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Rusty Water: How A Plumber Can Help | Summerlin, NV

When you open your tap at home, you expect to see sparkling and clear water. In recent times, filtered water is becoming a basic need. Therefore, clean water is becoming a highly envied resource to maintain hygiene and your family’s good health.

However, you may face many water-related problems like rusty water. The best way to get the problem resolved is to contact a local plumbing service. If you live around Summerlin, NV, consider scheduling an appointment with our plumbers. They are equipped to handle all your plumbing needs. They will inspect your plumbing system for the causes of the rusty water and address it fully. So, what can you do?

Check Whether the Problem is With the Water Main or at The Waterline

If rusty water suddenly comes out of your taps and faucets, the cause may lie outside your homestead. Your house may also have a problem with colored water.

If the issue is with the mainline, call the water supply authorities to resolve it. However, a trusted professional plumbing expert can detect the issue and provide the necessary services to resolve the rusty water problem at your home.

Ascertain What Causes the Rusty Tap Water

To confirm the water impurity is rust, you do not need to perform a laboratory test. The orange or red tinge in your tap water indicates oxidized iron, commonly called rust.

While the rusty water may leave nasty stains in your costly porcelain fittings, they do not pose a severe health hazard. However, there is one exception. Excess consumption of rusty water could expose you to a rare condition called hemochromatosis. It is a condition in which there is an excess of iron accumulation in your body.

Therefore, diagnosing what causes rusty water is essential. Below are some indicators that may help you decide whether to call a skilled plumber to inspect and carry out the required repairs to stop the rusty water problem.

Rusted Pipes

Turning your faucets off and on causes repeated changes in the pressure inside the plumbing system. It causes the slackened rust to dislodge from the waterline. The rust discolors the water that moves through your water supply system into the faucets, kitchen sinks, and the bathroom.

Galvanized pipes are known to dispense rusty water. A plumber will replace the galvanized pipes with copper plumbing to remedy the issue.

Water Heater

Ideally, the steel water heater has an inner protective coating made of porcelain enamel that checks the levels of corrosion. However, the porcelain enamel wears out over time, making the steel corrode. The process creates flakes that settle at the bottom of the water heater tank. Eventually, the flakes degrade, forming particles of rust that turn the water rusty.

There is a lifespan for every water heater, usually ten years. Beyond that, the water heater tank starts leaking, causing rust deposits to travel through the water supply lines. A skilled plumber will inspect the discolored water at several locations in your home. If they find that rusty water is only coming from the hot water plumbing systems, the plumbing technician can conclude that the problem might be the water heater.

Anode Rod

The anode rod is a vital module in tank-type water heaters. The anode rod is made of highly corrosive materials like magnesium and zinc. They attract corrosion from the interior of the tank, sacrificing themselves. They act as sacrificial metals.

Although the chemical reaction causing the rod corrosion uses electrolysis to protect the steel lining, it can also be affected to the extent that it cannot function effectively. Our Plumbers at Craig’s Plumbing will inspect the rod for rusty appearance. They will also check if the rod is depleted considerably or broken. Based on their findings, they may repair or replace the anode rod.

Ask the Experts for a Possible Solution

You can also look for a professional and highly skilled plumber who uses the appropriate methods to overcome the rusty water problems at your home. Confirm if the technician is licensed to handle the plumbing services.

Plumbers in Summerlin, NV, try to identify the source of the rusty water and gauge the dangers it poses to your home. They consider all scenarios like whether your cold, hot, or both water lines are turning brown and determine the most viable solution.

Cold Water

The plumber will run the faucets at full blast for a few minutes or until the water becomes clean again. Here, the water comes from your inner pipes, dislodging the rusted pieces. The issue is resolved immediately.

If the water from the faucets remains rusty, they inspect the corroded parts in your plumbing system. Because of the corrosion, the minerals enter the water supply line, further degrading the water. Craig’s Plumbing experts provide deep cleaning services, and when needed, they replace your pipes to ensure your tap water looks clean.

Hot Water

Is your tap water turning rusty only after you run the hot water? Craig’s plumbing will drain the water heater to fix the problem. If the water is still rusty after flushing the unit, heating it, and refilling it, call our professional plumbing experts.

Too much buildup of sediments may permanently damage the water heater, and at worst, the water heater may explode. You get effective results by hiring Craig’s Plumbing to remove the buildup of sediments inside the water heater.

Both Cold and Hot Water

If both the cold and hot water faucets produce rusty water, an experienced plumbing technician will suggest you report the problem to your water utility company. It might be the water main or a fire hydrant that may have caused the issue in your home.

After the water utility company resolves the issues, call a plumbing service for advanced services that ensure the water does not remain rusty. They will examine the water and various plumbing parts to ensure that your water is clean and clear.

Plumbing Services in Summerlin

Have you noticed the water from your faucets turn brownish? When does it change color? After running the cold faucets or the hot taps? Rusty water may not be a health problem but may spell doom to your plumbing fixtures. Although a plumbing service may come in handy, you have to take the initiative of calling them after you detect the rusty water.

Are the faucets at your Summerlin, NV residential or commercial property producing rusty water? Trust in the experienced and licensed plumbers from Craig’s Plumbing. With their many years of experience, they will examine the water, inspect your plumbing, and resolve the issues within no time.

Call Craig’s Plumbing today to learn more.