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Septic System Failing? Call A Seasoned Plumber | Las Vegas, NV

The septic system plays a vital role in your home by holding wastewater in an underground chamber where it is treated. To keep the septic system clean and operational, homeowners in Las Vegas, NV, need to schedule annual maintenance with a competent plumber. If maintenance services are delayed, or natural disasters occur, your septic system could fail. The good news is that with proper upkeep, your system can last between 20 and 30 years before needing a replacement.

In Las Vegas, NV, about 25 percent of homes utilize septic tanks, but an average of 10 percent are prone to fail. If your septic system fails, untreated sewage can exit the system and pollute the ground and surface water. Problems associated with septic systems can be messy, not to mention pocket-draining.

Identifying and solving the problem can save money and prevent more severe issues. It’s essential to call a plumber to look into your system when you notice the first signs to prevent the problems from getting worse. You might wonder how you can tell if there is an issue with your septic system; keep reading! This article outlines signs you should look for if your system is failing.

Septic System Backup

You’ll know you’ve got a septic system backup if a foul-smelling sludge is moving back into your pipes or you notice smelly standing water in your lawn. But before rushing to contact a plumbing company, you can try to reduce your water usage for a few days, especially if you have used a lot of water or it has been raining.

Also, be careful with what you flush and avoid using your garbage disposal frequently. If this doesn’t help, you could be having a clog in your septic system. In such a situation, you should contact a professional plumber to examine the system for clogs and empty the tank if it’s full.

Gurgling Sounds Coming From Pipes

The plumbing system is like a mini-symphony; all its components have a unique sound. For instance, the sprinkling shower head and flushing toilet together produce the sonorous sound of well-functioning pipes.

But if you hear strange and increasing sounds like gurgling noises whenever you flush the toilet or run the water, it can indicate a failing septic system. In such cases, it is probably struggling to drain correctly. In some cases, extra noisy paperwork can indicate a more underlying issue. It is prudent to call a professional plumber to address the problem and prevent severe damage if such happens.

Bright Green Lush Grass Growing Near Your Septic Tank

Wastewater can help plants grow. The grass is likely to utilize overflowing nitrogen-rich effluent from your septic tank. If you notice thicker, lusher grass growing around your tank, you may have a big problem, especially if the grass growing outside your septic tank is greener than the rest of the lawn.

In such cases, you need to investigate if there’s wastewater leaking into the ground. Sometimes the roots growing into the tank cause the wastewater to spill out. Suppose you see green grass developing around your septic tank and note the presence of sewage. In that case, you should immediately schedule an inspection with a trusted plumber to come and diagnose the problem.

Water Drains Slowly

A clog causes the water in your sink or bathtub to drain slowly. Clogs nib bathrooms result from hair and soap residue, while those in the kitchen are from fat, oil, and grease. Also, there could be a possibility that the septic tank is failing. For instance, when your septic tank is full and can’t actively collect wastewater, the pipes will be clogged, reducing their ability to drain your plumbing appliances quickly.

No matter how hard you try to unclog your drain, you won’t succeed since the underlying issue is in the septic tank. If the slow drainage affects all your household drains, it is wise to call a trusted plumber. When this problem is left unattended for a long time, there could be a probability of your septic tank failing.

Bad Odors

A foul smell from your plumbing appliances is an unpleasant experience and indicates your system is failing. After all, it is septic gas! If all exposed fixtures in your home don’t reveal anything, try to go outdoors and stand near the septic tank. You should call a licensed plumber to inspect your system if you smell rotten eggs.

Standing Water Near Your Septic Tank

When your septic tank cannot drain wastewater properly, you may notice a pool of water standing near the tank. The overflowing sewage often produces nasty smells, which is a clear signal of a failing septic tank.

If you walk around your property and see puddles of standing water near the drain field, there could be something messy with your septic system. If not addressed immediately, it is an issue that can expose your family members to a health hazard. You should call a competent plumber at the first sign of standing water near your septic tank.

Schedule a Septic Tank Inspection

Unfortunately, if your septic tank fails, you have to pay to repair it, pump out your system, and in some cases, replace the tank. You can avoid all these expenses by having your septic tank inspected and maintained regularly. Should there be rust, damage, or cracks, the plumber can identify such issues before they pose severe problems to your system.

To avoid any septic tank problems in the future, call Craig’s Plumbing – Las Vegas, NV, experts to check the system and maintain it. If you have spotted any of the above signs, contact our septic tank professionals, and we will get back to you. We offer same-day service, emergency services, and written estimates upfront. Our appointments are flexible, and we are available on weekends. Give Craig’s Plumbing a ring today!