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Septic System Options: A Plumber Near Me In | Las Vegas, NV

Homeowners building their new homes in places far from a decentralized sewer system can face a predicament when selecting a septic system to treat and dispose of wastewater. It is a process that requires the help of a plumber near me in Las Vegas, NV to get the best septic system option while considering the household size, site slope, frequent weather conditions, and proximity to water bodies.

There are many types of septic structures that mostly require the installation of a septic tank and linkage to a leach field and wastewater distribution systems. The focus of this blog is the types of septic systems fit for homes, and they include:

Conventional Septic System

The first type is the conventional system, which is the most preferred by people with single-family homes. It is not the best option for apartments or rental homes because it cannot hold a large amount of wastewater.

The conventional septic structure has a septic tank that receives wastewater from a house for natural treatment and then discharges the effluent to the underground wastewater inflation system.

With correct installation by a plumber near me in NV, the effluent, a liquid waste filters through the gravel or stones in the leach field. The microbes in the drain fields further treat the effluent before getting into the soil.

The conventional septic also has a geofabric layer to cover the drain field to protect it from dirt and other contaminants. Homeowners that go for the septic structures enjoy:

  • Lower costs
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable installation costs
  • Require low maintenance of the mound and leach fields
  • Pumping of the septic tank is between 2 to 3 years based on the size of the tank and the number of people it serves in a household.

Drip Distribution System

It is similar to other soil-based wastewater treatment systems that filter bacterial decomposed waste coming from your house. The drip distribution system comprises a pump tank, flushing and pretreatment device, and distribution device.

The pretreatment of water is in the drip or dispersal tubing, allowing the wastewater to flow to the pump tank for storage until the drip field can obtain effluent for disposal.

The tank installed by a plumber possesses a high head pump and has typical treatment systems that treat the waste and a spin, disc, or sand filter that eliminates larger sewage particles from the liquid effluent.

The filtered liquid wastewater then flows to the soil treatment area. It is also the best option if your home is close to forests, large vegetative areas, and steep slopes because of the nutrient wastewater it disposes to the fields.

The pros of the drip septic system include:

  • Allowing homeowners to control the wastewater they release into the soil.
  • Monitors the flow of effluent, temperature, and changes in pressure
  • It does not require large mounds of soil.
  • It is environmentally friendly: it only allows treated wastewater out of the dispersal system to the nearby lands if a plumber installs and maintains the septic system.

Chamber System

People can also opt for the chamber septic system to dispose of wastewater from their new homes. It is a graveless system that a plumber near me in Las Vegas installs in trenches without using gravel.

You can choose between the fabric-wrapped pipe, open-bottom chambers, and synthetic materials. The bottom of the beds is open to allow for the filtration of wastewater, allowing large amounts of effluent to flow freely from your home to the infiltrator chambers, leaching them to the soil.

The plumber near me in Las Vegas sets up the septic tank in tight, curved, and sloped areas. The chamber septic tank also uses engineered plastic chambers to eliminate effluent from the tank to the drain fields.

The system is the best for homes in steep sites or places where groundwater tables are high. They are also the best in areas where gravel and sand are expensive and difficult to obtain for building drain fields, and plastic chambers are readily available.

Some advantages of chamber systems are:

  • Easy installation and construction by a qualified and skilled plumber
  • Easy to inspect during maintenance
  • Do not require gravel.

Mound Septic Systems

Another alternative to other septic systems is the mound option. The mound septic system disposes effluent to the constructed sand mound and a drain field trench. With proper installation by an experienced plumber near me in Las Vegas, VN, the wastewater from your home flows to the septic tank, pump tank, and finally to the drain field constructed of sand and gravel.

The effluent also undergoes treatment as it flows through the sand to the absorption soil. The benefits of using the mound septic system are not limited to:

  • Protection of the water table: it keeps contaminants and waste products from the water table
  • Economical: the septic system is easy to install because it requires hassle-free excavation for setting up pipes and filters

Aerobic Treatment Systems

In addition to the above septic systems is the aerobic treatment option that utilizes aerobic bacteria and mechanical components to treat wastewater from your house.

The unit comprises an inlet part where wastewater flows from your home and breaks down into scum, effluent, and sludge due to the aerobic bacteria in the septic tank. If a plumber near me in Las Vegas, NV makes the correct installation, the effluent goes through the baffle pipe inside the septic tank through an outlet for treatment or dispersal.

For successful treatment of the wastewater, the air pumps increase oxygen inside the septic tank to raise the rate of natural bacterial activity. A plumber near me in Las Vegas resort city can install three tanks.

The tanks are a trash tank for pretreatment, septic or aerobic treatment unit, and a disinfectant chamber. The last airtight wastewater container disinfects the effluent to reduce pathogens in the environment.

Some of the reasons you should consider an aerobic septic system include:

  • It produces high-quality effluent with fewer pathogens.
  • You can install it in places with high water table zones by a plumber near Las Vegas.
  • Its use of the air pump increases the quality of treatment of wastewater.
  • The system is applicable in residences with smaller spaces, close to sensitive water bodies, and places with high water tables.

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A wastewater disposal system is essential for all households. With the numerous septic options available for homes, it is wise to get professional help from a plumber near me in Las Vegas, NV to ensure you get the best type fit for your household.

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