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Septic Tank Misconceptions: A Plumber Near Me | Las Vegas, NV

A septic tank is an integral part of your sewer system that separates wastewater and solid waste, allowing the solids to decompose while the effluent goes to the drain field. You might already be wondering if there’s such a thing as a septic tank misconception. Yes, there is. When it comes to septic tank treatments and maintenance, most homeowners apparently will apply something they heard from someone and not a professional plumber near me.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconstrued facts out there. But don’t panic. This blog post will help uncover some common septic tank myths you must reconsider. Keep reading to learn, and you’ll know the real deal!

You Must Always Pump the Tank Whenever It’s Full

Wow! What a fantasy! The fact is, a well-functioning septic tank will always be full. The only time to hire a plumber near me is when you want the solid waste pumped out.

In a standard, conventional septic system, the tank will fill up again in a few days, which depends on its size and the number of occupants in your home.

You Should Replace Your Tank After 20 Years

That is another common lie right there. While some people argue that a septic tank needs replacement after 20 years, others will tell you that provided the septic system is well-maintained, it can last a lifetime. Thus, no need for replacement. Perhaps, the truth is somewhere in-between.

Your septic system’s longevity is based on how well you care for it, not some arbitrary number of years. Proper and regular maintenance of your system by a licensed plumber near me could see it last longer than 20 years. But that is not to say you’ll never have to replace it altogether.

Additives Are a Better Alternative to Pumping

Really? No. You might have heard from someone that there are products that can help keep your septic tank clean and healthy. Some manufacturers will say there’s no need for pumping, claiming that adding enzyme and microbiological additives to your septic system will enhance sewage digestion. Hence, ruling out the market for pump-outs. But the claim isn’t valid as it may not apply in all cases.

Again, using these substances can result in corrosion of the tank’s walls, and the worst – dangerous chemicals may leach into the drain field. That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not recommend the use of septic tank additives.

Scheduling for regular pump-outs ensures your septic tank works at peak efficiency. Your hired plumber near me will ensure the tank is clear of any solid sludge that settles at the tank’s base. Avoiding pump-outs comes with costs – reduced system performance, frequent clogs, expensive repairs, and the list is endless.

You Don’t Need a Pump-Out; a Repair is Just Fine

Scheduling a pump-out is costly, but it’s worth it. While it may seem expensive to pump your septic tank now, it will save you a lot of money in the long run compared to a repair. Look at it this way; what if you keep calling for repairs every time?

Your unit’s efficiency will undoubtedly reduce with time, and you may have to replace it, which is quite an investment. A professional plumber near me in Las Vegas, NV can pump the tank to help keep issues at bay.

Seeding Your Septic Tank is Important

Is seeding a septic tank beneficial? No. It’s not. The whole seeding phenomenon is that adding some type of organic material to your septic system can help increase the breakdown of waste.

Some suggestions include flushing a dead mouse, a pound of yeast, or some manure down the toilet. But that is false. The truth is, each time you flush your toilet after use, you introduce a fresh influx of good bacteria.

A Clogged System Cannot be Repaired

Beware of plumbing technicians who suggest that repairs can’t work for a clogged septic tank, so the only option is to replace it. They may be just some quacks who lack the proper tools or training to take on a more complex repair project.

With proper maintenance, a clogged septic system can be fixed to start working as before. Thus, a replacement isn’t necessary. Depending on the type and position of the clog, your plumber near me in Las Vegas, NV can use a high-pressure cleaning technique, popularly known as hydro-jetting, to clear the clog and have your system working again at total capacity.

It’s Fine to Build Over Your Septic Tank

Some homeowners assume since the septic tank lies far beneath the surface, it really won’t matter erecting structures on top of it. What a reasonable mistake! Building on top may result in several problems. That garden step or patio will make it difficult for a plumber near me to get to the tank during service.

Again, in cases where it’s impossible to access, the servicing cost may be pretty expensive, especially when the plumber has to remove whatever was built upon the tank.

Moreover, the drainage field should be clear of obstructions to allow enough oxygen underground. When you build over the tank, the decomposition process may be altered, which may cause sewer backups. So, get your facts right.

Professional Maintenance Isn’t That Necessary for a Septic System

This is another myth about septic tanks – they can take care of themselves, which is a false notion. EPA recommends having your tank pumped at least every three to five years. Getting a trained and licensed plumber near me for an inspection and pump-outs will help optimize your septic tank’s efficiency.

Of course, you don’t need direct actions to keep your septic system in tip-top shape since it relies on gravity and biological processes to function optimally. But routine maintenance and best practices will help maximize the unit’s longevity and reduce costs on your part.

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The above article has probably helped you discover where the lie is, as the myth has been dispelled. From sewer hookups to grease trap and liquid waste pump installations, Craig’s Plumbing is the plumber near me in Las Vegas, NV to contact for the best services. Our plumbers are also certified to provide water filtration services. Reach out to us now by calling or online.