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Plumbing Service: Benefits Of Vacuum Drainage Systems | Henderson, NV

You can have a plumber install various drainage systems in your home. Depending on the type of drainage systems you select, you will require a different plumbing service to deal with the drainage issues you could be facing. Unfortunately, some homeowners might not know the drainage system installed in their homes.

However, there are two main types of drainage systems that you can have installed at your home, vacuum or gravity systems. Both of these drainage systems have their cons and pros. Hence, understanding their working modes is critical to ensure that you can arrive at informed decisions whenever you are building a property.

Fortunately, this is not common knowledge, and most plumbers can inspect your home to help you figure it out. Nevertheless, vacuum systems are among the standard drainage systems that you’ll find in Henderson, NV homes. Hence, let us look at their pros and cons compared to the gravity systems. But before then, what is a vacuum drainage system?

These are drainage systems that use a vacuum. The said vacuum creates a differential pressure between the atmosphere and the pressure created by the vacuum. Hence, a driving force that propels the wastewater to the vacuum station is created. This is different from gravity systems, where there aren’t any vacuum systems. Instead, the gravity systems depend on gravity, making them less inefficient. However, to install them properly, you need to enlist the help of a professional plumbing service. So, what is the benefit of installing them?

Low Installation Costs

If you are looking for a considerably cheaper system, vacuum drainage systems are the best choice. The cost of enlisting a plumbing service to have these drainage systems installed at your home is relatively low compared to gravity systems. Additionally, professional plumbers can complete the job within a short duration. Compared to the labor involved in installing gravity drainage systems, you will get cheaper quotes for vacuum drains.

However, you should have several quotes or evaluate multiple plumbing companies to arrive at the right one that has professionals with experience and tools to finish the job within no time. Remember, various companies charge differently based on the experience of their professionals, travel time, cost of labor, and the number of guarantees and warranties they extend. The kind of insurance they provide is also a key factor. Hence, carefully examine the contents of each quotation provided for the plumbing services such as vacuum drainage installation, cleaning, or replacement. This way, you’ll be able to arrive at a plumbing company that is best for you.

One exciting fact about vacuum drains is that they can also use light pipes with smaller diameters. This isn’t always possible with a gravity system. Additionally, you could also have vertical lines with this kind of system. This, in a way, means that the installation costs might become comparatively less because you need fewer pipes and labor to have the system put in place.

Energy Efficiency

A vacuum drainage system is completely eco-friendly. Some homeowners and experts claim that these drainage systems are better for the environment than gravity systems. This is a critical feature to environmentally conscious people as these systems have a very low carbon footprint.

The electrical power is only required where the vacuum station is located. Hence, not much electrical power is required to run the system. In addition, electrical power is only required in one place. This arguably means that a vacuum drainage system is considerably more energy-efficient. It also implies that all the electrical works are done and completed in one place, something that can benefit some homeowners.

Installing a vacuum toilet will save a considerably high amount of water. This is a plumbing fixture you might want to install at your Henderson, NV home. These toilets are becoming increasingly popular and affordable, and if you choose to buy one, you can see many benefits, including low water utility bills. Vacuum toilets are an excellent plumbing fixture to have at your home.

No Pest and Vermin Within the Pipes

Vacuum drainage systems are set up so that there isn’t any possibility that pests and vermin can make nests or homes within. Hence, if you live in a place where pests and vermin are common, the vacuum drainage system is something that you should have a plumbing service install.

Because of the structure of the vacuum systems, you will not have to be worried about the vermin damaging your drainage systems. Hence, you will pay less for plumbing services such as repairs, drain cleaning, or even piping replacements in the future. Pest and vermin also might bring pathogenic germs and bacteria to your home, which you all avoid by installing vacuum drains.

Minimal Leaks

Any homeowner might have experienced leakage issues, whether with the toilet, water heater, or drainage system. If you have, you understand how annoying and frustrating it can be to deal with leaks. Although leaks are a menace from a plumbing perspective, they might result in more dire consequences for property damage or even damage to your home’s foundation.

Drainage leaks also can make your yard have an unsightly appearance. In addition, the damages to the structural components of your Henderson, NV home might see you incur huge expenses restoring or repairing them. One primary advantage of these drainage systems is minimal leakages, if any. As a result, you save money and don’t have to seek frequent plumbing services to have the drainage pipes patched.

Self-Cleaning Abilities

The other interesting fact about a vacuum drainage system is that it is self-cleaning. These are welcome news for most homeowners because they will pay less for drain cleaning and have fewer of this plumbing service. This also means that you will be less likely to experience blockages and clogs. This makes vacuum drainage systems require low maintenance.

A drainage system is critical in your home as it is the component responsible for driving away the wastes and wastewater. However, there are different drainage systems, with the main ones being Vacuum drainage systems and Gravity drainage systems. Due to their many benefits, vacuum drains are preferred by most homeowners. Do you need a plumbing service to install vacuum drainage systems in your home? Call us at Craig’s Plumbing today.