases the risk of error. So whenever there is a drainage issue, contact a professional and licensed plumber in Las Vegas.

Problem Identification

The complex plumbing structure of a multi-story building not only poses a challenge to proper drainage but it also complicates any repairs that have to be made to the plumbing system. When a plumbing situation arises, it is difficult to identify the problem in a multi-story building because of the complicated and inter-connected piping structure. This is the reason why only an experienced plumber in Las Vegas performs repair and maintenance.

A professional plumber in Las Vegas can help you identify and solve the plumbing problem as soon as possible. It is important to contact a licensed professional because delaying plumbing problems can result in structural damage to the building.

Leaking Pipes

Studies identified water leaks as the most common plumbing challenge in a multi-story building. A leakage in either the water supply pipes or the drainage pipes can cause water to seep into your house. It can cause damp spots on your roof and walls and can cause hygiene issues. It is a serious plumbing challenge, but you can resolve it with the help of licensed plumbers in Las Vegas.

The moisture, which builds up due to leakage in the pipes, not only spoils the look of your apartment but can cause serious structural damage along with negative effects on the health of the residents. Plumbers in Las Vegas can help you solve this problem if it is identified well in time.

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