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Shower Smelling? How Your Plumber Can Fix It | North Las Vegas, NV

Have you smelt a filthy odor wafting from your shower drains? This can even ruin your showers. However, there’s nothing worse than having your relaxing shower ruined by a pungent smell. A dirty shower drainage system is a common problem in some homes. It is also among the most common plumbing issues that plumbers are called to address in various homesteads. This article will break down the reasons for the pungent smell in your shower drains and the steps you can take to remedy the issue in your North Las Vegas, NV home.

A clogged Stopper (Strainer)

A strainer is installed to catch various objects entering the drains in many showers. If you haven’t installed one in your shower, you most likely have placed a temporary one on the drain hole. The strainer catches objects and items such as debris, hair, and soap scum from entering the drain pipes. However, the stopper might become clogged if it starts accumulating enough materials. Some homeowners have installed removable stoppers that they can pop up for cleaning. If you are such a homeowner, you can remove the filter and clean it after every few months.

Use a toothbrush to clean the strainer and remove any debris. Additionally, look down the drain opening for any debris left out and clean it up. However, you should enlist a plumber if you notice a clog further down the drains. Further, not all shower stoppers are easily removable. In such a case, you better enlist a plumber to come and remove it for cleaning. Plumbing experts have the experience and tools to open the strainer, clean it, and remove any clog inside the shower drains.

Mold or Mildew Growth

The other probable cause of the pungent smell in your bathroom is the growth of fungi. Mold and mildew grow and survive in wet, dark spots, and a shower drain is an ideal breeding ground. First, check the drain covering to ensure that it is loose. If it isn’t sealed completely, the small, damp area will provide a perfect breeding ground for the fungi. Besides the pungent smell, the mold causes respiratory and allergic complications.

Since the fungi threaten your health and you don’t have protective clothing, you should call in a plumber to have the issue addressed. First, the plumber removes the shower drain covering and thoroughly cleans it using a mildew or mold growth removal cleaner. They also will clean the drain area (the ring and the underside) with mildew and mold growth removal solution. After ensuring the shower drain cover and the area surrounding it are clean, the plumber then places the cover back and airtightly seals it. If the shower drain cover doesn’t have an airtight seal, it has been damaged and needs a replacement.

Dirty or Dry P-Trap

A P-trap in the shower is the curve portion of the pipe drain that connects the shower drains to the other drainage system. It is named that way as it has a unique P-shaped curve. This curve allows the drainage pipe to hold some water draining through it. The captured water helps block the sewer gases from flowing back into your North Las Vegas, NV home. Have you detected a rotten egg smell in your shower? That signifies that the P-trap isn’t working properly, and you should have an expert inspect it further.

The professional remove the shower stopper and shines a flashlight to check if there is water in the drains. If there isn’t any water, they then test the mechanism using their tools or pouring some water into the drains and waiting for some time to see whether the water will disappear. Finally, the professional will repair the issue or replace the P-trap with another to prevent sewer gas back up into your home.

Biofilm Buildup

The buildup of biofilm is among the common shower problems. The biofilm appears like a muck or slime and is normally found on the floors or walls of the shower. However, you could also find biofilm forming in the shower drains.

It forms from a colony of bacteria and their wastes. Whenever you notice a musty smell in your shower, that could signify biofilm growth. Biofilm is dangerous and facilitates the spread of salmonella, S. Marcescens, and Escherichia Coli. Hence, biofilm is much more than an odor problem and needs an immediate fix.

Whenever you notice a buildup of biofilm on the floor or walls of your shower, ensure that you use a strong detergent to clean them. A tougher musty smell suggests that the biofilm might be within the drains. If you are able, remove the stopper and thoroughly clean it. If the smell doesn’t disappear, it may be time to call a plumber for assistance. However, keep in mind that biofilm is a serious health hazard. So, do not ignore it.

Leaky Pipes

The other reason you might be smelling the pungent odor in your shower is a leaky pipe. If a pipe is leaky, it allows the sewer gas (hydrogen sulfide) to enter your bathroom from the sewer system. Hence, you might start noticing the rotten egg or a sewer smell. The sewer smell at your North Las Vegas, NV home always signified an even larger plumbing issue down your drains. Hence, you should never ignore it. Leakages are usually due to loose fittings in the pipe connections or the hairline cracks in the pipes. Additionally, because of the nature of the wastes they carry, some metallic pipes (copper and galvanized steel) might corrode as time passes, resulting in leakages.

So how can this problem be resolved? To begin with, never try to patch a leakage yourself. Instead, call a plumber to inspect the drains and locate the leaking section. They will then access it and promptly resolve the problem. Then, based on the material making your pipes and the leak’s extent, the professional may repair the leak or replace the affected part.

The Plumbing Professionals You Can Always Depend On

A relaxing shower hits differently, especially after a long, tiring day. However, this comfort may be cut short by a pungent smell in the shower because of either of the reasons above. Hence, you must keep the shower drains functional and in top condition to prevent this mishap. However, if you notice the foul smell in your shower, call our experienced and trustworthy plumbers at Craig’s Plumbing immediately.