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Plumbing Service: More Environmentally Friendly Options | Las Vegas, NV

Most people are concerned and researching the ways of making their homes eco-friendlier. After all, it looks like the news will always be about how human beings are depleting all the resources left on the earth’s surface. More potential home buyers are also interested in whether the plumbing systems or appliances are environmentally-friendly. Eco-friendly homes appear to have more popularity in the real estate market. Besides selling quicker, they also tend to sell at a higher price.

If you want to make your Las Vegas, NV home more environmentally friendly, you should seek professional plumbing services nearby. Plumbers know what appliances and plumbing systems they can install in your home to make it more eco-friendly. They also can perform an audit of water and energy consumption at your home to get a glimpse of the lacking areas.

This article will consider the popular and common ideas of making your home more environmentally friendly. Whenever consulting with your plumbing experts about your concerns, consider inquiring if they think any of the ideas below could be an excellent fit for their home.

Consider Going Tankless

Have you considered going tankless? If you haven’t yet, this is a good time. Tankless water heaters are more energy-efficient, unlike traditional heaters. Better yet, they provide your home with an endless supply of hot water on demand. You don’t have to wait for a tank to heat the water first. You only need to open the faucet whenever hot water is required, and hot water will be there immediately. As a result, your home will never experience cold baths or showers ever again unless you want to.

However, tankless water heaters can be a bit costly. Hence, search for a plumbing service that will help you look for rebate programs and other government programs to help you save some dollars. A good plumbing company should narrow down the choices by giving you the advantages and disadvantages of different features, making you confident regarding the selected model. Though pricey, tankless water heaters are durable and raise your home’s market value.

Insulate the Pipes

In most homes, plumbing is uninsulated, especially in older homes. Uninsulated pipes could be a problem because they may easily make the heat enter or escape the plumbing. For instance, with the pipes that carry hot water to your shower, heat can escape into the surrounding on a freezing winter day. When the water reaches your shower, it feels lukewarm, meaning you may spend more time in the shower to compensate for that. Or, you could set the water heater to a hotter temperature, meaning that it will have to work extra hard to do the job.

Ensure you enlist help from a plumbing service asap to insulate the plumbing if you haven’t. Besides making your home energy efficient, this also results in cost savings. Remember that uninsulated pipes have a higher likelihood of freezing during low temperatures, increasing the probability of your pipes bursting. You don’t want to deal with the inconveniences caused by burst pipes.

Consider Low-Flush Faucets and Toilets

You should ensure your plumbing appliances use as much less water as possible. With each flush, the toilet uses gallons of water. By fitting a low-flush toilet, you can improve the efficiency of your home and reduce the toilet’s carbon footprint. Regular toilets may strain the environment, primarily if you use the toilet often.

Besides low-flow toilets, consider installing low-flow faucets. These taps use considerably less water. since installing both the plumbing fixtures is easy, a plumbing service will install them in no time. However, the hardest part is finding a plumbing appliance that fits your home’s aesthetics with all the required features.

Are you concerned about the cost? A plumbing service can assist you in finding rebate programs that can help you save some money. Craig’s plumbing can also help you find some financing options and programs. Ultimately, we will ensure that you find an affordable solution.

Using Environmentally-Friendly Products

Consider using drain cleaning products that are eco-friendly when cleaning your plumbing. True sustainability involves reducing the overall use of water or increasing the efficiency of your plumbing system, and considering the various types of cleaning products used at your home. Better yet, instead of trying to clean the plumbing system yourself, why not enlist the help of a plumbing service?

Therefore, ensure you consult with a plumbing company in Las Vegas, NV, on what cleaning products they will use to clean your drains. They must use environmentally products because anything that enters your plumbing system can likely seep into groundwater. Generally, using harsh chemicals should be avoided. Instead, use more gentle enzyme alternatives. They will not put much strain on your drains and pipes like the aggressive chemicals.

Consider Installing Energy Efficient Plumbing Appliances

Older appliances consume more energy than the more modern ones. If you have relocated to an older home, or want to renovate some areas, consider installing more modern plumbing appliances. Modern appliances use recent technologies that make them have higher energy efficiency. If unsure whether they bring a difference to your home or not, request the plumbing services to explain their importance to you. The plumbers can tell you the amount of energy you will be saving by switching to modern models.

The best thing about installing energy-efficient plumbing appliances is that you will also be increasing your home’s resale value. Many potential homebuyers will show interest in the upgrades when you decide to sell the house in the future. Hence, you will sell the home at a higher price, and new homeowners will use the appliances for a long time, spending much less on their energy bills.

Consult a plumbing service to learn more about the types of plumbing appliances best for your home. At Craig’s Plumbing, we recommend you switch to energy-efficient laundry machines, dishwashers, and water heaters. You can quickly reduce water consumption by over 50% by performing the three upgrades.

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It is never too late to become eco-friendly. By implementing the suggestions we’ve recommended above, you can make a difference too. Your home will have a less adverse effect on the environment when you go green. You also will feel good knowing that you took a step in protecting the environment. If you are unsure which recommendation and solutions can fit your home better, call a plumbing service like Craig’s Plumbing today for more advice.