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Plumbing Service: Protect Your Home | North Las Vegas, NV

Although water is absolutely essential for our health and well-being, as well as modern conveniences, water damage is a stressful and potentially expensive occurrence. Very few people in North Las Vegas, NV, would consider a home without plumbing and running water just to avoid water damage. Fortunately, extreme measures aren’t necessary.

Preventing water damage doesn’t require a huge monetary investment or special skills on the part of homeowners. A licensed professional plumber is your partner when it comes to maintaining your home’s plumbing and preventing water damage. Plumbing maintenance and repairs meant to avoid water damage can also help prevent wasted water.

Hidden Leaks

Hidden leaks can lead to a lot of wasted water. A small crack or pinhole leak in a pipe within a wall, in the ceiling, or in a crawlspace can be very hard to find. These types of leaks frequently go unnoticed for a while. Sometimes the first indication of a hidden leak is an unexplained increase on the water bill. However, small hidden leaks are not harmless. They can create a perfect environment for mold and mildew.

Constant moisture causes water damage and can even lead to rot. Discolored areas on the walls or ceiling may indicate a hidden leak. Water stains on parts of the ceiling directly below an upstairs bathroom are fairly straightforward in terms of locating the leak, but fixing a hidden leak is another matter. Consult your local plumbing service provider to fix leaks within ceilings or walls.

Pipes and fixtures under the sink in the bathroom or kitchen are common sites for water leaks, so most plumbing services have plenty of experience in this area. Many households store cleaning products and other chemicals in cabinets underneath sinks. Sometimes these products disguise leaks. Drops of water on product labels or discoloration on the bottom of the cabinet itself may be attributed to leaking bottles or careless storage instead of a leaky pipe.

Always check for leaks if you notice signs of dripping water or a strange odor in a cabinet under the sink. Start by removing all the products, tools, and other assorted items from the cabinet. Clean the cabinet and make sure there is no water left on the side or bottom. Wait a few hours then check underneath the cabinet again. If you notice drops of water have reappeared, the source is most likely a leaky pipe or fixture.

Internal Flooding

Flooding isn’t a common problem for most homes in North Las Vegas, NV, but sometimes flood damage comes from an internal source. Plumbing disasters, such as broken pipes, backed up drains, or overflowing toilets, can let large amounts of water flow into your home. A simple mop may be enough to handle the damage if the problem is addressed right away and the water stops flowing almost immediately, but this is usually not the case. Some people react immediately and shut off the water when a toilet overflows, but most of us are more likely to grab a plunger while water continues to pour out of the bowl.

Mops are only effective clean-up tools on floors with non-absorbent surfaces. Carpets, some types of wood flooring, and other absorbent materials can’t be cleaned with a mop alone, especially if the water came from the toilet or wastewater drains. Water can also contaminate curtains, furniture, and anything else that happens to be in the immediate area. Cleaning up the mess may turn into a time-consuming process involving rug scrubbers and multiple loads of laundry. Plumbing disasters increase risk of mold growth because water falling or pouring out of pipes raises the humidity in the entire home. Consult professional plumbing services for any sort of flooding within your home.

Plumbing Service Inspections

Professional plumbing services in North Las Vegas, NV, include inspections of the plumbing throughout your entire home. Try to schedule regular evaluations at least once or twice each year. Inspections are an excellent opportunity to find problems before a water leak occurs or locate existing leaks in the early stages before too much damage occurs. It’s especially important to schedule an appointment quickly if your home hasn’t been inspected or maintained by a professional plumbing service provider in recent years.

Water Alarms

Plumbing services in residential and commercial buildings have consistently benefitted from new and repurposed technologies. A device called a water alarm can detect leaks before water damage or mold growth create extensive issues. Several sensors come with the automatic feature that allows them to shut off the water valve when a leak is identified. This feature prevents wasted water, interior flooding and damaged walls or furniture.

Water alarms and sensors are easy to install and use. The small devices don’t use a lot of power, so inflated electric bills aren’t a problem. You can place a sensor anywhere that’s prone to flooding, such as bathroom fixtures, kitchen faucets, washing machines, or water heaters. Alarms don’t require much care or maintenance. Just check the batteries regularly and make sure the sensors are functioning correctly.

Some water sensors are much more complex than simple alarms. Advanced models can also track daily water usage and keep a record of the data to help households manage water consumption and use water more efficiently. Smart sensors are synced to smartphones and laptops so they can update homeowners through text and email alerts. Most plumbing service providers can install water alarms and sensors and set up smart technology in your home.

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